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August & September Power Rankings

Updated: Oct 19, 2022


These Power Rankings are based on the last two months of wrestling. The ranking is calculated based on the weekly Wrap Up. Consistently making the highlight list will increase the odds of a title making the top ten Power Rankings list. However, landing in the lowlight list takes away from a title's score and makes it more difficult to make the Power Rankings. Alternatively, just staying off the lowlights list doesn't guarantee any title a spot. A title must have made the highlight list at least three times to qualify for the Power Rankings.

The best show of the last two months is based on which of the six wrestling shows has topped Rob and Reverse Hipster's list the most over the period before the latest Power Ranking. Superstar of the Month is calculated based on which superstar had the most number one ranked highlight moments on Rob and Reverse Hipster's weekly Wrap Up list.

10. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

The Women's Tag Team Championship has been turned around over the last two months. The titles went from being on the shelf or underutilized to being fought for in a company-wide tournament. Then, Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez won them to capture their first-ever main roster titles. Raquel and Aliyah were great champions. During their short reign, the Tag Titles were heavily featured on both shows by WWE. Then, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai won the Tag Titles. Now, the Tag Titles are a mainstay of the most prominent female faction on the main roster.

9. NXT Women's Tag Team Championship

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance got an emotional win over Toxic Attraction at the beginning of August to become champions. After years in NXT, they could finally call themselves champions. They did it against the juggernaut of Toxic Attraction, who seemed to have a monopoly on the titles. Since becoming champions, Carter and Chance have feuded with main roster stars and generally welcomed anyone who wants some to get some. Currently, they are involved in an exciting feud with rising stars Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

8. AEW Women's Title

Thunder Rosa had to give up the Women's Championship in AEW, but Toni Storm is giving it new legs too. It feels like the first time the Women's Division is wide open in AEW. The arrival of Saraya brought a new wave of excitement to AEW's women's division.

7. Undisputed NXT Women's Champion

It has been a great two months for Mandy Rose. She has just been whooping ass left and right. First, Zoey Stark came for Mandy's title. Zoey was a very legitimate threat. Still, Mandy took Zoey out with a wicked knee-to-face while wearing Zoey's knee brace. With nobody left in NXT to beat, legend and NXT U.K. Champion Meiko Satomura and former NXT U.K. Champion Blair Davenport came for Mandy's title. All Mandy did then was beat them both at Worlds Collide to become the Undisputed NXT Champion. If you haven't already, it's time to put some respect on Mandy Rose's name.

6. United States Championship

With the main Men’s Singles Championship being unified in WWE, the TV Championships are more important than ever. That makes Bobby Lashley feel like the main champion on Raw. Triple H’s booking seems determined to feature Lashley in many high-profile matches on Monday nights.

5. Undisputed NXT Champion

Bron Breakker is turning into a love him or hate him guy, but we seem to love him more often than not. Breakker had great feuds and matches with JD McDonagh, Tyler Bate, and now Ilja Dragunov too.

4. Intercontinental Champion

After Triple H took over, the midcard belts regained relevance. Over the last two months, Gunther has beaten Shinsuke Nakumara, Ricochet, and even Sheamus to retain his title. The matches have ranged from solid to really good. The feud with Sheamus, which is currently ongoing, was definitely the best part of Gunther's reign so far.

3. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is undisputedly THE guy in WWE right now. He brings a unique aura to the ring with him, which gives him the most meaningful feuds in all of WWE.

2. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

In addition to contributing to The Bloodline with Roman Reigns, The Usos have put on show-stealing matches and carried the tag division. While Reigns’s streak is impressive, The Usos are stampeding their way to the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time, which has been an underrated division throughout WWE history.

1. The Undisputed NXT Tag Team Champions

The NXT UK and NXT Tag Titles were booked well over the last two months. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, the NXT UK Champions, had a great run before NXT Worlds Collide. Diamond Mine not only became fan favorites, who consistently put on great matches, but they also have a great story with Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp, who betrayed Diamond Mine. Pretty Deadly kept themselves relevant throughout at Worlds Collide feud by adding Lash Legend to their squad. Then, they became the only NXT UK superstars to win a belt at Worlds Collide when they won the Undisputed NXT Tag Titles. Since then, they have defended their titles in a cage match and have generally been excellent.

Superstar of the Last Two Months: Jon Moxley

When Moxley first became Interim Champion, I was not a fan of the decision, and I didn't understand why. Since CM Punk's return, Mox has been knocking his matches out of the park, dialing back the unnecessary blood, and killing his promos. Then, when all hell broke loose at ALL OUT, Jon Moxley cut a promo that changed the company's trajectory. Jon Moxley climbed all the way back up the mountain in the Grand Slam tournament and finally beat Bryan Danielson to become the first-ever three time AEW champ. Jon Moxley has shown what it means to be the guy over these last two months.

Show of the Last Two Months: AEW Dynamite

With special shows throughout the summer and formulating elite backup plans on the fly, AEW Dynamite proved to be the superior weekly show. Some of the shows were so well-built that they could be confused with PPVs.

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