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10/1/21 Smackdown Rundown: Draft Bust

Reverse Hipster's What Mattered

3. Happy Corbin vs. KO

Corbin beat KO with the help of Moss. This was an entertaining match, and I like that they didn't just forget the feud. However, as much as I like Corbin's swag, his character isn't as interesting as sad Corbin, but hopefully, they will spice him up soon.

2. 8 Man Tag Team Match

This match didn't really have any storyline to it. However, the teams were stacked with really great in-ring wrestlers, who always overdeliver. The New Day and Street Profits won the match, but the spot of the match has to go to Gable catching Montez into a northern lights suplex.

1. Sasha vs. Bianca

I think this match was a hot main event choice. Bianca and Sasha had a pretty good match; it wasn't PPV quality, but they still did their thing. I also like that Becky interfered so Sasha could establish herself in the main event title picture. Also, this furthered the tension between Bianca and Becky and made it so Bianca didn't look bad in a loss.

Rob's What Mattered

4. Eight-man Tag

The energy was electric between the New Day, Street Profits, Alpha Academy, and Dirty Dogs. It reminded me how much potential the tag divisions in WWE have. It will be exciting to see if shaking them up draws more attention to the divisions. When they get time in the ring, all of these teams absolutely shine, and they've put in enough character work to make any combination of feuds work.

3. Seth Rollins Breaks in

Edge came out to a hot reaction from the crowd. Ready to finalize his feud with Seth Rollins, Rollins wasn't in the building at all. He went to Edge's house to go find Edge. Even though we've seen this angle before, it was perfect for the animosity in the feud and to continue building Rollins's character as a sociopath. This is more than an in-ring feud to Rollins. This is an obsession, and he's willing to cross all lines (or maybe burn them down) to let Edge know this is personal. The final pay-off between these two has a lot to live up to, but I'm optimistic they can live up to the hype.

2. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

This storyline is playing out like an HBO Drama with Paul Heyman's involvement. Brock Lesnar is surprisingly thriving as a babyface, stealing the show on the mic and getting a pop from the crowd. Unfortunately, disappearing for a couple of years can go a long way to how the crowd receives you. On the bright side, this is another insanely good main event program for the blue brand and head of the table Roman Reigns.

1. Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

Their WrestleMania main event is my WWE match of the year so far. This wasn't that good, but the chemistry and technical in-ring ability still was. At the end of the day, SmackDown is a wrestling show, so a match like this will always hold number one on my biggest what mattered. While Becky Lynch is rebuilding her in-ring ability, she is still top-notch on commentary. While she carried this feud on the mic, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair showed more than enough to carry this feud in-ring. It made it feel like this triple threat was the perfect booking at the perfect time. It has the potential to be the best match at the upcoming PPV.

Rob's What Didn't Matter

2. Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

This should be a fantastic feud between two women looking to prove themselves and break into the main event scene for the women. It's everything we keep asking for WWE to do, so why is it failing? In this feud, they haven't been given any time to wrestle, there hasn't been attention to detail, and there's no creativity in the angle. There was no reaction to Carmella wearing a mask because we've seen it before, and they haven't put enough time or effort into this feud. It's a shame for these performers, who both have the potential to reach the women's championship. This match could have been the perfect angle to launch Liv Morgan there, but now, they will have to do damage control to build her back up.

