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2023 The Greatest Story on Turf Week 2

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

2023 The Greatest Story on Turf Week 2

The Story of every game delivered to you every week, from the most interesting to least interesting, complete with predictions. Last week went 11-5. Lets see what happens in The Greatest Story on Turf Week 2.

16. Giants vs. Cardinals

Are the Giants Really That Bad?

Cardinals boss

The Cardinals are on a journey to the first pick. They put up a lot of fight against the Commanders and nearly won. If the Cardinals can keep playing like that, it will be an exciting tank, which is good for the fans. However, their first game was against a first-year starter. It doesn't get any easier from here.

Saquon Barkley runs

Or does it? The Giants had one of the worst opening performances of all time. If they had forfeited the Cowboys game, the score would have been the same for them. The Cardinals aren't supposed to be good at all. The way the Giants play against the Cardinals will tell us all we need to know about them. Are the Giants as bad as they looked, or is Dallas just that good?

Prediction Giants

15. Panthers vs. Saints

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fryer

Lattimore flexes muscles

Last week, Bryce Young showed some promise, but he also made some rookie mistakes that cost his team the game. Panthers will be playing their second division rivalry game in two weeks. The games will not get easier for the Panthers. The Saints have a better defense than the Falcons, which I expect to wreak havoc on the Panther's offensive line and their young QB. The Saints also have a better offense than the Falcons.

Bryce Young ridder

The best hope the Panthers have is that rookies fluctuate, and Bryce could come out and have a signature game. However, I find that unlikely since the Saints will be a severe challenge to the Tight End Hayden Hurts, the Receivers, and the Runningbacks. It will be a difficult day for Young.

Prediction Saints

14. Packers vs. Falcons

Back to Earth

Jordan Love Celebrates

These are two teams who won divisional games in week one. The Packers beat the Bears, and the Falcons beat the Panthers. However, both the Bears and Panthers have question marks about them. The Bears played so poorly that it's fair to wonder how much of the Packers' success was due to the Bear's poor play.

Desmond Ridder celebrates

The same goes for the Falcons. They were playing a Panthers team that could be pretty bad. Ultimately, I think the Packers will continue to play sound football and win the game. The Green Bay defense will be the difference in this game.

Prediction Packers

13. Jets vs. Cowboys

Defensive Warzone

Sauce gardner's back

The Jets' defense and special teams took over and dragged their team to victory against the Bills after Rodgers went down. The Dallas Cowboys' defense couldn't have started any better than they did. The most exciting thing about this game is finding out which defense is better. Who's QB will hold out longer?

Micha Parsons flexing

The Cowboys obviously have the advantage in the QB department, but with the Jets running backs, they have a chance to take pressure off of Zach and give him a chance to be average, so the Jets' defense can be special. However, the most likely outcome is that the Dallas Cowboys tee off on this offensive line and bully Zach Wilson. With these corners, Garret Wilson shouldn't be that much help.

Prediction Cowboys

12. Bills vs. Raiders

Can They Continue This Improbable Run?

Josh Allen press conference

Can the Bills go 0-2 against another team that is not expected to be very good? The Bills need to have a get-right game because some are panicking. Josh Allen showed everyone his worst self on Monday night. The Bills playoff loss last year was already concerning. It already seemed like they were stationary as the AFC moved forward, and that was at their best, but if Josh Allen is going to play like that, the Bills are in even more trouble than people thought.

Josh Allen hasn't been the same since Daboll, and the team has gotten worse around him. The weaker the team gets, the more Josh Allen's warts are exposed. They need Josh to slide and make smart decisions. Hopefully, the Jets game and criticism from the media, the likes of which Josh hasn't felt in years, will be the wake-up call he needs.

Jimmy G suit

The Raiders are shockingly number one in the AFC West. Jimmy G just wins. It's what he has done his entire career. However, we aren't sure how good the Broncos really are, and the Raiders beat the Broncos last year despite being horrible themselves. The Jury is still out on the Raiders, but we will get some answers this week.

Prediction Bills

11. Commanders vs. Broncos

Revival vs. Arrival

The Commanders are a team with a new offensive coordinator hoping to become a new head coach and a first-year starter hoping to become a franchise QB, plus new ownership and a team loaded with potential. The Broncos have a Super Bowl-winning head coach trying to get back in the game with a Super Bowl-winning quarterback trying to reclaim his former glory for a team with new ownership trying to revive a dying dynasty. Will time pass the Broncos by in this game, or will the Commanders be forced to wait their turn as the Broncos ride past them?

Prediction Broncos

10. Bears vs. Bucs

Brush that Chip Off your Shoulder

Justin Fields Walking

Justin Fields and the Bears disappointed all of Chicago in week one. It wasn't just that they lost. It was the fact that they didn't look good at all. The Bears-Packers game means a lot, so I can't imagine the Bears players will move on from that game having learned nothing and without feeling like they have something to prove. The Bears should be ready to bring everything they have to beat the Bucs and regain some pride and hope for the team.

Baker Mayfield running

However, the Bucs will not be an easy game. The Buccaneer's defense is for real, and so are the weapons. The Buc's Dline is not a good matchup for a Bears team that wants to run the ball. The defense as a whole held down the Vikings, who have a ton of firepower on offense. Plus, Baker has something to prove. Many people wrote him off last year, and that is exactly where he wants to be: doubted and proving people wrong. It's time to see if Baker can still be a franchise QB. He looked pretty good in game one.

