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2022 Power Rankings Week 14

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

10. Commanders

The Commanders have made the Power Rankings for the first time this year. It was a toss-up between the Commanders and the Giants. However, resume for resume, the Commanders look better. The Commanders gave the Eagles their only loss of the season. The Commanders have shown they can win close games. The Commanders also have better skill players than the Giants.

9. Dolphins

The Dolphins have taken a steep fall in the Power Rankings. They are down two spots from seven. They seemed like they were on the rise. Now, they are barely hanging on. I still like the Dolphins, and I think they are a playoff team. However, they still have work to do. Mike McDaniel is finally showing that he is a first year coach. In the 49ers and Chargers game, the coach didn't make the proper adjustments for the game. If McDaniel doesn't learn to adjust what he wants to do to what he is being given, it will be tough sledding for the Dolphins.

8. Ravens

The Ravens are up one spot. They found a way to win against the Steelers. You are what your record says you are so the Ravens have been moved up accordingly. However, Tyler Huntley was knocked out of the game and so was Kenny Pickett. It was far from a normal game script. I need to see the Ravens beat someone worthwhile and healthy before I can say I believe in them without Lamar Jackson.

7. Bengals

The Bengals showed tremendous resilience. Tee Higgins was knocked out of the game early, but the Bengals still found a way to win and be productive on offense. Also, in addition to Joe Burrow and the offense peaking at the right time, the defense is also playing really well. The Bengals defense is underrated. They have been just as important to the Bengals success as the offense. People don't typically think of defense when they think of the Bengals, but teams shouldn't sleep on the Bengals defense. They are a tough out.

6. 49ers

The 49ers are up one spot. Brock Purdy played excellent against the Bucs. He showed that he could be the real deal. However, the bigger story is the 49ers defense. I don't think we have seen a defense this dominant in years. The 49ers defense is absolutely ridiculous. The biggest enemy of the 49ers is the 49ers. If they can stay healthy, they will be extremely hard to beat.

5. Vikings

The Vikings are down three spots after choking against the Lions. This is why nobody wants to acknowledge the Vikings, even though they have amazing weapons and a wonderful record. Nine times out of ten, the Vikings will choke. They went up against the Eagles in prime time and got embarrassed. They had a chance to gain respect against the Cowboys, who they should have matched up well with, and they lost 40-3. They had a chance to clinch their division against the Lions, and they lost 34-23. That's already concerning, but it's even more concerning that the Vikings don't lose close games. If the Vikings lose, then, they get boat raced. It's like the Vikings culture is Blair Walsh missing that game-winning field goal over and over again. The Vikings have a long history of choking to overcome this year. I hope they overcome, but they need to show me more.

4. Cowboys

The Cowboys have won again, and they have moved up one spot because of it. However, just like with the Vikings, I am extremely concerned the Cowboys will choke again. They were an overwhelming favorite in the Texans game. There was the time to flex on Houston and show how dominant and well-coached they were. However, the Cowboys showed the exact opposite.

People criticize Mike McCarthy all the time, but I am not on that train. I like Mike and I think he deserves more credit. However, for the first time, I am seriously questioning him. He didn't have his team focused and ready to play, and the game plan wasn't good at all. All the Cowboys had to do was play sound, fundamental football, and they would have dominated the game. However, that's not what the Cowboys did. They tried to get greedy and the Texans took advantage of that. The Texans just didn't have enough talent to make the Cowboys pay for their mistakes. However, this win was concerning. Not just for the coach, but for Dak too. Once again, he threw terrible interceptions. If the Cowboys don't shape up and stay locked in for the rest of the season, and not just some games, they will choke again. The teams they want to beat will make them pay for these mistakes.

3. Chiefs

The Chiefs are up one spot after beating the Broncos. However, the Chiefs almost lost and probably would have if Russell Wilson didn't get hurt at the end of the game. Some people look at that game and say well, the Broncos are terrible, and the Chiefs just got complacent after going up by over twenty points. However, that's not the case. The Chiefs defense isn't good. It's a liability. Also, Patrick Mahomes has to make magic every game because the offense isn't special if Travis Kelce gets bottled up, which is happening more and more.

2. Bills

The Bills got a decent win and they have defended their spot at two. It was decent because it's impressive that they got their win back from the Jets and won by eight. However, it's disappointing that it was still such a game, even with backup Mike White in. I was just hoping that something would click for the Bills against the Jets by now, but they were shutout for an entire half. However, the redeeming quality of this win is that the Bills played sound football and they were playing a team they could see in the playoffs.

1. Eagles

In the infamous words of Jay-Z, "What more can I say to you, you heard it all." The Eagles are on top of the Power Rankings for the tenth consecutive week. They just ran through the Giants like they weren't even there. If you are still questioning the Eagles, stop it, you look silly.


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