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The Greatest Story on Turf Week 14

15. Steelers vs. Patriots


Patriots sack Trubisky

The score was 21-18, but that score doesn't tell the truth of that game. The Steelers may have saved Bill's job because the Patriots are looking for any reason to hang onto him. The Steeler looked bad. Minkah Fitzpatrick recently said the players aren't putting in the work, and the on-field product reflects that. It's one thing to lose when a team just plays better than you, but that's not what happened. The Steeler's defense should have been playing at a different level than it did. They gave up 21 points to a team that didn't score last week—even Mitch Trubisky. I'm not his biggest fan, but I know from his Chicago days that he is much better than that performance against the Patriots.

Winner Patriots

14. Giants vs. Packers

Mounting Momentum

The Packers just beat the Super Bowl Champions and proved they are a good team. The Giants just beat the Patriots and proved they aren't a free win. Will the Giants be the ones to shockingly upset the Packers and bring them back to earth, or will the Packers roll right over the Giants?

Prediction Packers

13. Panthers vs. Saints

Upset Alert

The NFC South is far from the best division in the league, but that means that most of the teams are alive for playoffs until the end of the regular season. The Saints have not been playing well, and now they are rushing back Carr from a multitude of injuries. The Panthers are just looking for another win. They lost to so many teams this year. The Saints are limping into this game with injuries, and the Panthers are coming in with a defense that's getting healthy. Can the Panthers, led by a new head coach, pull off the upset, or will the Saints rebound?

Prediction Panthers

12. Dolphins vs. The Titans

Road Block Game

The Titans are basically done. The best thing they can do is play spoiler and develop Will Levis. This week should be especially difficult for the Titans, who aren't a particularly good pass defense because they are facing the most high-flying offense in the league. Tyreek Hill is trying to cross the 2,000-yard mark in receiving yards. Derrick Henry has crossed the 2,000-yard mark in rushing yards before. Who will lead their team to victory?

Prediction Dolphins

11. Texans vs. Jets

The Rise and Fall

CJ Stroud just got a big Win against the Broncos, breaking their winning streak, and now the Texans have possession of the final golden ticket playoffs. Now, the Texans must defend that spot against teams like the Jets, who are desperate. The Jets have to win every game they have left to have a chance to have a chance to make playoffs. The Jets have failed to do anything without Wilson and have surrendered the team back to him. Will Zach Wilson have a heroic return? Or will CJ mow through the dangerous Jets defense and add another page to his legend?

Prediction Texans

10. Bucs vs. Falcons

Don't Get Swept

The Bucs are falling off. Early in the season, they could be the team to come out of this division. Now they are falling behind, and if they lose this game, they will be swept by the Falcons and all but end their playoff hopes. The Falcons are so close to relevancy that they can taste it. All they have to do is finish the season. It starts here with finishing the sweep of the Bucs. Can the Falcons finish, or will they choke?

Prediction Falcons

9. Vikings vs. Raiders

Loser Leaves Town

The Raiders are playing hard but coming off of back-to-back losses. They have to get a win against a gettable Vikings team. The Vikings are questioning everything after the Bears game. Suddenly, they want a new QB, which seems odd. They should consider that the Bear's defense is better than they thought, but Dobbs will be playing for his job. He isn't the only one. The head coach of the Raiders is also depending on their performance to secure his job as the coach. Who will save their job?

Prediction Vikings

8. Browns vs. Jaguars

Hunting vs. The Hunted

The Browns are still hunting the Baltimore Ravens for the division crown. They are still protecting a playoff spot, and now their monstrous defense gets a chance to pin their ears back against a weak or Lawrenceless Jaguars offense. Meanwhile, the Jaguars are in danger of getting run down in their division by the Colts and Texans. Will the Jaguars overcome Brown's defense, or will they grind out another victory?

Prediction Browns

7. Colts vs. Bengals

The Backup Bowl

The Colts lost their star QB Anthony Richardson early on, but instead of laying down dying, they have surged into the playoffs and are on a four-game winning streak. The Bengals lost their QB recently and are trying to do the same thing. Despite all the Bengal's adversity, they are close to that seventh spot, and with four weeks left, this game could come back around as a playoff tiebreaker. Who will race ahead, and who will fall behind in the playoff race?

Prediction Colts

6. Seahawks vs. 49ers


The Seahawks are coming off a great performance that ultimately ended as a loss. The 49ers are coming off the biggest win of their season. The Seahawks would love to knock the 49ers down a peg and hand them a big fat L. But can they? The Rams have already swept the Seahawks, and if they lose this game, they will be swept by the 49ers. The Seahawks just lost to a team that isn't in the 49ers league, but any given Sunday, right? Can the Seahawks be David to the 49ers' Goliath?

Prediction 49ers

5. Lions vs. Bears

The Moment of Truth

The last time these two teams played, the Bears nearly got the shocking upset, but they choked it away at the last moment. Since then, the Lions dropped a game to the Packers where they played like they did in the Bears game, but then they beat the Saints. The Bears went on to beat the Vikings and are fresh off a bye. The Bear's defense has leveled up, and Justin Fields is playing for his job and the team's playoff future. The Bears can't drop another game. Their playoffs start now. Will the Bears finish what they started last time, or will the Lions be ready for them?

Prediction Bears

4. Rams vs. Ravens

Gut Check Time

The Rams just beat the Browns, and now they are on the edge of returning to the playoffs. But the road gets more challenging because the Ravens show up just when everything the Rams want is right at their fingertips. The Ravens are the best team in the AFC and have all the tools to bury the Rams. But the Ravens have proven to be susceptible to lesser teams. Can the Rams get by the Ravens?

Prediction Ravens

3. Broncos vs Chargers

Ladder Match

Nobody expected the Broncos to shoot ahead of the Chargers this year, but it has happened. The Broncos have been making progress and are on the edge of the playoffs, while the Chargers have been declining from the wildcard playoff team they were last year. However, the Chargers could overtake the Broncos with a win this week. Will the Broncos prove they have surpassed the Chargers?

Prediction Broncos

2. Bills vs. Chiefs

Same Teams Different Feel

Both teams have lost a little of their luster this year. The high-flying Super Bowl-winning Chiefs have struggled to catch footballs and score in the second half. This may be the first year Patrick Mahomes has to play a road playoff game. On the other hand, the Bills look like they may not even make the playoffs, and that's in a year where multiple backup QBs are in playoff position. So, where does this rivalry stand? Which team is better in its current state?

Prediction Bills

1. The Eagles vs. The Cowboys


The Eagles beat the Cowboys last time they played, but it was very close. The 49ers have recently beaten down the Eagles. Does this mean the Eagles aren't as good as their record says, or is that just a reflection of how good the 49ers are? The Eagles still have the most wins in the league, and if they sweep the Cowboys, they will be the undisputed champions of the NFC East. The Cowboys are trying to prove they can win a game against a good team because they have yet to do it all season. Can they do it against their most hated rival, or will the Eagles soar past the Cowboys and prove they are just as good as they say they are?

Prediction Eagles


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