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The Greatest Story on Turf: Super Bowl

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Chiefs vs. Eagles


Patrick Mahomes will be making more history as one-half of the first-ever Super Bowl Game between two black Qbs. Mahomes has won the NFL's MVP award, and if he wins this game, he will be on a short list of guys who won MVP and Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes will also be on the shortlist of active Qbs with multiple Super Bowl wins. Since Patrick Mahomes entered the league, tons of talented qbs have come, and yet Patrick Mahomes has risen above them all. What more does the top dog have to prove?

Well while most Qbs dream of being in Patrick's position and reaching the mountaintop, Patrick and the Chiefs know it's even harder to maintain greatness.

The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, they were embarrassed by the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Goat Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs need to prove that their loss to the Chiefs was, in fact, a fluke. Mahomes and the Chiefs need to cement themselves as the unquestioned best team in the NFL, and they can do it with a win this Sunday. Also, the Chiefs need to prove they can win the big one without Tyreek Hill. Hill made the biggest play of the Chief's Super Bowl win in 2019. Can they get it done without him?

Andy Reid, who accumulated the most wins of any Eagles coach ever, was fired after having his third losing season in 13 years. Andy Reid was with the Chiefs the very next year and even came back and beat the Eagles badly. However, the Eagles are not some relic left behind in time. Since getting rid of Andy, the Eagles won a Super Bowl and did it against the team Andy couldn't beat, and they won the Super Bowl before Andy did. Ten years later, we are going to see who really got the best of the breakup. Will it be Andy Reid proving he should have never been let go by getting his second ring at the Eagle's expense, or will it be The Eagles proving they didn't need Andy by winning their second Super Bowl at Andy's expense?

On the Eagle's side, they have so much more to prove. Despite earning the right to be called the overwhelming favorite based on their play, the Eagles and Jalen Hurts are always disrespected. As a black dual threat, Qb Jalen Hurts has endured racism and unfair skepticism his whole career. He understands he isn't going to be given anything, and his entire life has prepared him for this game. All of the scrutinies have only taught Jalen how to tune out the hate and rise above the criticism.

If Jalen wins the Super Bowl, it will mean a lot more. Jalen Hurts will be setting an example for a generation of young Qbs. Jalen Hurts will show young mobile Qbs, and specifically, the black ones, that you can rise above the hate and achieve success at the highest levels. Hurts will dispel the myth that Dual Threat Qbs can't win Super Bowls.

Teams take on the personality of their Qbs. If The Chiefs win, it's another notch in their belt, more history for the top-dog team.

If the Eagles win, it's historic, and not only will Jalen Hurts be vindicated, but the Eagles will be. The 49ers and other people sitting at home, like many prominent media figures, have been throwing shade on the Eagles and what they accomplished this year. If the Chiefs lose to the Eagles, then it will prove the Eagle's entire team was exactly who they said they were.

The Eagles are a team of underdogs. AJ Brown winning shows how stupid the Titans were to get rid of Brown. How foolish it was for people to say that DeVonta Smith was too small to play in the NFL. A win on Sunday would show that not just Travis but Jason Kelce deserves credit for being an absolute beast on the field. A win would prove you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Many people doubted the Sirianni hire and made fun of him for flubbing an interview, and now he has a chance to beat Andy Reid for a Super Bowl Trophy. The Eagle's defense is made up of tons of players from other teams who didn't want to pay, like James Bradberry, who sent his ex-team, the Giants, packing in the playoffs. Hurts has the chance to go from a Qb who was unfairly questioned as a franchise Qb and prospect because of his playstyle to becoming Super Bowl MVP. An Eagles' win would be huge for them and underdogs everywhere.

I think these two teams are too talented for this to be a blowout, but I think The Eagle's ability to rush the passer and run the ball will give them the edge.

Prediction Eagles


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