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The Greatest Story on Turf: Conference Championship

2. Bengals vs. Chiefs

Burrowhead or Arrowhead

In the regular season, the Bengals beat the Chiefs for the third time in a row. The Bengals started off the season in rough shape, and the Chiefs balled for 90% of the season. Regardless of how it looked at times, the Bengals and Chiefs have ended up in the same place. Arrowhead or Burrowhead for a conference championship game. Both teams have been talking trash back and forth.

The Bengals have trolled the Chiefs because the Chiefs have never beaten them. The Chiefs have said that they aren't impressed by anything the Bengals do. The Chiefs seem very zoned in and ready to put the Bengals in their place. This is a crossroads for both teams. If the Chiefs win and go to another Super Bowl and even win, they are once again the unquestioned champs. The Bengals are the only team that the Chiefs can't beat, and they want to get that monkey off their back.

The Bengals want to go back to the Super Bowl and finish what they started. If they go back to another Super Bowl, they prove not only are they here to stay, but they are the top dogs in the AFC. Also, what would people say about Burrow if he tied Mahomes in Super Bowls and he was undefeated against Mahomes? The Bengals are tired of being underrated, and the Chiefs are tired of people pretending they aren't the unquestioned best team in the game.

The Bengals come into this game with all the momentum. The Bengals are the defending AFC Champs. The Bengals are the hotter team. The Bengals have the better roster. In one year, the Bengals have reversed their luck from underdogs to favorites.

The Chiefs come into this game as an underdog, which is rare. Mahomes and Kelce are nursing injuries. The Chiefs only beat the Jaguars by seven, and they have never defeated the Bengals. I can't rule out Mahomes winning this game because he is a remarkable player who seems to always to find a way. However, I believe it's unlikely that Mahomes will be able to overcome the odds. If Mahomes wins, this will be one of the biggest wins of his career. That would mean he went to a Super Bowl without Tyreek Hill and beat a better roster that was undefeated against him while nursing a sprained ankle. Legendary. If the Chiefs win, they will reclaim their dominance in the AFC. If the Bengals win, they will be playing in back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time in franchise history. The Bengals would then become the 13th franchise to play in back-to-back Super Bowls. The twelfth team is Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs. If the Bengals win, they would have beaten the old guard and defeated the top QB in football for the last three years in route to possibly winning a Super Bowl. They will be taking the Chief's spot as the top team in the AFC for years to come. It's either going to be another moment in the era of the Chief's dynasty or the beginning of the Bengals dynasty.

Prediction Bengals

1. Eagles vs. 49ers

NFC Avengers Endgame

This game should be incredible. This is probably the most talent on opposite sides of the ball that there has been all year. It's super team vs. super team. For the 49ers, Brock Purdy is so close to making history and becoming the first rookie QB to win a Super Bowl or even start in one. However, he faces his greatest challenge yet. Brock Purdy is playing well; make no mistake about it. However, he is so insulated by the players around him that it's tough to evaluate him. Quiet as kept, Brock hasn't played particularly well in either playoff game, but the defense showed up and showed out. Brock Purdy missed some big throws in his first playoff game, and in the next playoff game, he didn't even score any points. Brock will be the least insulated in this game because the Eagle's roster is just as good. Will Purdy hold up? If he doesn't, will Kyle be blamed for getting close and not winning again?

On the Eagle's side, their roster is primed to win. Jalen Hurts went from being doubted as someone who couldn't throw and hadn't won a playoff game to playing at an MVP level and playing in the NFC conference championship. Jalen has a chance to break the myth that running qbs can't win the Super Bowl. The Eagles should win because they have the edge at Qb. It's a race between Hurts and Purdy to make history. Who's going to make it?

Prediction Eagles


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