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Boy Meets World Top 30 Episodes

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of boy meets world. I will be dropping ten episodes on Fridays (8/7 central). The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly. Subjective enjoyment is this one enjoyable to watch. Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share. Emotion is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant.

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30. Me and MR. Joad Episode 4 Season 2

In this episode, the boys read grapes of wrath. However, they can't have a successful class discussion because all the class wants to know is what will be on the test. Turner notices this and tells them there will not be any tests if they read and discuss. Feeny hears about this and scolds Turner of his approach. He does not think the students will do the work without a test. Feeny proposes they test them to see if they did the work when they did not have to. Turner agrees to the terms to prove to Feeny that they will do the work. However, the kid's revolt they do not take the test. They form a union; eventually, Feeny gets them all under control except for Shawn and Cory.

They walk out of school. At home, Cory and Shawn are confronted by their parents and Turner, and they are told that what they did was wrong that to truly strike, Cory and Shawn needed something real to fight for, and Shawn and Cory learn where they went wrong. Because the people they read about were trying to earn a living wage, not throwing a hissy fit over a test. In the end, Feeny learns that Turner's way of teaching worked, and Turner learned there is more than one way to test.

In a B plot, Eric is whipped in his relationship with a senior girl until he finally stands up to her and breaks free. I think this episode did an excellent job of keeping up humor while introducing serious topics like unions. It is a creative idea for an episode, and even the a and the b story tie in. Cory and Shawn learn about unions and sacrificing to get what you want, and through their battle with management, they gain a greater understanding of unions and Eric, on a personal level, is also sacrificing to get what he wants from Desiree, but he also has to recognize when he is being manipulated and must take a stand. This episode stays true to character dynamics; it is funny, creative, and informative. I give it an A.

29.I love you Donna Karan Episode 7 Season 5

This episode had a phenomenal A and B plot. In the A-plot, Shawn goes out with Angela, but he dumps her because he has a two-week rule. Still, you can tell she made an impression but not enough to break his two-week rule. Cory and Shawn find a purse and rifle through it (not cool), but they think the girl it belongs to is pretty cool. Topanga thinks Shawn's two-week rule is dumb. In defending the rule, it is revealed that Shawn does it because he does not want to get hurt. This revelation leads Cory to try and open Shawn up to love. Topanga fixes Shawn up with her friend, and Shawn only goes because of Cory.

However, Cory must have just seen that Topanga's friend was cute because she is totally wrong for Shawn, and Cory should know that cause he knows Shawn. Given that Shawn does not really date very seriously, maybe even Cory was unsure of his type minus being cute. Also, by this point, Shawn is falling deeper in love with the purse girl, and Topanga's friend does not measure up. Shawn is head over heels for purse girl, but he still does not know who she is.

The mystery girl makes it known she wants her purse back, but Shawn does not want to go. He is afraid to be hurt, and who can blame him? He comes from a world where things go wrong more often than right. His mother and father have given him trust issues. However, he loves and trusts Cory, and he has seen Cory and Topanga's magic, so he goes for it. However, when the girl comes for the purse, it is revealed that she has a boyfriend, and Shawn is pissed and hurt, and he yells at Cory because he blames him for making him vulnerable to this pain.

However, at the end of the episode, we learn it was actually Angela's stuff. It's Angela that he is in love with, not the girl with the boyfriend, but Shawn does not know. The lesson of this episode was to put yourself out there because love is worth it, and by not believing in yourself, you may be depriving yourself of your full potential, which ties into the b story.

Eric has performance anxiety for his first college assignment. Feeny tells him he is on his own. However, Eric feels like he needs Feeny to succeed in college on this test. So Eric imagines Feeny helping him, and we get a hallucination Feeny. This dilemma is actually a bit of continuity as we see Eric struggle and forget everything because of the SAT's pressure in season 2. The imaginary Feeny is just him giving himself the confidence to use his knowledge the knowledge Feeny gave him. Eric gets a b on the test, and Jack tries to call out to Erics's imaginary mentor because Eric beat him. This episode is hilarious. It is dramatic and creative and ties in. Grade A

