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The Wrap Up: Women of Wrestling

Reverse Hipster's WWE Highlights

3. (Raw) Becky vs. Zoey Starks

Becky punches Zoey Stark

Becky and Zoey had a tattoo vs. rematch match where Becky would either win and get her rematch with Trish or lose and get Trish's name tattooed on her chest. The crowd was hanging on to every move and near fall. This was a good showcase for Zoey to show she can hang with the best and an excellent example of why Becky is the best. Becky is one and got one step closer to Trish.

2. (NXT) Rhea Ripley Vs. Lyra Valkyra, Women of Wrestling

I have been complaining about how main roster superstars in the Judgement Day have been used in NXT. However, the women of wrestling turned the tide. Lyra and Rhea's match was the absolute right way to use main roster stars. Rhea won the match, and her reign gained credibility for having a high work rate match in NXT while doing other shows that same week. Lyra wasn't a champion, so it's okay for her to lose. Also, she looks like a rockstar for almost beating Rhea Ripley. The Lyra hype train just keeps growing.

1. (NXT) Cora Jade Vs. Dana Brooke Kendo Stick Match

Dana Brooke beat Cora Jade in a very physical Kendo Stick Match. I've been complaining about Cora losing for a while now, but I'm not mad at this loss. Dana earned it because she beat the crap out of Cora with that Kendo stick. Also, if Dana didn't win that match, all her remaining credibility would be gone. She would have looked so weak that she would immediately plunge down the card.

Sexy Cora Jade

Also, Cora was such a good heel she made this a must-win. The way Cora disrespected Dana was so mean and disrespectful that it bordered on hatefulness. Cora played her position perfectly. This didn't feel like a bad loss for Cora. It felt like the natural conclusion to a good story.

Reverse Hipster's Lowlights

1. The Women's Tag Championships Again

Sexy Chelsea Green

Charlotte and Bianca trashed the Women's tag team champions, and for what! Charlotte hit a boot on Chelsea, argued with Bianca, and then pinned Chelsea to win the match. What was the point of beating the Tag team champions clean in a nontitle match?

Rob's Highlights (AEW/Impact)

5. Eric Young, Impact Wrestling

Eric tombstones Nick

Eric Young had his return match on Impact Wrestling and defeated Nick Aldis. I'm honestly happy for Young, who would not have made much of a splash in a return to an oversaturated WWE roster. Now, he has a big win in his pocket and set up a future feud with the Design for, you know, killing him off. It's something only Impact Wrestling could get away with, and make me excited to see.

4. Best Friends vs. Blackpool Combat Club vs. Lucha Bros, AEW Dynamite

Dynamite's main event came from out of nowhere, but it was a fun encounter and a reminder of how good the AEW roster is. We haven't seen the Lucha Bros featured on AEW in weeks, so it was nice to be reminded of how good they are. They could be the Tag Team Champions at any point, and nobody could question it- a good win for them. Likewise, the Best Friends are often lost in the shuffle of AEW's tag team division, but they deserve a push, featured match, and run as champions. The Blackpool Combat Club have established stars, and their involvement elevated both teams here and set up some storytelling for later.

3. Andrade El Idolo vs. Buddy Matthews, AEW Collision

It's not every day you get a ladder match opening weekly television, but these two made it a really good ladder match too. Both superstars are underrated and benefitting from just getting time to wrestle. I had forgotten how good Andrade El Idolo was. He pulled out some crazy moves for the match, and Buddy Matthews and Julia Hart worked to make a memorable finish with the handcuffs and table spot. El Idolo should push forward to a more meaningful program, perhaps the new challenger to an AEW champion or reuniting La Faccion Ingobernable to take down the entire House of Black.

2. CM Punk and Ricky Starks, AEW Collision

CM Punk finally revealed that the prize in his sack was, as most people predicted, the AEW Championship he never lost. Punk teased heel work by bringing back his "X" logo on the title and "straight edge means I'm better than you" mantra. In this instance, I think Punk works best as a heel. Ricky Starks interrupted and made his claim for the championship. There are lots of interesting directions for this to go, though my money is on both champions defending their titles at "All In" and a unifying match at "All Out."

1. FTR vs. Adam Cole and MJF, AEW Collision


The main event of Collision lived up to the hype. FTR made the match even better with the story of wanting to protect tag team wrestling in AEW from silly gimmicks and thrown-together teams. With an unsatisfying rollup ending, the whole match was a satisfying work rate. It led up to more storytelling from Adam Cole and MJF. MJF blamed himself for the loss, but Cole let him know it was okay. MJF teased, turning on Cole before ultimately hugging it out and saving the team for another week in the most unpredictably predictable story in wrestling. We know MJF will turn on Cole, and just don't know when. FTR is adding to their argument for the tag team of the year.

Rob's Lowlights (AEW/Impact)

2. AR Fox joins the Mogul Embassy, AEW Dynamite

While this could be good for AR Fox in the long run, I don't think Fox is the right character to pull off this move. I have liked what I've seen of Fox in-ring in AEW thus far. However, his character is underdeveloped. I just learned about his association with Darby Allin this week, and by the end of the night, he had turned on him.

1. AEW Women's Division, AEW Dynamite and Collision

Britt Baker

Through no fault of their own, the AEW Women's Division has become a token attraction on AEW TV, fresh off of getting just one match on each of AEW's flagship programs. While Britt Baker and Taya Valkyrie were promoted and featured in matches, they didn't get nearly the time that some of the men's matches received. It is possible that something good comes from the fallout of Collision's segment with Kiara Hogan, Mercedes Martinez, Kris Statlander, and Willow Nightingale; however, AEW's current booking of the women leaves me no room to be optimistic.

Rob's Winner of the Week (AEW/Impact)

AEW Collision was my favorite program of the week. They packed in two well-built matches with a story going in and great in-ring work. The Saturday Night program is becoming a show with a special feeling where AEW's great wrestlers get time to wrestle, and weeks-long feuds can reach a climax on free TV.

Reverse Hipster's WWE Winner of the Week

NXT dominated, this was a race to have the best women's division, and NXT won that battle this week.

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