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Power Rankings Week 12

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

10. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills beat the Saints down. It was ugly and definitely hard to watch. However, even though the Saints didn't show up, some of the Bills problems did. Josh Allen still has several bad interceptions, and it looked like he was either not on time or making bad choices with those throws. That's one of the biggest things the Bills need to clean up. However, a positive from this game is they ran the ball. The running backs ran hard on a good defense, and they manufactured a run game with Allen. They need to keep doing that to take advantage of their potential.

9. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are in this spot because they have an excellent record, and they beat the Bills. However, they are super depleted, and it's sad to see. The Titans could have really made some noise. Hopefully, they can at least get Julio Jones back, pull out a few wins, get healthy and reform like Voltron in the playoffs.

8. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys aren't looking so good. I know they are missing some players, but some of their pieces aren't looking good. Dak Prescott played pretty well, but the game was in his hands at the end in overtime. The reason the Cowboys lost was that his throw was behind the receiver that ended their drive. The defense looked horrible. They gave up 30+ points to the Raiders, that's unacceptable. Also, they never seemed to adjust and stop the Raiders from exposing Anthony Brown. Also, Tony Pollard is clearly outplaying Zeke, but they keep trying to make Zeke great. They are ignoring Pollard. Zeke isn't even fully healthy. The Cowboys have to decide whether they want to win or not. They have the players. They can do it, but will they?

7. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals seem to be back. They seem like a more disciplined team willing to do what they need to do to win. A big part of that is Joe Mixon. The Bengals aren't forcing things. They will run it down your throat if they need to, and if you force them to throw it, they have the weapons to air it out on anybody. Also, their running game opens everything else up. The Bengals leapfrogged the other teams because they beat down the Steelers and the Steelers had their stars. The Steelers just couldn't stop the Bengals. Also, the defense ate Big Ben's lunch. This team is dangerous.

6. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are looking great. Their offense isn't the same, but they are getting it done. The defense is keeping every game close. Now, they have had a bye to self-scout and come out bigger and better. If they finally put the defense and offense together, they can be better than before.

5. New England Patriots

The Patriots have been a difficult team to rank. They are playing great, but who have they really beat? Their best wins are probably the Chargers and Titans. The Titans were a shell of themselves by the time they played. The Chargers are kind of a rollercoaster team, plus Bill Belichick owns Justin Herbert. He embarrassed him last year as well. However, the thing that the Patriots can hang their hat on is the Patriot way. They are making the most of what they have, not beating themselves, and they look dominant.

4. Ravens

The Ravens offense played pretty poorly against the Browns, but the defense held them down. This is significant because the Ravens defense has looked like their biggest liability for the last few weeks so this performance was encouraging. Also, Lamar Jackson finding a way to get a W in an ugly game is promising. I hope to never see Lamar throw four picks in one game again, but how scary is that he still won?

3. Tampa Bay Bucs

The Bucs have found their key to success. The run game for the Bucs is back, and the other teams should be afraid. The Bucs are playing complementary football, controlling the clock, and still scoring a lot of points. Also, playoff Lenny Fournette has awoken. If the Bucs keep playing like this, good luck trying to defend them.

2.Green Bay Packers

The Packers still own the Rams. The Packers are still a conference championship-level team. The Packers are a team that is firing on all cylinders. The defense gave Matthew Stafford a lot of trouble, and the Packers offense played like they couldn't see who they were playing. Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, where? The Packers made the Rams defense look pedestrian. What's even more impressive about this team is they dominated the Rams out of the bye, meaning the Rams had two weeks to prepare for the Packers, but it didn't matter.

1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have had time to rest, and they are still on top. Hopefully, they will be returning if Kyler's tweets are any indication he is back. I think the Cardinals are about to go from leading the NFC to running away with it and cementing that number one seed.


Tom Brady

If the NFL season ended today, Tom Brady would be MVP. He has the fantastic performances of multiple touchdowns. He has the weeks of putting the team on his back, and he has won tough games time and time again. Also, he has been the most consistent player this year.

Rookie QB Radar

3. Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence was fine, but he didn't look exceptional, and his team didn't win. Also, he had a terrible overthrow that ended up being picked off. When Lawrence wasn't throwing high percentage throws, he wasn't special. That is problematic because he played the Falcons, which aren't a great defense, by any means.

2. Zach Wilson

One pick, one rushing TD, and one hundred and forty-five yards. That is what Wilson did against the Texans. Nothing special, but he got a win. He found a way to help his team win, and he didn't cost his team. That's an improvement for Wilson.

1. Mac Jones

Mac Jones is still the number one rookie QB. He threw for three hundred yards and two touchdowns. Mac Jones has graduated from rookie QB status and is now starting to put up regular NFL starting QB numbers. If the season ended today, he would be the Rookie Quarterback of the Year.


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