28. Everybody loves Stuart Episode 7, Season 6

This is a classic episode. In this one, they have a cool new teacher named Stewart. Stewart is cool cause he treats them as equals. Eric says he does not like Stewart right in the beginning, but nobody listens. Well, Stewart comes to Topanga's dorm and comes on to her. However, Cory comes in just in the nick of time, but Stewart makes a swift exit, and Cory does not realize what has happened until Topanga tells him. He confronts Stewart about the allegations, and Stewart does not deny them. We do not hear what he says, but whatever it is gets Cory to hit him, knocking him into the next room with everyone. It is also a great scene where we have everyone up to the usual except Topanga, and we can see Cory and Stewart arguing in the background. Then boom, the scenes collide. Stewart tells Cory, congratulations, you just got yourself kicked out of school.

There is a significant hearing now over Cory assaulting a teacher. Topanga threatens to tell on Stewart if he does not drop this, but he just flips everything on her. He feels very secure in his power, and Topanga is shocked. Eric continues to make us laugh, doing a court tv parody. The trial ramps up and Stewart has excuse after excuse, justification after justification. While Stewart and Feeny battle it out, there is another theme being developed: Feeny cannot protect them anymore. They are real adults.

After Topanga and Shawn and Cory and Feeny plead the case, Cory is given a one-day suspension. Dean bolder delivers her best line of the series, "this is a teacher Stuart. I am not sure what you are, but you can be certain I am going to find out ". I love this episode because it was very dramatic, with Cory's fate hanging in the balance and a new kind of villain not previously visited. However, it also showed that this could happen to adults like you watch this episode, and you watch the one Smart Guy did about the pedophile, and you see the creeps' behavior is quite similar. The difference here is Stewart actually had more power as a teacher who holds sway over Topanga and Cory's future. Cory was incredibly lucky, and sadly I do not believe he would have been this lucky in real life. However, this episode is relevant today on top of being a stellar episode on an entertainment basis. I give this episode an A.

27. Last Temptation of Cory Episode 9 Season 3

This episode made excellent use of the side characters, in my opinion. Trinnie worked well as a driving force to push Cory into working with Missy. However, she also served as a reminder of Topanga. She was excellent as usual(a lot of people don't really get her, lol). Shawn also worked well selling "the scent" he is like the devil on Cory's shoulder, telling him Topanga to topanga telling him to enjoy Missy's advances. I wonder if that is just where Shawn's morals are at this point or if Shawn does not like Topanga because at the beginning of this season we see Shawn getting them together, and now he is telling Cory to cheat, But I suppose that could have been more for Cory than Topanga.

Missy Robinson (sounds like mrs Robinson) is excellent in this episode she is putting the moves on Cory all episode, and if you watch her in the background, you can see her reacting to Shawn and Cory when she does not even have dialogue and is not a central part of the scene.

I think this was a creative idea and one that was well executed. It is easy to see why Cory was tempted. Missy is attractive and popular, two things Cory had never considered himself to be. So it must have been nice to receive the attention. I genuinely do not believe that Cory planned to cheat or cross a line. I think he enjoyed the attention, and he clearly tried not to cross that line, but Missy had other plans. The one thing I did not like about this was that Cory did not explain the specifics of what happened, but he felt terrible, so I can excuse it as plausible.

I did love how he gets away with it but decides to tell her anyway. This episode has a good lesson about honesty. Cory tells the truth when it is not easy, and when he does not have to. Also, the Eric baseball card storyline, while small, was hilarious. Its side story was good comic relief, and its main story was creative and dramatic, and it taught a lesson and made great use of multiple characters. I give this episode An A.

26. Friendly Persuasion Episode 4, Season 6

This episode is critical. It is the episode that Angela was cemented imo. Because we watch from Cory's POV mostly and until this point, Angela did feel like Shawn's girlfriend, and here she did became a friend.

Now I think Shawn breaking up with Angela was not improbable but clearly to add drama. Like Shawn has been dating girls since his telegram arrived in season one. He has multiple volumes of women he has dated. What is he looking for? We Already established that Angela is the one girl he loved, and he said he wanted. He said he wanted what Cory and Topanga have, yet he makes it a point to communicate he wants to get to know other people.

