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Offline copy: 2023 Greatest Story on Turf Week 12

Cowboys vs. Commanders


The Cowboys demolished the Commanders. The Commanders were able to avoid turnovers longer than expected, but that’s about all I can say for the Commanders. They just aren’t in the Cowboys league.

The Cowboys are beating teams down. The question is, can they continue this against the best teams?

Winner Cowboys

Saints vs. Falcons

Best of the worst

The NFC South is the worst division in football. The leader of the division is the Saints at 5-5. This game is for the lead of the division.

Both teams were supposed to be better than they are and have coaches we are unsure of. This could be the last year for either coach. So this game can also be looked at as who will lose their job?

Prediction Saints

Panthers vs. Titans

You Are Who You Are

The Panthers and Titans have not had successful seasons. Despite trading into the number one pick instead of naturally being it, the Panthers are playing like the worst team in football. It’s late in the season now, and it's time that Bryce Young shows some flashes. All year, Bryce has ranged from bad to average. We saw that the offense was much better with Andy Dalton at the helm, so it is a matter of experience. It’s time to see some development from Bryce Young. The Titans are a bad pass defense. Can he exploit that?

Fellow rookie QB Will Levis is on the other side, and he’s already flashed more than Bryce, but he also has better weapons. He’s had some bad games, too, and right now, it feels like all three Titans QBs have looked bad behind center. But the QBs aren’t supposed to be the driving force of this team. Derrick Henry is supposed to be the driving force of the Titans. The Panthers are a bottom-tier run defense. Can Henry take advantage of that, or is he washed?

Prediction Titans

Bengals Vs. Steelers

The Beginning of a New Era

For the Bengals, the new era is a sad one. They have lost their franchise QB, Joe Burrow, for the season. This season is also the first year of Joe Burrow being the highest-paid QB in the league. Now the Bengals turn to their backup, Browning, who has very little experience. Is the Bengals season over, or can they make playoffs regardless?

The Steelers, on the other hand, are ecstatic about their new era. Matt Canada is finally gone as the offensive coordinator, and it’s like a black cloud has lifted from over the franchise. The Steelers are still very much in the playoff race. However, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. The Steelers still have to execute on offense. The Steelers need to prove that it was Matt Canada and that that was the problem. There will be no excuse for underperforming players now.

Prediction Steelers

49ers Vs. Seahawks


It’s gotta be frustrating for the Seahawks that the 49ers so utterly outmatch the 49ers. The Seahawks are actually a good team, but they are not on the 49ers level. The Seahawk's best chance at beating the 49ers is being patient and waiting for the 49ers to beat themselves. You saw it at the Thanksgiving game.

The 49ers were having their way with the Seahawks all game, and then Purdy threw a tipped interception that got returned for a touchdown, and then the Seahawks started roaring back. The 49ers got themselves together and then took the reigns back and finished the Seahawks off. The 49ers are just on a different level.

Winner 49ers

Rams vs. Cardinals

Another Clash

The Rams and the Cardinals have a salty history. The Cardinals were embarrassed by the Rams in the playoffs on the way to a Super Bowl victory in 2021. The Rams also kept the Cardinals out of the 2020 playoffs by beating them even though the Rams had nothing to play for.

The Cardinals have been able to beat the Rams before, but it’s clear that the Rams have had the upper hand. Is that still true?

Prediction Rams

Giants vs. Patriots

We’ve Got the 08 Super Bowl At Home

This game is way more interesting than it should be. A few weeks ago, the Giants looked dead in the water, but they made a splash against the Commanders. The Patriots and the Giants are both very bad and traditionally, I’d say a third-string QB going up against the Patriot's defense was toast. But today’s Patriots aren’t yesterday's Patriots.

Plus, this isn’t just any Giants team, either. Belichick disciple Brian Daboll coaches the Giants. These coaches know each other well, and the Giants are more talented than the Patriots. Can the Patriots still execute the Patriot way, playing clean offense and great defense, or will the Giants be repeating Super Bowl history?

Prediction Giants

Dolphins vs. Jets


The Jets have moved on from Zach Wilson to Tim Boyle. The move makes no sense, but they figured they had to do something because their offense is painful to watch. But it didn’t help, and for the second year in a row, Hackett is attached to a new, exciting team and is punishing the NFL for giving them prime-time games. Boyle was worse than Zach Wilson. The Jets offense barely registered a pulse all game. Jets fans should be furious with the organization for allowing their QB position to fall in the hands of Wilson and Boyle instead of going to get someone before the trade deadline.

On the other side of the abysmal Jets offense is the amazing Dolphins offense. The Dolphins were able to go up and down the field, and the Jets couldn't compete. But Tua struggled in this game. Tua threw two picks in this game, and he threw a lot of interception-worthy balls last game. The Dolphins haven’t been punished for their sloppy play on offense yet, but the games only get more important from here. If the Dolphins don’t get the offense back on track, their flaws will rear their ugly head in the most inopportune moment.

Winner Dolphins

Chiefs vs. Raiders

Evolve or Die

The Chiefs seemed to have changed into a defensive team. In the last game, they lost because the receivers didn’t show up, but that wasn’t just bad luck. They don’t have good receivers. That’s going to happen as a result. The Chiefs rely on defense to close games, and when that doesn’t happen, they most likely won’t win.

