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Eminem's One True Love Song Reviewed

The last installment of this series, "Infinite vs. Eminem Show," resulted in Maxine overwhelmingly defeating Drips. Go check out the comparison if you have not already.


One of Eminem's most significant influences is LL Cool J, so it is no surprise to find a love song on his first LP. What is surprising is that Eminem never really did it again. This is the only song in Eminem's discography that focuses on just how much he loves his significant other without a negative drawback or twisted situation. So let us dive into Marshall's softer side in the last infinite entry in this series.

Beat & Chorus

The beat is very fluffy and happy. The instrumental feels like a daydream. The beat sounds like daydreaming of your significant other in the summertime. Angela Workman sings the chorus. It is a very well sung chorus that continues to put the listener in the state of being on cloud nine thinking about a significant other.


Eminem's lyrics here are the cleanest they have ever been. If you can believe it, he does not curse once.

"I'm reminiscin' on your tenderness

And the snugglin' and teasin'

Missin' what I remember

Kissin' and huggin' and squeezin"-Eminem

This is the opening, and it has a good rhyme scheme, but content reigns supreme in this section. This is a sweet way of saying that he is thinking of her. Also, just thinking of the time, they spend together makes him miss her. Eminem is full-on sprung, and he lets us know immediately.

" Buggin' and wheezin

'I'm havin' trouble when breathin'

It's even tougher when sleepin'

But there's a couple of reasons that I'm sufferin' and grievin'

For lovin' and leavin" -Eminem

Now I really like this next section because of the way he pairs "sufferin" and "grievin" and "lovin" and "leavin."It connects to sufferin, which connects back to "trouble with breathin." He is having trouble with breathing because she(most likely Kim) takes his breath away and, she does that because he is in love with her. Hence Sufferin=lovin. "Grievin" and "leavin" also connect. He doesn't like to be away from her, which is connected to the previous lines where he is missing her. It is also a nice play on grieving because you grieve when someone is gone. Grevin=leavin. Also, "buggin and wheezin I'm havin trouble when breathin its even tougher when sleepin" is a creative way of saying, you take my breath away, and it is even more intensified when we are in bed together.

" You're all I'm thinkin' of in the evenin'

You got my knees bucklin' and weakenin'

Thoughts of nothin' but freakin'

That I'm strugglin' to keep in

And interrupt when I'm speakin"- Eminem

This is also a sweet and creative way of showing how uneasy Kim makes him in the classic, so enamored he cannot even think way. The First-line tells us she is running through his mind, probably at a time when they are away from each other. He is so in love, his knees get weak, and he stumbles over his words because of the thoughts in the third line.

"I got some game that I'm preparin' to run

The way your lips sparkle and they glare in the sun

You got your hair in a bun

No matter what you're wearin' you stun

'Cause you're comparin' to none"- Eminem

This section is very sweet. Eminem is telling Kim that she is absolutely beautiful by highlighting parts of her that he finds attractive, and he then strengthening this point by saying the clothes do not even matter because it is the Kim inside of them that will always drive him wild. I imagine this line was especially poignant back then because they did not have very much money at the time.

"I want to share in the fun, I feel a passionate lust

When I imagine it just alone at last when it's us

I see you graspin' to trust

But my intentions are good, let's leave the past in the dust"-Eminem

Here Eminem is expressing that he wants some more one-on-one time and hints that there may have been some mistakes made by him or other guys in the past that are making it hard for Kim to trust him. Eminem wants her to leave this behind and offers Kim reassurance in him. Also, "I want to share in the fun" seems like a warm way of saying he wants to experience the good times with her. Also, the passionate lust expresses an undertone of this track, which is the powerful and deep sexual attraction Eminem feels towards her.

"I'm not askin' to rush

And answer me immediately

I just wanna be there for you and you to be there for me

If you agree to repeat after me

"I love you" (I love you, baby)"-Eminem/Angela

This section is simple, but it packs a punch. It expresses the simple wants of anyone in a relationship to have someone you can count on to have your back and somebody that you care for in return. I also like that Eminem expresses his wants and lets her know that he is not trying to rush her. He is just trying to express himself.

"Cause I just need you to see

How much I'm eager to be your man legally wed

Your love's keepin' me fed

This is easily said, so you can lead or be led

If you care to be down

'Cause ain't nobody like you nowhere to be found"-EminemThis section is the best part of the verse and track. Because here, I think Em packs his sweetest lines. In line two, he lets it be known he is not just in this relationship for the short term. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Also, given that Eminem was extremely poor at the time, your love keeping me fed is an incredibly charming line saying basically if we have each other, we have everything. Your love fuels me even when we can's eat. Also, you can lead or be lead. I like this line because Eminem does not seem bothered by the traditional roles he is saying; however, she wants to do this whether she wants to take charge or follow him, all he cares about is that they get where they are going, which is them being together. It is very romantic sentiment. Following up with "if you care to be down" once again expresses her autonomy in the situation, and then the verse ends with a bang by letting her know that he knows there is nobody else like her.

Eye-Kyu guest verse mostly follows up on the song's lusting component, and its most significant addition to the song is the flow of the verse. Here are a few highlights of the flow in the verse.

"We'll take a spin in a Lexus

You can chill for dinner and breakfast

Long enough to see how this gentleman sexes "-Eye-kyu

"I dream of freakin' you, the women that I'm speakin' to

It seems that there is not an end to things that we can do

So, now we all set to play, only thing left to say

Is when you step away, baby, look over in the négligée"-Eye-kyu

What do you think of Eminem's one true love song? Do you like it would you want to see more of Eminem's softer side? Tell me in the comments I am interested to hear your thoughts on this underrated em song.

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