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2022 Week 15 Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

10. Chargers

The Chargers are charging back into the Power Rankings knocking off the Commanders and Dolphins. The Chargers have not been on the Power Rankings since week 6. The Chargers are playing really well right now. They have gotten healthier right now as well. It's a little concerning that the Chargers struggled with the Titans so much, but at least they won. Plus, the Titans are a playoff team. Also, the Charger's defense has gotten better, which has really helped this team turn back into a contender.

9. Giants

The Giant's defense is emerging as a force at the right time. They have the ingredients to win. Defense and run game. If they can control the clock and stifle opposing offenses, they can play with anybody. Especially if Thibodeaux is gonna play like he did against the Commanders. We could have a repeat of the 9-7 Giants' magical run to the top.

8. Ravens

The Ravens remain at 8 after a loss. The Ravens have now lost two different Qbs in the season, and their chances of maintaining the playoff positioning that Lamar has given them seems slim. If there is one good thing that comes from this situation, it's that the Ravens are getting a sneak peek at the Ravens without Lamar, and it looks bleak. #Paythatman

7. Cowboys

The Cowboys are down three spots and out of the top 5 because they choked against the Jaguars. So far, they are right on schedule. They have shown flashes of greatness and got everyone's hopes up, but they are letting lesser teams stay in games and even losing to lesser teams. Dak is showing to be just as inconsistent as before after yet another injury. At this point in the season, I would be shocked if the Cowboys prove all their doubters wrong.


The 49ers have defended their spot at six. They had a great first half and hung on in the second half against the Seahawks. The 49ers have stolen the division and the momentum from the Seahawks. The 49er's defense has shredded teams thus far, and it will be interesting to see if they could do it in the playoffs. Speaking of playoffs, if Jimmy G can return, it will be interesting to see who will be the QB.

5. Bengals

The Bengals are climbing up the ladder, and after they came back and beat the Goat Tom Brady, they are up two spots to the top five. If they catch the Chiefs in wins before the end of the season, they will have the tiebreaker in the Power Rankings. Also, the Bengals are only one game out of the number-one seed. They say a team takes on the traits of their Qb, and it must be true because the Bengals shine the brightest when the lights are the brightest.

4. Chiefs

The Chiefs are winning, but it's not impressive at all. They just went to overtime with the Texans and would have lost if David Mills had remembered to protect the ball when running. The Chiefs just don't have the offensive weapons to win a super bowl. They went to overtime with a defense the Dolphins beat in a single half. Then they had to punt to the Texans. Once again, Kelce was kept out of the endzone, and the team wasn't as good. So the Chiefs are down one spot because they don't feel explosive as the next entry.

3. Vikings

The Vikings had a weird week. They got down 33, which is bad, but then they made the biggest comeback in NFL history. I choose to focus on the positives of that game which is why the Vikings are up three spots. The Vikings clearly have the right coach, and they have the weaponry to explode on anybody. Also, the defense has shown that they can tighten up and get it done when the team needs it. They have done it multiple times this year but will the defense be able to be consistent in the playoffs?

2. Bills

The Bills played the Dolphins pretty close, even at home. It's pretty clear the Dolphins rivalry will be an interesting one for the next few years, at least. The Bills have done what they did for the last few games. They played smart and pulled out another win in a close game. They have hung onto the number one seed, and they look like the Super Bowl Contenders everyone thought they would be.

1. Eagles

The Eagles have been cruising through the season so far. They have now been number one in the power rankings for 11 straight weeks. However, just as the season is winding down and the Eagles were preparing for a playoff run, things have gotten interesting. The Eagles struggled more than anyone would expect with the Bears. Also, Jalen Hurts is now injured, and the Eagles may have to play without him. The Eagles have to protect Jalen Hurts at all costs, but they still need one win for the one seed. Moments like this define a team.

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