Furthermore, it is just regrettable to watch Shawn make this choice, knowing he loses Angela in the end. Cory and Eric were hilarious in this episode. The b story of Feeny not being able to overcome his environment was entertaining because it was the return of Feeny and Eric and because that plays a part in the A story. Cory has to overcome his fear of the bathroom to become Angela's friend. Shawn kind of failed to overcome the environment of college when he dumped Angela. I also think this is Angela's most potent performance In the Boy meets World Series. This episode is essential Boy meets world well written and acted. It's an A.

25. You can go home again. Episode 1, Season 4

In this episode, Cory and Eric are returning from their road trip, but Eric gets cold feet. He does not want to go home. In a B story, Alan is regretting his choice of work.

I think this was an important thing to explore. Eric's feelings about not getting into college are understandable. He feels like he is supposed to be moving out. He feels lost now that he was denied the next step. I also love seeing Alan's journey because it is consistent with previous episodes, and it ties into the a story.

Alan was the perfect person to talk Eric off the ledge at the diner. Alan understands precisely what Eric is going through because he is going through the same thing. Alan also has the years of experience to tell Eric not to settle because down the road, Eric will regret it. That would be good enough, but on top of that, Alan also resolves his own storyline realizing his work does not define him this guy advising Eric that is who he is. He also gives great wisdom. You never have to be afraid to go home.

I also like the way they showed all the ways Eric would thrive in a small town. It made it heart-wrenching when he had to leave and that much more of an impactful lesson that even though he could do well if you never test yourself and see if you can do better if you settle, you are doing yourself a disservice. The comedy in this episode was pretty good, too. My favorite joke was the old guy saying he was a few hours from home. Cory served well in the comedy role, but he left a little bit to be desired as a supportive brother, but I give him a pass cause Eric was kind of holding him hostage.Grade A

24. An affair to forget Episode 11, Season 4

This episode stands up. It is still just as funny as it was the first time I saw it. Probably one of the top 3 comedy episodes of the series. In this episode, Shawn's girlfriend, Jenifer, attempts to drive a wedge between Cory and Shawn. Shawn and Cory start seeing each other behind her back. The way they do it makes it seem like a romantic affair, and it is hilarious.

Meanwhile, Eric is entertaining another get rich quick scheme. This one is a one-person show. It is as funny as it sounds. The show even manages to bring this story to a touching but hilarious conclusion when Feeny tells Eric to go to college and that his best moments are ahead of him. Also, I love Topanga in this episode. Later we see her butting heads with Shawn, but here she was supportive, and she helped the boys see a conclusion they could not get to without her. They learn that if your partner is not accepting your best friend, they really are not accepting you. This is one of the most rewatchable episodes and a certified classic. Grade A

23. And Then there was Shawn Episode 17, Season 5

In this episode, Shawn has an outburst during class that causes the gang plus Kenny to get detention. They are stalked by a serial killer and killed off one by one in detention until it is just Cory Shawn and Topanga. The killer puts Topanga and Cory together; then, it is revealed that the killer was Shawn. The reason Shawn was lashing out is that Topanga and Cory broke up.

Then it is revealed that it is just a dream. I think this episode is super creative and is a classic episode. It works as a great parody of horror, going through many of the classic tropes. It also teaches a valuable lesson that even though things can go wrong in life and hurt you badly, there is not always something you can do to fix them, and it is ok to admit that it is hurting you and to talk about it even if it is out of your hands. In this episode, we see that Cory and Topanga's breakup has rocked Shawn because they were his proof that love exists. Without that, he feels like he has no hope for love, and even though there is nothing he can do about it, he clearly needed to talk. You can also look at this through the lens of a divorce, and Shawn is like a child of this divorce, but as Cory and Topanga pointed out, even though it affected Shawn, it is not his fault, and both still care about Shawn the same way. Grade A.

22.What I meant to say Episode 3 Season 3

Cory tells Topanga he loves her, and she dumps him. In a b story, Eli interviews With Feeny. In a c story, Eric tells his girlfriend he loves her to live up to her expectations after word gets around that Cory did it.

