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2023 The Greatest Story On Turf Week 5

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Saints vs Patriots

Get Some Respect Back

Derek Carr throwing

Both teams just got smashed, and now they can get some respect back. Carr hasn't looked good this season. In the beginning, it seemed like maybe he was experiencing growing pains, but he hasn't grown. Hopefully, the Bucs game reflected an injury, but he is on washed alert.

Mac Jones throws

The Patriots looked so horrible that Bill was left with his face in his hands at the sight of his team's play. Mac Jones could be benched, but regardless, the Patriots need to make a big statement because they are starting to look like lunch to most other NFL teams.

Prediction Saints

Dolphins vs. Giants

Wrong place, Wrong Time

The Dolphins just came off a big loss, and they are looking to rebound and trounce the Giants fresh off a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Seahawks. It will be interesting to see how bad the Dolphins defense is. Will Daboll be able to take advantage of it after his former QB did? If Saquon plays, how much of a difference-maker will he be? Can the Dolphins get to Daniel Jones the way the Seahawks did?

Prediction Dolphins

Jaguars Vs. Bills

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Early in the year, Josh Allen's start was in question. People were really starting to question his entire life, but he turned that ship around by emphatically stating his case as an absolute dawg for the last three weeks. Trevor Lawrence has looked pretty bad this year after everyone thought he arrived, and now they are questioning his status as a "generational talent," which is saying a lot cause the fanboys used to state that as if it was just fact. Can Trevor do what Josh did and reintroduce himself?

Prediction Bills

Bengals vs. Cardinals

Gut Check Time

This game is important for both teams. For the Cardinals, who have been playing well, this is a team they could conceivably beat. Will they get the W? For the Bengals, this could mark how far they have fallen. If they roll Burrow out and lose to the Cardinals, they must sit Burrow. Realistically, they already should have because a healthy backup will be a better QB than a compromised Burrow. But if they lose here, it will be undeniable. This could be a good loss for the Bengals, actually.

Prediction Cardinals

The Raiders vs. Packers

Revenge game

The Packers will be playing the one that got away from the QB who ran away. The Raiders will be competitive, and Adams will be uniquely motivated to ensure the Packers take this L. At this point, it doesn't matter who the QB is. Adams has something to prove; hopefully, the team rallies around him.

The Packers get a chance to show they aren't stupid, and they are, in fact, doing better without him. The Packers are still competitive, and they definitely have the better coach. Plus Adams and Alexander know each other really well that will be an excellent WR/CB match up. We will see what happens.

Prediction Packers

Commanders Vs. Bears

Just Need a Win

Sam Howell runs

The Commanders have gone from undefeated to back-to-back losses. They looked impressive in their loss to the NFC champion Eagles team. Now, at 2-2, they are at a crossroads: will they sink or swim?

The Bears also showed promise in a loss. Unfortunately, it was against the previously winless Broncos, who the Commanders beat. It's a very interesting game for the Bears. Last year, the Bears played the Commanders on Thursday night football, and after a prime-time failure, the coaching staff made changes to the offense that would make it more explosive for the rest of the season.

Matt Eberfluss conference

This Thursday night matchup could also signal a change for the Bears. The Bears will be playing against former Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric B, who they could have hired as their coach. Ironically, if the Bears lose badly, the Coach they did hire could be fired. Do the Bears even want to win? Only the Bears could create a situation where their first win could be a negative thing. We'll see what happens on this Thursday's episode of The Bears.

Prediction Bears

Jets Vs. Broncos

I heard You Were talking Mess

The Jets and Broncos have had this game circled ever since Sean Payton called out Nathaniel Hackett as one of the worst coaches. However, this matchup is nothing like we thought it would be. BOTH teams have only one win to their name. The Jets are without Rodgers, and the Broncos are without Javonte Williams.

Sean talked a lot of crap, and the Jets responded strongly. Someone has to back it up. If there is one team that Sean has to beat, it's the Jets. Sean Payton can not lose to Hackett's Jets. The embarrassment would be too overwhelming. The Broncos offense has been fixed, and Payton has made the Broncos an actual good offense. Unfortunately, the Jets offense is, well, an offense, and the Bronco's defense is a revolving door at best.

Prediction Jets

Cowboys vs. 49ers

Battle of the Titans Two

This is almost a motion picture sequel. This game is big time. The rematch between the 49ers and Cowboys. Last time, the Cowboys made the big mistake and flinched first. This year, the Cowboys have had the most dominant defense in the league, and the 49ers have been undefeated. Who will get dressed down this week? Will the 49ers lose their streak and have their offense exposed? Will Dak get exposed again? Will the defense perform poorly against what is now the best team in the NFL? Two titans of the NFL are about to duke it out, and the fight will change both franchises.

Prediction 49ers


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