Prediction Buccaneers

9. Steelers vs. Browns

Levels to this

TJ Watt Steelers

The Browns did the exact opposite of what the Steelers did in week one. Watson and the rest of the team are going to build off last week's win. The Steelers will be looking to prove they are a competent team. Steelers face an uphill battle because Cam Heyward is out with a groin injury, and Dionte is out with a hamstring injury. However, there is the chance that the Steelers just ran into a buzzsaw against the 49ers. TJ Watt still had an incredible stat line against the 49ers: five solo tackles, three sacks tying the Steeler's all-time Sack record, and two forced fumble plus a fumble return. It just didn't matter against the 49ers, but every team isn't like that.

Deshaun Watson Runs

The Steelers have beaten the Browns 15 times in the last ten years, and the Browns have only beaten them four times and tied them once. If the Browns really have changed, then they should be able to beat the Steelers. Does the AFC North have a new team coming for the crown? We'll see as the Browns have a chance to pick up two division victories and remain undefeated.

8.49ers vs. Rams

The Streak

Sean Mcvay

The Rams were a fun story coming out of week one. The Seahawks were supposed to be on the rise, and the Rams were supposed to be washed, but the Rams still won. It's unclear how good the Rams actually are, but it's evident that they are a tough out. The coaching matchup is exciting as well. Shanahan and McVay worked together in Washington and are considered among the brightest coaches in the league, so they have their own rivalry in addition to the division rivalry.

Kyle Shanahan 49ers

It's interesting because, on the one hand, Kyle usually beats Sean McVay, which is why he is 9-4 in their series. But also, between the two of them, Sean has done what Kyle couldn't, which is win a Super Bowl. Another cool fact about this match is that Purdy has never played against the Rams. Sean McVay may not be able to get all his losses back in one game, but he can break Brock Purdy's undefeated streak.

Prediction 49ers

7. Seahawks vs. Lions

Looking For Revenge

Amon Ra Saint Brown

Last year, these two teams had a shootout where the Seahawks won by three points, 48 to 45. They were both teams on the playoff bubble, and just as the game results showed, the Seahawks were barely better than the Lions. However, the Lions don't just want their win back from the Seahawks. It was the Seahawk's loss at the end of the season to the Rams that cost the Lions a playoff spot.

Seahawks metcalf

The Seahawks still have a lot to prove. Their week one outing did not go as planned, and now people are wondering if the Seahawks are as good as they are supposed to be. The Lions and Seahawks, who were in similar spots last year, were both supposed to have improved. Who has differentiated themselves, and who has been left in the dust?

Prediction Lions

6. Vikings vs. Eagles

Revenge Game or Get Right Game?

Last year, the Eagles embarrased the Vikings. The Vikings players and coach are probably holding onto that feeling so they can give it back to the Eagles. Eagles beat the Patriots in week one but had a sloppy game. They came out on top, but they didn't look like a Super Bowl team. This week, the Eagles could get back on track against the Viking's vulnerable defense and line.

Prediction Eagles

5. Patriots vs. Dolphins


Tua throwing the ball

Tua is 4-0 against the Patriots. He has never felt defeat when playing The Patriots. That's a crazy stat for Bill Belichick, who is one of the best defensive minds in the game. It's not easy to beat someone twice. Bill saw Tua four times, and he lost to him every year.

Mac Jones postgame

However, The Patriots looked terrific in week one. Bill O'Brien is obviously paying dividends, and now the Patriots look to have a real offense. The Patriots had the most encouraging loss of week one. Mac Jones reminded everyone of who he really is as he threw for 364 yards and 3 TDs. If the Patriots can stretch the field and stop the Dolphin's offense, then the Patriots will have a chance to snap Tua's streak.

Prediction Dolphins

4. Chargers vs. Titans

Journey Back to The Promise Land

Ryan Tannehill audible

Both of these teams are trying to get back to prominence. The Titans were the number 1 seed two years ago, and then they crashed and burned the next season by losing their own division to the Jaguars and missing the playoffs.

Justin Herbert throws

The Chargers made their first playoff appearance in the Justin Herbert era, which went terribly. Both teams are searching for better days, but it didn't happen in week one. The Chargers may have Austin Ekeler missing this game due to injury, which is a huge blow. The Titans hope to get Hopkins going in this game and get in the endzone more than last week, but his health is a question mark as well. Which team will turn the page first?

Prediction Titans

3. Chiefs vs. Jaguars

Playoff Rematch

The Jaguars are fresh off a rollercoaster ride week one victory. The Chiefs are coming off a shocking loss to the Lions in week one. The Chiefs have Kelce and Jones returning to the fold to boost their team. Neither will be at full power, but they will make the team better than in week one. Last year, the Jaguars just weren't on the Chiefs level. It will be interesting to see if that has changed.

Prediction Chiefs

2. Colts vs. Texans

Young and Hungry

This is a game between two young rebuilding teams who both lost but had really good showings in week one. I expect a shootout this week. This game should be exciting for so many reasons. Who's rebuild is going better? Who is the top dog in this division rivalry, and is the gap large? Lastly and more interestingly, who has the best QB? Many would assume CJ Stroud is better, but the higher pick isn't always better. It should be entertaining to watch these two QBs battle it out.

Prediction Texans

1. Ravens vs. Bengals

Snap Back

Lamar Jackson throws

The Ravens and Bengals both got off to a rough start. The difference is the Ravens fought through to a dominant victory, and the Bengals got run off the field. The Bengals game comes down to Joe Burrow, who just doesn't seem ready to compete. However, everyone knows Burrows's preseason injuries led to him starting slow. We all believe he will bounce back and get back to being Burrow.

Joe Burrow

Still, Burrow can only wait so long because this division is even more competitive than usual. Burrow and the Bengals could be down two division games just like that. The Ravens have the tools to win the division if they stay healthy, but their new offense has yet to appear. Hopefully, against the Bengals, the Ravens will start showing off what their offense can really do. Regardless, the Raven's defense will hold them down. But Burrow and Lamar got paid big money, and now it's time to see who was worth it.

Prediction Ravens


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