This episode does a good job of talking about the expectations of love. I think Shawn and Eric's response to this shows a young man's understanding of love. Their reaction is realistic; some people fear being vulnerable to their partners or being expected to do something they are not ready for, which ties into Topanga's response of feeling overwhelmed and feeling like her relationship with Cory is too much.

The episode also teaches the importance of honesty in a relationship. If Topanga were not honest, she would have lost out on an epic relationship. I also love what Eli says "you might not get her back, but at least you will get the truth" this is an important distinction that Cory goes to get the truth, not necessarily just go try and win Topanga back because regardless of the result the truth is essential.

I also think they established Eli well by giving him a crucial role in a big episode as his first day on the job. They also peppered in-jokes well; this episode had me cracking up many times. My favorite joke was when Eli pretended Cory begged him for advice or when Amy thought Cory had sex with Topanga. They never sacrificed any of the drama. You feel the weight of Cory getting dumped. Also, the reconciliation is a classic moment and a lovely display of communication. I give this episode an A

21. Wake up little Cory, Episode 7, Season 2

This episode may be one of the most important lessons Boy Meets World taught. It starts in the classroom, and they are learning Shakespeare, and they do not get how it relates to them today, not even Topanga. Turner says, ok, let's do a tv assignment. Turner was always cool this way; even more so than Feeny, he would take the material and put on a level the kids could relate to. He gives them video cameras and splits them into boy-girl groups to interview each other about love and sex.

Feeny reprimands him for this idea but does not use his power to stop Turner from doing it, but you can tell he is on a short leash. We get a lot of good comedy from the interviews, and a sex is like voting analogy from Amy that becomes a funny joke for the rest of the episode.

Eventually, Cory and Topanga lie to their parents and stay together overnight to work on the project on school grounds. However, things take quite the turn when they fall asleep together, and Bud and Feeny find them. The entire school finds out, and they think Cory and Topanga had sex. At first, when Shawn asks Cory, he tries to say no, but when Cory sees how popular he is for it and Harley asks point-blank, "are you the man or are you you? "Cory says I am the man. This is perfect because all season, this is what Cory has wanted to be popular to find his place to be seen as cool and good with women. Topanga, on the other hand, is shamed, and her reputation is ruined. It shows our sexist attitudes about sex. Cory is a god for it, and Topanga is slut. As Cory and Topanga walk together, the guys clap, and the girls give dirty looks, and the looks Topanga gets are not the ones she would want from the boys. I like how they show this without explicitly telling us an excellent showing by the director.

Feeny is piping mad at Turner and says that his little experiment has gone off the rails, and he has shown their attitudes about sex have not changed. However, Feeny is guilty as well. Cory and Topanga were studying the most innocent thing in the world, and Feeny, who knows them both very well, assumed the worst of them, which was kind of ridiculous on his part like they were 12 or 13 and fully clothed when he found them and like I said he knows their character, but Topanga still had to plead with him to believe her(although by the end of their meeting he does). Cory goes home, and his parents come down hard on him, and I like that too. Parents often make excuses for their kids in these types of situations, and Cory's parents do not do that, which is why he learns a lesson. They let him know they do not support this behavior.

Topanga also rightfully comes down on Cory, saying she does not like him and does not know what not who he is anymore. Cory deserved all of it. Even then, I have to give Cory props because all that being said, Cory did not have to fess up Topanga's word, or his parent's word would not end that rumor. He had to dismantle it himself. He had to realize the problem and actually take accountability, even knowing it would cost him all his popularity and goals, and he did that, showing he is a good guy with a good heart.

He and Topanga move a little closer romantically. Also, Turner and Feeny's conclusion was just as important. It is not implicitly stated, but it feels like Feeny is hinting that Turner's job may be on the line depending on what is in Cory and Topanga's tape that Turner decided to show. I feel Turner took a colossal gamble playing the tape without having seen it beforehand. He trusted his kids, and it worked out. It is funny that even he was surprised in the end. This episode did what the late seasons came a little short in. They had Cory do a lousy thing without having the crowd lose sympathy for Cory. This episode is creative, well-executed funny, and the lesson holds up today. Grade A

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