1. WWE Draft Night One

We can talk about the obvious: they broke up the New Day again. The past couple of weeks have felt like everything was right in the WWE again, seeing Big E with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. WWE ripped that away from us before we fully got to enjoy it. But there are deeper issues with the WWE draft. Namely, it's not entertaining to watch Adam Pearce, and Sonya Deville read a list of names for a quarter of the show. I think a better idea would be to have the draft picks wrestle each other. Maybe it could even be a PPV. Imagine watching number one picks Big E and Roman face each other or getting surprises like RKBro vs. Hit Row, Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair, and more. They don't tell us who is eligible to draft in canon, which creates nice surprises, but it made it look like Belair was drafted, and Lynch and Banks weren't. What are the criteria for drafting? Are they trying to draft bigger draws for their show, or is it more important to have better wrestlers, champions, etc.? Either way, who is making the picks? Sonya admitted she didn't pick Naomi, but then, who did? Why would you ever draft an NXT prospect before WWE legends like Rey Mysterio? To smart fans, it is obvious they are stacking SmackDown putting McMahon favorites like Reigns, Flair, and Drew McIntyre on the show. Raw didn't even get their usual 3-to-2 picks to compensate for the three-hour show. Fans should be concerned that Raw is going to become even more unwatchable while the rich get richer. It also could give away potential future results. If Lynch or Banks don't get drafted to Raw, it will be evident that Belair is taking the other women'sdon't title to Raw. Finally, why even draft if they don't take effect until three weeks from now? WWE has done an awful job planning, and it showed in that they rushed this draft, gave away results and draft picks, and aren't even planning for it to take effect.

Reverse Hipster What Didn't Matter

5. Brock Lesnar

This one might surprise some people, but Brock's appearance wasn't special to me. He isn't the same person. He isn't the champion. He isn't undefeated. He doesn't even look like he used to. I'm not saying Brock is done or anything, just that we can't pretend that he has the same aura around him when he doesn't. He said he was a free agent and could do whatever he wanted, but he didn't actually do anything. His segment with Roman didn't differentiate him from any of Roman's opponents. Brock and Roman fought, then he beat up Jay and Jimmy, and Roman retreated. That's what all of Roman's opponents do. If Brocks is supposed to be special, his segments should be too. I want a show of force. Where is the Brock that took out a cameraman and ripped off a car door?

4. Seth's Invasion

Geez, why does WWE have such a hard time with invasions? Seth going to Edge's house could have been really cool, and it was so close, but then Seth walks through an empty house and drinks orange juice, and sits on chairs that weren't his. Edge is married to a WWE Hall of Famer (Beth Phoenix), who WWE employs; why wouldn't they have Seth attack her? That would have been reprehensible and gotten this segment to where it should have, but instead, it felt short.

3. Charlotte

I really didn't like Sasha and Bianca being sacrificed for Charlotte to stand tall on night one. It seemed like a bad choice because it made them look weak when they could be strong competitors for Charlotte. I also wasn't a fan of the standoff with Becky; it tipped WWE's hand, meaning Becky will probably retain at Crown Jewel so that she can feud with Charlotte at Survivor Series.

2. Carmella vs. Liv

This match wasn't set up to be great because we already saw it on PPV. However, it was a blink, and you missed it segment. Carmella and Liv are doing their absolute best to milk as much as they can from the little bit of story and time they are getting. However, WWE continues to have a problem booking non-title women's matches. It was a match that turned into a quick beatdown segment. I wish they would give the women more of a chance.

1. Draft Logic

After the first four picks, the draft made no sense. It didn't mimic an actual draft at all because the brands weren't taking the best available. Also, they never said who was off-limits to be drafted. So, for example, it made no sense that Becky wasn't drafted and the tag team champions who are going to be on both brands were. Also, the draft won't even take affect until after Crown Jewel, which puts a wet blanket on everything because things aren't really changing. Also, the draft unfolded in a mostly predictable fashion. Roman tried to pretend that there was a chance that the Usos get taken by RAW. However, RKBro has already been drafted to RAW, so that storyline is irrelevant. Also, because RAW and Smackdown don't have separate managers, there were no opposing forces on the draft board except the vague brands of Smackdown and RAW. Lastly and most importantly, splitting up the New Day was a bad idea, and it still is. Big E became WWE champion on RAW with his New Day partners hyping him all night. There is nothing about his success that cuts out New Day. The New Day is way better together than they are apart, and I genuinely have no idea how WWE doesn't know that. They seem to remember whenever they reunite the New Day to pop a rating.

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