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Power Rankings Week 10

Teams in Consideration for the Power Rankings

Bills, Patriots, Chiefs, Ravens, Titans, Cowboys, Cardinals, Packers, Bucs, Panthers, Steelers, Bengals, Saints, and Rams

Power Rankings

10. Panthers

I know the Panthers are only 5-5, but they are a playoff team that just beat the number one team in the NFL, and it wasn't even close. Cam has finally taken his rightful place as the QB of the Panthers, and it has changed the franchise. It's a defensive year in the NFL, and the Panthers have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Now that Cam is at the helm with Christian McCaffrey, they can actually take advantage of their defense.

9. Bills

The Bills got a dominant win over the Jets, and I'm happy they did that. However, it was a low bar to clear. I still need to see them look like the Bills they should be against better competition. They have an excellent defense. If their offense gets figured out, then they can go far, but I'm not sure it is yet. They ran the ball well against the Jets, but everyone runs the ball well against the Jets.

8. Patriots

I know the Patriots are behind the Bills in the division, but the Patriots are playing better right now. The Patriots destroyed the Browns. They punted the Browns out of the Power Rankings. The Patriots defense looks like one of the best in the league, and they are running the ball well. Mac Jones is playing better and better each week. It seems like the Patriots are still contenders.

7. Bucs

It's official, Brady is at the end of his rope. We have reached a point where he can no longer carry the team while they get healthy. Buccaneers will need to develop a better game plan to win games and figure out what they are still good at with their current personnel. They still have weapons and can still be good, but they aren't the same team as last year. This is the second game in a row where Brady failed to save the day. I think the Bucs need to work harder to control the clock. They can still win games like they did in Foxborough. The failure of the Bucs is showing the doubters how valuable Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski are to the team.

6. Ravens

Ravens took a surprising L to the Dolphins this week. However, they are still at the top of their division and in control of their own destiny. I chose them over the Bucs for the sixth spot because I feel like the Ravens mainly lost because they didn't take the Dolphins seriously, whereas the Bucs were flat-out beat. I am worried about the Ravens defense. They are having a lot of breakdowns leading to cheap gains. Also, the Ravens have good receiving options, but they haven't used them well. It took them way too long to start going to Rashod Bateman, and they can't just expect to win somehow. They have to actually do the work.

5. Chiefs

Chiefs embarrassed the Raiders, and they looked like themselves again and reclaimed their division. Patrick Mahomes still had one pass that should have been picked, but he also hung forty-one on the Raiders in their own stadium. The most impressive part of the game was the defense. The Chiefs defense has seemed to find their rhythm, and that will stabilize the ship. The offense looks great, but they embarrassed the Raiders so bad it makes me wonder if they were even competent enough competition to be significant. We will see if the Chiefs can repeat this performance.

4. Cowboys

Cowboys want to get back to that number one spot. They made an emphatic statement against the Falcons. They put the entire NFL on notice. The defense ate the Falcons alive, holding them to only three points. It's not Thanksgiving yet, but that didn't stop the Cowboys offense from carving up the bird all game. They scored forty-three points on the Falcons team. They are definitely refocused and ready to chase a Super Bowl.

3. Cardinals

Ok, hear me out. I know the Cardinals just got embarrassed at home, but they still have one of the best records in the NFL. Also, a lot of their playmakers are not even healthy. Once they are, it will be a different story.

2. Titans

The Titans find a way to win again. This week, the most impressive thing about their win was the defense. Titans went from a team that couldn't stop the Jets to a team that beat the Saints, Bills, and Rams. This defense ensures that Titans will make playoffs and maybe even capture the one seed. Also, every win brings the Titans closer to getting Henry back in the playoffs and doing damage.

1. Packers

In a week full of awful games, this was one of the worst. The Packers offense struggled, but the defense shut the Seahawks out. The Packers officially have the Super Bowl caliber defense, and there is no excuse this year. As of week ten, Rodgers has the best team in football. They have the tools to get over the hump.

MVP Race

1. Dak Prescott

There is only one name worth mentioning this week in the MVP race. Everyone else either performed poorly or performed well, but hasn't done enough to qualify yet. Dak has had an MVP-worthy season, and he performed like an MVP when he threw for two touchdowns, nearly three hundred yards, ran in a touchdown, and dominated the Falcons. Dak is back in the MVP race, and he is now leading it. It looks like the Broncos game was a fluke.

Rookie Radar

2. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor didn't have a great day with only 16 for 35 completed passes, under two hundred yards passing, and thirty-three rushing yards. Worst of all, he fumbled the game away. He clearly isn't a lousy QB, and he had his team in range to win, but he has got to finish. Plus, the Jags are asking a lot of him right now without offering him much support.

1. Mac Jones

Mac, on the other hand, has lots of support. He has a defense that will always keep games close if not outright win the game for Mac. Also, the Patriots have a solid run game to take the pressure off Mac. Mac can be as conservative as he wants because of all the support he has. However, we have seen Mac takes strides to be a better QB every game this week. He had the incredible TD between two Browns defenders. Mac Jones outplayed Baker Mayfield. Mac threw for three touchdowns and not even finishing the game because they were up by that much. Mac is easily rookie QB of the week.


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