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Power Rankings Week 7

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

10. Ravens

The Ravens scraped by the Browns and kept their tenuous hold on the AFC North. Even though the Ravens beat the Browns, the performance wasn't inspiring. They won on the ground with their running backs, which feels like a strategy that won't hold up in the playoffs.

The Ravens need to pay Lamar Jackson, and they need to do it now. Nine out of ten times the Ravens will win or lose based on what Lamar does. They need him to be perfect, but his receiving weapons are thin and his running ability is capped this season because of his contract. How can he run to his fullest ability when one injury could end his career?

9. Dolphins

The Dolphins remain undefeated with Tua Tagovailoa at the helm. Tua still gives this Dolphins team a high ceiling and allows the defense to do their thing without being overworked. However, there were two alarming trends in the Dolphins game. Tua is coming off the most notorious concussion injury of the year and he is lowering his head out there, taking on linebackers. I don't know if Tua is trying to prove that he is healthy or tough, but he needs to stop doing that because it's stupid. Any of the Steelers defenders could have ended Tua in the open field, but they clearly didn't want to. One of the Steelers defensive linemen even stopped Tua from falling after a collision. Tua should have more concern for his health than the defenders.

Also, Tua was able to move around the pocket well and make some good quick throws. However, he also had about four dropped interceptions. He has to take care of the ball better. Tua is one of the most accurate QBs in the league, so that will probably get better as he knocks the rust off in the coming weeks.

8. Titans

The score of the Titans and Colts game, 10-19, makes the game seem close, but it wasn't. The Titans had their way with the Colts. Derrick Henry rushed for 128 yards on the Colts defense. The Colts offense didn't even score in the first half. Matt Ryan had such a rough day that the Colts are allegedly benching him because of his poor play. The Titans have taken control of the AFC South once again.

7. Jets

The Jets knocked off the Broncos, which should be a huge win for them, but there are a few asterisks. First off, the Jets lost Breece Hall to an ACL injury during the game. The main mode of winning for the Jets has been their running game, which is now in question. The Jets still have Michael Carter, and they have traded for James Robinson. Between the two, they should be able to make up the ground, but it's still being determined. The second diluting factor is the fact that Brett Rypien played instead of Russell Wilson for the Broncos. We still need to figure out what happens when the Jets face a good team and they have to throw. Still, the Jets got a win and continue to rise.

6. Cowboys

Dak Prescott made his return at home and beat the Lions. The final score was 24-6, but it's misleading. Dak played the same as Cooper Rush. At the end of the third quarter it was 6-10 Cowboys leading, and that was with the Cowboys defense playing really well. Dak accomplished the mission of getting a win, but the question of whether or not Dak brings a higher offensive ceiling to the Cowboys remains unanswered.

5. Chiefs

The Chiefs continue to dismantle teams. Everybody got so excited about the Christian McCaffrey (CMC) signing by the 49ers, but underneath the hype was the fact that they still weren't as healthy as they seemed, and CMC only had a few days to prepare with a new team for one of the hardest outs in the league. The Chiefs scored 44 points on the 49ers. As the season goes on, the receivers get better, and the Chiefs offense gets more explosive. Very few teams will be able to hang with the Chiefs this year.

4. Vikings

The Vikings look even better after sitting out for a week. Two out of three of their divisional opponents lost, and they stand alone atop the NFC North standings. Hopefully, they improved their offense while they were on a bye to get their top playmakers going consistently.

3. Bills

After the Chiefs dismantled the 49ers, the Bills defense looks to be the number one defense in the league. Bills just got a much-needed bye to get healthier so they can come back harder and try to claim the number one spot.

2. Giants

The Giants win a nailbiter. Where have we seen this before? Oh, that's right, the Giants have been doing it all season. Brian Daboll has continued to put the team in the best position to be successful, and the Giants are slowly going from plucky underdog to powerhouse.

1. Eagles

The Eagles are still the most complete team in the league. The Eagles are still the only perfect team in the NFL. Even on a bye, they can't be touched.

Who Has the Best Defense?

  • Bills

  • 49ers

  • Eagles

  • Cowboys


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