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2023 The Greatest Story on Turf Week 11

2023 The Greatest Story on Turf Week 11

The Story of every game delivered to you every week, from the most interesting to least interesting, complete with predictions. Last week went 9-5. Let's see what happens in The Greatest Story on Turf Week 11.

14. Giants vs. Commanders

Free Win or Free Fire

Saquon Barkley confused

The Giants are a free win at this point. They look worse than the 0-16 Lions. The Giants have two wins, one against the Commanders, but that feels like it was two years ago. The Giants don't even have the same QB anymore. The Giants will not bring anyone in either because they want the number one pick.

Riverboat Ron watching

If the Commanders don't win this game, then someone should get fired. It's really that simple, so in a sense, it's a must-win game.

Prediction Commanders

13. Cowboys vs. Panthers

Panthers to the Slaughter

The Cowboys have just killed the Giants. Now the Panthers, who have one win all season, no run game, and a very turnover-prone QB, have to face the Cowboys. I don't think there's anybody who believes the Panthers will win this game. The Panthers are severely outmatched. This is a chance for the Cowboys to dominate once again.

But there is always a chance that the Panthers can shock the world. Any given Sunday. This isn't baseball. It's not a series. It only takes one good game.

Prediction Cowboys

12. Bengals vs. Ravens


Joe Burrow Bengals

This game was tough to watch. It started as one of the best matchups of the week, and then, one by one, we watched star players go down. First, Mark Andrews suffered a season-ending ankle injury, then Lamar got banged up, and then Joe Burrow got hurt and couldn't finish the game, and then OBJ got hurt after a 100+ yard catch game.

The Ravens are still good. As long as Lamar stays healthy, they can go far. The game script for the Ravens has been the same all year. They are so good that they are always playing with a lead. The Bengals season is over.

Lamar jackson stiff arm

Interestingly, the backup QB looked decent last night, and it makes you wonder if they would have been better off if they had gone with him instead of Burrow in the early going. Also, people keep pointing out that the Bengals are always 5-4 at this point, but in each of the previous two seasons, Lamar got hurt parting the Red Sea for the Bengals. That's not happening this year, and the division as a whole is better.

Winner Ravens

11. Jaguars vs. Titans

But Does That Mean You Can?

The Jaguars were completely and utterly defeated. They didn't even look like a football team out there. Did the 49ers give out the blueprint to beat the Jaguars? Are the Jaguars going to crumble in the back half of the season? Or was that a gut check to the Jaguars that tells them to work harder that they aren't there yet? Will the Jaguars return harder than before, taking out their frustration on their division rival Titans?

It's always a fight when these two rivals play each other, but this year, the Titans are starting a rookie and are at the bottom of the division. Are the Titans still up to the fight? The 49ers beat the crap out of the Jaguars, but does that mean the Titans can?

Prediction Jaguars

10. Packers vs. Chargers

Coaching Referendum

Matt LaFleur Laughs

Matt LaFleur is finding out what other coaches have been dealing with. He finally has to coach a QB who isn't a Hall of Famer. Is LaFleur a good coach? It doesn't matter what I think; what matters more is what he does. This is an excellent chance for LaFleur to prove how good a coach he is. The Chargers are a beatable team with a lot of talent. Can LaFleur outcoach the other side and get the upset?

Staley crosses arms

Staley has the opposite problem. Herbert is an extremely talented QB who everyone loves, but people don't think Staley is a very good coach. Can Staley prove people room by staying one step ahead of Lafleur and guiding his team to the dominant victory they should be able to get?

Prediction Chargers

9. Rams vs. Seahawks


In the beginning, the Rams stunned the Seahawks. However, since that game, the Seahawks have gone on to be one of the top dogs in the Rams, and the Rams have only won twice more since then. Matt Stafford is returning to the Rams. Will the Rams be able to beat the Seahawks and go on a run, or will the Seahawks come back to the Rams better than before and get a W?

Prediction Seahawks

8. Cardinals vs. Texans

I'm Sorry I Have To

Kyler Murray throws

Kyler Murray has made an exciting comeback to the Cardinals. Murray ran around just like normal and seemed to be completely healed. Murray came back and won immediately. Can Kyler Murray pick up another win and dowse the fire of the leading MVP candidate?

CJ Stroud scores

CJ Stroud has been a revelation. He surpassed offensive rookie of the year consideration and is in consideration for the MVP. However, now that the bar has been raised, people expect the Texans to make playoffs. Can CJ Stroud complete the storybook first season and spoil Kyler's comeback? Or will the former rookie of the year Kyler Murray spoil Stroud's story?

Prediction Texans

7. Bucs vs. 49ers

Identity Verification

The Bucs dominated the Titans, but that has been the exception, not the rule. The Bucs are flashy and talented, but nothing has been easy for them. The 49ers, on the other hand, are very talented, and we have seen them beat teams with ease. They dominated the Jags out of the bye but were previously on a three-game losing streak. The Bucs were previously on a four-game losing streak before defeating the Titans. Who falls back to earth?