The Raiders are energized by a new coach and are playing much better. However, one of their best players, Max Crosby, won't be playing, and they were already not that great a team talent-wise. Can the Raiders pull out an upset over the Chiefs, or will the Chiefs stomp them like they usually do?

Prediction Chiefs

Lions vs. Packers


The Packers are starting to click. Jordan Love is looking good, and the team is playing better. This is more of what I expected to see from the Packers. I expected Love to play clean football and do well with solid pieces around him and excellent offensive coaching.

The Lions are not what I expected. This game was worse than the Bears game, and not just cause they lost. Goff was terrible again, but he didn’t battle back as well, and as the Packers showed, decent teams won’t allow those last-second comebacks. Also, the Lions defense was awful. Jordan Love got whatever he wanted against the Lions. Packers went into the Lions house and whooped their ass. Lions need to ring the alarm bells because if they don’t shape up, they are in serious danger of choking.

Winner Packers

Bucs Vs. Colts

The Expendables

Two renegade QBs jettisoned from their original franchises, fighting for another chance to be the guy. Baker could be the guy for the Bucs. I certainly think he has been great for them, and they have been great for him. He’s playing some of the best football of his career, but he has to get the results if he wants this landing to stick.

Gardner Minshew won’t be the guy for the Colts cause they have an excellent rookie QB coming back, but he could be the guy somewhere. Gardner used to be the guy for the Jaguars, and that former starter stamp doesn’t leave you. Minshew has been excellent for the Colts this year. But only one QB can come out on top and make their case to be the guy again.

Prediction Bucs

Bears vs. Vikings

Where Are You Going

This game is critical to each team's future. The Vikings are trying to keep a playoff spot and sweep the Bears in the division. Josh Dobbs is trying to prove he deserves to be a starter. Justin Fields is trying to prove he’s the Bears' franchise QB. Matt Eberflus and Getsy are trying to prove they are competent coaches.

Last Week, Justin Fields played an excellent game against the Lions and should have pulled off an upset against the Lions, but some coaching errors in the fourth quarter cost the team the game. This week, the Bears are outmatched against the Vikings in offensive and defensive coaching. Can they overcome that? Who’s hopes will come crashing down in this game?

Prediction Bears

Browns Vs. Broncos

Improbable Run

Both teams have made big trades to get a franchise QB, and both have had their struggles. The Browns have lost Watson to a season-ending injury, as well as Nick Chubb. The Broncos were terrible last year, but now they are making a playing-off push and have four straight wins. The Browns are on a 3-game winning streak and are 7-3. Both teams are trying to hold onto their playoff hopes and keep their season alive. Who’s momentum will come to a screeching halt, and who will keep rolling?

Prediction Browns

Ravens vs. Chargers

Everything You Are Not

This game is a very interesting match-up. Lamar Jackson and Herbert are opposites. Lamar Jackson is a one-of-a-kind QB, and despite accomplishments like a Heisman, Unanimous MVP, and Playoff victory, people still question whether or not he can even play the position. Herbert, on the other hand, doesn’t have either of Lamar’s accomplishments, and he’s never won a playoff game. Yet, people prop him up as one of the undeniable best in the league because he’s a prototypical QB who throws a pretty ball.

Lamar has an excellent defense. Herbert has an underachieving one. Lamar had very little receiving talent till this year, and Herbert has always had great playmakers around him. When it was time to get paid, Herbert was paid top dollar immediately. Lamar had to negotiate for a year and go through the non-exclusive tag before he got the money he deserved. Now we get to see them play head to head. Who’s really better?

Prediction Ravens

Eagles vs. Bills

Prove Yourself Everyday

Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen will play each other for the first time. They both have similar stories because they are both QBs with athletic abilities who were doubted when they came to the league and turned out to be franchise guys. There are some differences, too. For example, Josh was supported by his organization through his struggles. The Bills kept Josh as their starter when most thought he was a bust. Jalen, on the other hand, has been constantly questioned.

Despite going to the Super Bowl, people questioned if Hurt's 2nd team all pro year was a fluke. Meanwhile, Josh Allen was cemented as one of the best QBs in the league after an overtime loss in the divisional round to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Now, the Bills looked to have missed their Super Bowl window while the Eagles have leaped ahead as the leading favorite to win this year's Super Bowl.

Also, Josh Allen has struggled to take care of the ball in his career, whereas Hurts has excelled at taking care of the ball and leading an explosive offense. But on the other hand, Josh leads the league in TDS. Will Hurts show that he has left Josh in the dust and march on toward a Super Bowl, or will Josh outplay him and prove that his Super Bowl window isn’t closed just yet?

Prediction Eagles

Jaguars Vs. Texans

Who’s Time is It

This game is similar to a playoff game. The Texans have a chance to steal the AFC South. The Texans already beat the Jags once, and if they do it again, they will take control of the AFC South, and they will own the tiebreaker over the Jaguars.

Like last year when Trevor Lawrence beat Justin Herbert in the playoffs and leapfrogged ahead of him, this is the chance for CJ Stroud to leapfrog Trevor. Only one of them looks generational, and it's not Trevor. However, Trevor still has the opportunity to stop Stroud, put him in his place, and show the world it's not CJ’s time yet.

Prediction Texans


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