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The Greatest Story On Turf Conference Championships 2024

 The Greatest Story on Turf Conference Championships 2024

Conference Championships 2024, the story of every game delivered to you every week, counting down to the most interesting game, complete with predictions.

2. Lions vs. 49ers

Class Classic

49ers Deebo Samuel

In one corner, we have the 49ers, a traditionally great franchise with a storied winning history. In the modern NFL, they have been to the Super Bowl many times but have yet to win it all. This is the 49ers ' fourth NFC Conference championship game in five years. The 49ers have been called the Avengers because they have such a stacked roster.

Lions Celebrate on the field

In the other corner are the Lions, a historically bad franchise whose last playoff win before this year was in the early '90s. The Lions weren't supposed to be this good. Detroit is where players go to die, but this Detroit team has never said die, and they have scratched and clawed their way to the top. The Lions are on a magical run but can't count on making it here again. They may never reach these heights again, so they have to make it count. They got one shot, and they don't want to miss their chance to blow.

The 49ers also need this. Sooner or later, the Avengers will age out and become too expensive. How long can the 49ers really keep playing at a high level? If the 49ers fail to get it done again, all their positive momentum and expectations will cave in on them and shift to blame for yet another season that fizzled out at the top. Can the 49ers get rid of this upstart franchise and enter their names in the history books as one of the great 49ers teams and coaches, or will the hunger and unrelenting drive to win of the underdog Lions be too much to overcome?

Prediction Lions

1. Ravens vs. Chiefs


Patrick Mahomes Chiefs

The Chiefs have fought against all the odds to make it back to the conference for the fifth straight year. The years may change, and teams may look different, but one thing you can count on is the Chiefs making the conference championship game. The Chiefs are chasing a dynasty. Patrick Mahomes is hot on Tom Brady's trail, but one thing he still has yet to win back-to-back Super Bowl Championships. The last time he tried, Tom Brady himself stopped Mahomes. Brady has retired, but a new challenger has emerged.

Lamar Jackson Ravens

Lamar Jackson is a unanimous MVP and the most talented QB in the game today. He is chasing his first-ever Super Bowl. But Patrick Mahomes isn't the only one chasing history. Lamar Jackson is trying to become the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl as a running quarterback. QBs like Lamar are often dismissed, asked to change positions, and called runningbacks. Lamar Jackson is ready to change the game and the narrative for running QBs everywhere, but first, he must go through the pinnacle of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The story of a legend is being told in the Ravens vs. Chiefs game, but whose story is it?

Prediction Ravens


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