Prediction 49ers

6. Jets vs. Bills

Poetic Justice Right a Wrong

Josh Allen yells

Just as the Jets and Bills fall apart, they reunite for a rivalry game. They were the lead-off game of the entire NFL season. For the Bills, this is where it all went wrong. Their division rival loses their star QB on the first play, and the Bills still lose due to Josh Allen's terrible interceptions. As we now know, this Jets game wasn't an anomaly for the Bills. The Bills have fired their offensive coordinator, and now they are facing the Jets again. Can they right the wrongs from the beginning of the season and get rolling?

Zach WIlson looks up

The Jets just took a very tough loss to the Raiders, and while they have stayed alive in the playoff picture, they are sliding. Can the Jets recapture the magic, beat the Bills again, and own the tiebreaker between them, which could be crucial for playoffs?

Prediction Jets

5. Raiders vs. The Dolphins

Bend Don't Break

Max Crosby Yells

All hope seemed like a loss for the Raiders after they sinned against the Lions. However, after the Raiders blew things up by firing the coach, GM, and offensive coordinator, the Raiders had a new spark. They are 1-0 under their new coach, and he is bringing out the best aspects of the team. Hes fighting to earn a head coaching job with the Raiders. The Raiders are at a crossroads at 5-5, fighting for their playoff life. Can the Dolphins contain the Las Vegas Raiders?

Tua hypes the crowd

The Dolphins have gone through one of the worst losses of their season and have had to do some soul-searching in the bye. What have they learned during their time off? What will the Dolphins improve to make sure they can contend for a Super Bowl? Did the Chief's loss inspire the Dolphins to be better or break them?

Prediction Dolphins

4. Browns vs. Steelers

Moment of Truth

DTR Starts For Browns

This is the moment of truth for both the Steelers and the Browns. The Browns just had the best win of their season, only to find out that it cost them their star QB Deshaun Watson, who's out for the year. Now it's on rookie Dorian Thompson Robinson to carry this team. It's a tough spot for a rookie to enter the fray against the vaunted Steelers defense. Will DTR be a phenom or a flop? Is the Browns season over, or do they still have hope?

TJ  Watt taunts

The Steelers, on the other hand, are in a great spot. They are stacking wins and look to be possibly the second-best team in the AFC North. However, it's been a tight race. Can the Steelers take advantage of Brown's weakness and leave them in the dust, or will this moment slip through the Steeler's hands? This is going to be exactly the kind of game the Steelers like. It's a defensive game. Who will be better, the potential defensive player of the year, Myles Garret, or the former defensive player of the year, TJ Watt?

Prediction Browns

3. Bears vs. Lions

Justin vs. Everybody

Justin fields returns

Justin Fields is returning from injury to face a stacked deck. First and foremost, he has to face the injury. He will have to play with the rust from sitting out. Next, he will have to battle his own fanbase, who have torn him down more than anyone else. Next, he has to face a regime that didn't draft him and could pick a new QB next year. Lastly, he has to face the Lions who have grown from domesticated Zoo Lions to Nemean Lions.

Aidan Hutchinson entrance

The Lions are one of the best teams in the NFL, and Justin Fields has to upset them on his first game back. It's a tall order, but he's got everything riding on it. Back against the wall with everyone coming for Justin, can he still come out on top? This year has gone better for the Lions than they could have hoped. They have had success all over the United States and are returning home to the NFC North. Can the Lions embarrass Justin Fields and banish him from the North, or will he be a problem for years to come?

Prediction Bears

2. Vikings vs. Broncos

Streak vs. Streak

Russel Wilson throws

Two franchises who were thought to be cooked. The Broncos were horrible last year, and they didn't start hot this year. But the Broncos are on a three-game winning streak. Those three wins include The Bills, Chiefs, and Packers. The Broncos defense is back in a big way. They are getting turnovers, and Russ is back, too. Hes thrown 18 TDs to 4 interceptions. The Broncos are undefeated against the NFC North. Can the Broncos keep this streak going?

Josh Dobbs scores

The Vikings were overhyped last season, and their season ended in heartbreaking fashion, and the 2023 season started poorly. However, the Vikings' defense got on track, and they have been on a five-game winning streak. Justin Jefferson got hurt, but they still won. Addison got injured, but they still won. Kirk Cousins got a season-ending injury, and they still won. Josh Dobbs, who just joined the team two weeks ago, is undefeated as a Viking. The Vikings have lost every matchup against the AFC West this year. Can the Vikings beat the Broncos and increase their streak to 6 wins, or will the Broncos increase to four wins straight? Who's streak will survive?

Prediction Broncos

1. Eagles vs. Chiefs

Super Bowl Rematch

Both teams have had this game circled on their calendar. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but Jalen Hurts outplayed Mahomes, and the Eagle's defense failed them. The Chiefs and Eagles played one of the most competitive Super Bowls, but in the end, the refs decided the game. So, this game still hasn't had a true winner. The Chiefs did get the championship, so there is an aura around them. The Eagles must feel like beating the Chiefs means they can win the Super Bowl. But this game isn't just a litigious test for the Eagles. The Chiefs are actually the team playing the worst of the two going into this game. They know what it feels like to play the Eagles in the Super Bowl and, thus, what it felt like to play at the Super Bowl level. So, this game allows them to see where they are right now. Will the Chiefs keep the crown, or will the Eagles knock it off their head?

Prediction Eagles


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