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Greatest Storyline on Turf: Week 11

15. Texans vs. Titans

Storyline: Division Game

The story is pretty simple. The Texans are trying to steal a win from the Titans, who are great on paper, but have a lot of injuries. The Titans are looking to get an easy division win. I'll be interested to see if the Titans can blow the Texans out.

Prediction Titans

14. Jaguars vs. 49ers

Storyline: Identity Game

This game involves two teams who have had big upsets in the last few weeks. Jaguars beat the Bills, and 49ers beat the Rams. So this week, we find out if these games were flukes or not. Can the Jags beat a better team again and prove they are still a competitive NFL franchise? Can the 49ers play physical again and run it down the Jags throat and dictate the game?

Prediction 49ers

13. Jets vs. Dolphins

Storyline: Ladder Match

Coming into the season, many assumed the Dolphins and Jets wouldn't be on the same level. Yet here we are in week eleven, and they have the same amount of wins. Also, they match up really well. The Jets defense is weakest against the run game, but the Dolphins are not good at running the ball, so this game should be competitive. I'm going to trust Tua and the Dolphins newly invigorated defense to bring this one home.

Prediction Dolphins

12. Falcons vs. Patriots

Storyline: Destruction or Resurrection?

It's tough to predict a team getting blown out two weeks in a row in the NFL. However, the Falcons face a choice: bounce back and steal one or get run over by a Patriots team that has been building steam. Unfortunately, for the Falcons, I think they are wounded birds standing in front of a Patriots juggernaut after building momentum. The Patriots are built to beat the Falcons. They have an excellent run game and pass attack, and the Atlanta defense is nothing to fear. Also, the Patriots defense is more than capable of smothering the Atlanta offense, who is less than one hundred percent.

Prediction Patriots

11. Bucs vs. Giants

Storyline: Is the Bucs Super Bowl Run Over?

The Bucs have taken two losses that they shouldn't have taken. Also, let's face it, both of them were the Bucs fault/ They didn't perform as well as they should have. The Giants are not as bad as their record makes them look, and they are getting healthy. They have a rock-solid defense, and the Bucs struggled with them last year. The Giants are an excellent test to see if the Bucs can make the proper adjustments. I've been picking based on the defenses so far, but I'm going to break my rule for the Bucs. Pierre-Paul is out for revenge, and I expect both sides of the ball to bounce back in a major way.

Prediction Bucs

10. Lions vs. Browns

Storyline: Stop the Bleeding

The Browns come into this game very discombobulated. They got rid of OBJ. Then, they got a big win and the Browns thought we are good again. After that, they played the Patriots, and it was like, oh my god, we suck again. The Browns played terribly. Baker was injured again. However, the hurt continued off the field when Myles Garrett criticized the coaching staff for not adjusting in the blowout loss. Now, Garrett, the Browns best defender, is missing practice. The Browns don't seem like a team zoning in when they absolutely need to. The Lions absolutely gave away a win that the Steelers tried to deliver to them over and over again. However, for the first time this season, the Lions didn't lose. They have momentum coming into this game, they are dangerous. However, I believe in the Browns defense more than the Lions and that will be the difference.

Prediction: Browns

9. Bengals vs. Raiders

Storyline: Who is Going to Step Up?

The Bengals and Raiders have both been to the mountain top of the AFC. Both teams came crashing back down. Luckily, they play each other this week, so one of them has to step up this week. I think it's going to be the Bengals. They have been able to sit back and analyze where it all went wrong and come up with a plan. Also, the Raiders defense looks defenseless. I expect the Bengals to fully exploit the Raiders defense.

Prediction Bengals

8. Chargers vs. Steelers

Storyline: Who is Tougher?

The Chargers are coming off a loss to the Vikings, where the offense just disappeared. The Steelers are coming off a tie with the Lions. Joey Bosa is on the COVID list, and so is the Steelers safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Ben Roethlisberger. Ben has a chance to return, but either way, this will come down to who can be more physical. The Chargers weakness is the run game. The Steelers strength is the run game. Either the Steelers are going to outmuscle the Chargers and run all over them or the Chargers will make the Steelers play their way, get a lead, and force the Steelers to throw.

Prediction Chargers

7. Panthers vs. WFT

Storyline: Cam Newton and Rivera Revenge Game

Cam Newton and Rivera now get to play against each other. Despite people criticizing Cam for not being without a team, he actually hasn't missed a season since being dropped by the Panthers. His skills have always won out. He got signed late by the Patriots last year and was signed late this year by the Panthers. However, Ron Rivera could have signed Cam in both instances, but declined. This is a chance for Rivera to prove he doesn't need Cam or for Cam to show Rivera what he missed out on.

Prediction Panthers

6. Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Storyline: NFC West Infinity Stones

The Cardinals have already collected the soul of the 49ers, and they have half the soul of the Rams. This game is their first crack at the Seahawks this season. If they win here, they have one win towards the sweep of a division rival, and they get one step closer to playoffs. The Seahawks are fighting for their life. They were shut out last week by the Packers, and now they get the Cardinals as a get-right game. It's time to see if the Seahawks can even pretend to be contenders going forward.

Prediction Cardinals

5. Packers vs. Vikings

Storyline: Can the Vikings Trip the Packers?

This is the first game of the year for NFC North rivals. The Packers are running towards a Lombardi, but can the Vikings trip them up and give themselves a chance to catch the Packers? I don't think so. The Vikings strength is their offense and playmakers. However, the Packers defense is their strength, and the Vikings defense probably won't be able to take advantage of Rodgers.

Prediction Packers

4. Eagles vs. Saints

Storyline: Saints Revenge Game

Jalen Hurts made his debut against the Saints, and everybody expected Saints to crush him. However, what's changed since then? Jalen Hurts is still auditioning for the Eagles, and he is still an underdog in the matchup. However, a lot of things have changed for the Saints. New QB, Trevor Siemian, Alvin Kamara is banged up, and there is no Michael Thomas. Still, I think the Saints defense will win out.

Prediction Saints

3. Colt vs. Bills

Storyline: True Test

This is an excellent test for both teams. The Colts have seemed to find their mojo, and have been running and throwing the ball well. However, now they get to test their might against the number one defense of the Bills. The Bills are coming off a win in a get-right game. However, can the Bills maintain their legitimacy against a more legitimate team? I think the Bills strong defense will be the difference between these two.

Prediction Bills

2. Bears vs. Ravens

Storyline: Fields Future

Fields has seemed to take steps forward in the last few weeks. However, now he is facing the best QB and team he has faced all season. It's time to see if Fields can be a true franchise QB and mask some of the Bears weaknesses. The Bears have several key players out on both sides of the ball like Khalil Mack, Eddie Jackson, and Allen Robinson. However, the Ravens defense and running game are at their most vulnerable. This should be a competitive game between the present (Lamar) and the future (Fields).

Prediction Ravens

1. Cowboys vs. Chiefs

Storyline: Who's America's Team?

The media darling Super Bowl favorites. The Chiefs have been America's team for the last few years. They have just emerged from adversity at the top of their division. Now, they are here to test themselves against the Cowboys, who have a more talented roster this year. The Cowboys face their biggest challenge yet, especially Dak, who is the highest-paid QB, but hasn't typically been considered as elite as Mahomes. Dak and the Cowboys have a chance to become cemented Super Bowl favorites and prove they are better than the Chiefs and earn the title of America's team.

Prediction Cowboys


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