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Raw Rundown

  1. New Day beat Bobby and Mvp

The New Day is on a roll. I loved seeing four black wrestlers in the main event in a compelling feud. Also, I think this was the perfect course of action to give some credibility to the New to back up their thought talk. Xavier Woods gets revenge for Hell in the Cell. Kofi has beaten Bobby twice, and it makes sense that New Day would have the upper hand in Tag team action.

2. Americas Moist wanted

I loved the match between Richotet and Morrison. Once again, they had a match full of creative and exciting spots. Also, I love how Miz has been the perfect manager for Morrison; he gets him over he is entertaining and effective. Morrison picked up the win this time, and I'm very excited to see what he does in MITB.

3. AJ vs. Riddle

Riddle has been on fire all year, and he didn't stop this week. He is playing his role perfectly, doting on the mysteriously missing Randy Orton. Also, he keeps having awesome matches. This week he fought through a relentless attack from Aj on his already injured foot. Also, The Viking raiders returned and cost AJ the match. This advanced their story with Aj and Omos but also kept heat between RKBro and AJ and Omos.

4. Woman's 8 woman Tag

I have mixed feelings about this match. On the one hand, I liked it because all these women have their own storylines going, so it's cool when they come together. However, I think Nikki Cross taking the loss was a bad choice. She was undefeated since returning. Why did she need to be the one to take the pinfall in that situation?

I did like that Eva Marie seems to be leaning more into her Heel role. Now she is even pissing off the Heels. Also, this is the third time Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss have teamed up. I wonder If they have plans to put them back together. They were the best team to hold the tag titles.

5. Mansoor vs. Ali

To me, this is the perfect undercard feud. It has two superstars I like. It also has a complex, compelling story with tons of potential this is the kind of feud that sneakily creeps up the card. I love the angle of Ali using tough love to help Mansoor avoid the pitfalls he fell into. It seems like he gets to be the leader he wanted to be in Retribution.

6.Lucha House Party wins.

Some people might dislike this result, but I'm not one of them. I think Lucha house party needs to win at times, or else beating means nothing. Also, they really haven't done anything with extinction, so it's not like it ruins their momentum.

7. Rhea and Charlotte Heel off

This segment is last because it barely makes the cut. Charlotte faked an injury, and Rhea faked one too to show she sees right through her, and that was creative. However, nothing changed; nobody really got the upper hand. Personally, I think this feud should be Rhea's redemption story from Wrestlemania 36 instead of an awkward Heel vs Heel story. However, I'm trying to focus on what they are doing and not what they should be doing.

What Didn't Matter

  1. TAg team handicap singles 24/7 title match

This part of Raw was reserved for everyone they were doing wrong. Nobody cares about Elias and Ryker stop doing this match, especially when Elias will leave every time. Also, poor Shelton Benjamin from Tag team Champion with the hurt business to jobber to losing to Cedric in an interesting undercard feud with Cedric to being a 24/7 title extra. Cedric, despite winning the feud, isn't better off. He was squashed by Ryker, who has no momentum. It was all bad.

2. Jinder vs. Drew

I think basing this off of text messages was weak as hell especially given all their history. Also, ending their match in a DQ was even weaker and didn't help anyone. I would have rather Jinder's goons beat Drew up before the match so they could have a good match and Jinder could even go over.

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