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Smackdown Rundown

1.Sami Zayn vs. Ko

This was a PPV quality match on free tv. As Rob would say, it seems like every time these two fight, it's a blood feud. Sometimes that gets stale, but in this instance, Smackdown was definitely better off for it. Ko surprisingly slew Sami and is advancing to MITB even though many people thought he would be taking a break.

2. Bianca Bel-air and Bayley

As much as I hate the fact that this feud is continuing, I must admit that I like the idea of an I quit match. Bayley won't be able to come back after, and I quit match. She will be out of excuses and finally out of the title picture, and Bianca can move on. Who would you like to see Bianca face after Bayley?

3. Superstars on a roll

Edge is on a huge roll. He continues to look like a deranged mad man. He took out Jimmy and sent a strong message to Roman. Liv Morgan is also on a roll getting more time to cut promo's, and she just can't stop winning. She is making a huge push for MITB. Otis beat the hell out of Dawkins again, and he is starting to enter monster heel territory.

4. Corbin

Week two, and I'm still really enjoying Corbin's character. This week his car got repossessed, and we learn he has lost a lot of money. Corbin being down on his luck makes him a sympathetic character, and I'm very interested to see where this going. Maybe he can team with Sami Zayn, who will convince him that he is a victim of Sami's same conspiracy.

5.Zelina Vega

Happy to see Zelina Return. I don't really like have they brought her back, but they protected her as much as they could in the match she lost by having Liv, the babyface cheat. Regardless I'm glad she is back. I hope she continues to wrestle in the woman's division, and she manages Cesaro.

What didn't matter

Aspects of the Corbin Feud

I don't see how we are supposed to cheer for Nakamura? Boogs and the new king have stolen from Corbin and beat him up two on one, and kicked him when he was down. They are the heels in this scenario. Also, I hope they don't turn Corbin being down on his luck into a joke. It could be a good dramatic story. Having him lose because he was distracted by his car being taken was hokey and comedic in a bad way, in my opinion. What do you think?

Sonya and Pierce

Liv should already be in the money in the bank. It makes zero sense that she isn't. She has now gotten two wins over Smackdown women who were just given the opportunity. Also, Seth should be in front of Edge in line. Edge had his shot he lost. Seth won at hell and the cell and beat Roman's last contender, and asked first. What makes these choices by the officials so bad is they aren't meant to be heels, so we are supposed to look at them as unbiased officials just doing their job, but Sonya and Pearce have shown themselves to be anything but that.

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