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The Greatest Story on Turf Super Bowl 2024

Chiefs vs. 49ers

Rematch of the Century

Chase Young 49ers

The Chiefs and 49ers met again in the Super Bowl. Despite the Chiefs being the reigning champions and the winner of the original matchup, they were the underdogs going into the game. Despite the Chiefs finding ways to win all year and the 49ers being the overwhelming favorite, the game was dead even. This was truly one of the greatest Super Bowls of the 21st century. The 49ers held the Chiefs down the entire first half and even sacked and picked off Patrick Mahomes and stripped Pachecho in the red zone. The Chiefs defense was just as stingy. Chief's defense completely shut down Deebo Aiyuk and Kittle. The Chiefs stripped Christian McCaffery of all people, and Chris Jones accounted for at least three ruined TDs. Special Teams showed up, too. Moody set a record for the longest kick in Super Bowl history, and then Harison Buckner broke that record in the same game. Both teams kept pinning each other in bad positions, which increased the intensity of the defensive battle.

Brock Purdy

The Chiefs' special team has a bit of an edge because they were able to recover a fumble off the 49ers' leg to set their team up for one of its only tds, and the Chiefs blocked a extra point, which was the difference in 49ers win, or overtime. Brock Purdy lost the Super Bowl, but he earned a contract. Brock Purdy was completely poised. The moment wasn't too big for him, and he was dealing. Purdy took care of the ball lead scoring drives and found a way to get it done. You might look at the boxscore and think it wasn't impressive, but watching Purdy play that championship Chiefs defense in real-time, you will see he did everything he could to win that game, and if he hadn't been playing Patrick Mahomes, maybe he would have.

Juan Jennings

Juan Jennings also deserves a shoutout. He is the second player in Super Bowl history to throw and catch a touchdown, and if Chris Jones hadn't disrupted the pass, then Juan Jennings would have caught the game-winner and been Super Bowl MVP. Christian McCaffery had 30 touches and 80 yards on the ground and through the air, and he scored the touchdown that gave the 49ers the lead. Patrick Mahomes, Kelce, Pacheco, and Rice showed up, too. Patrick Mahomes never lost his composure, and every time the Chiefs just had to have it, Mahomes went and got it. Mahomes never lost his composure, never lost his belief that his opportunity would come and they would win. Wading through that 49ers defense may be Mahome's best Super Bowl achievement yet.

Kelce and Reid

Kelce started off slow, but he got fired up and got some more opportunities and playoffs. Kelce started burying the 49ers. He started off like Kittle with one catch for not much and ended up with nine catches and 93 yards. Rice was consistent throughout and emerged as the number RECIEVER on the team. It took a long time to see, but it seems the Chief's bet that Rice could grow into the Juju role was well founded. Pachcheco was devastated after his fumble in the red zone, but he showed real mental toughness and played even better than before that moment.

Mecole Hardmen wins

Also, you can't forget Hardmen, who showed us that anything is possible. He went from bragging with Tyreek about winning a Super Bowl with Tyreek to them both being shipped to the AFC EAST to Hardman getting the chance to come back to the Chiefs for a playoff run. Even then, Hardmen fumbled multiple times in the playoffs, and it didn't look good, but in this game, it was a different story. He had three catches for 57 yards and the walk-off TD. It's incredible going from off the roster to winning the Super Bowl for the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes wins

Andy Reid showed there was a clear gap between him and Kyle this game. Andy Reid clearly made adjustments that allowed the Chiefs to get the offense going and win the game in the second half. He even called Corndog again to win the Super Bowl. That final play is Andy scheming a wide-open walk-off game-winning touchdown. This is the biggest win of the Chief's run. Back to Back wins certifies them as a dynasty. This is also one of their greatest runs, knocking off Tua Tyreek and the Dolphins, Josh Allen and the Bills, Lamar MVP Jackson and the Ravens, and the 49ers and being seemingly less talented than all those teams. Andy Reid has cemented himself in the goat conversation, and Mahomes is still on the path to Brady.

Kyle Shanahan loses

Kyle Shanahan should have a lot to answer for after this loss. People are criticizing him for deciding to take the ball in overtime, which wasn't even the issue. The defense was gassed, and it was probably the right decision. However, you must go for it in the red zone once you do that. You're either going to score or pin the Chiefs deep in their own territory. If you can't convert a possible game-winning TD and let the Chiefs drive down from inside their own ten, you deserve to lose anyway.

Steve Wilks fired

Plus, how can you not talk to your players about overtime? 49ers players coming out and admitting Kyle didn't prepare them for the moment is a large indictment.

In the aftermath of the loss, Kyle has seen fire and scapegoat Steve Wilks. Picture this: before the game, someone tells you the defense will hold Patrick Mahomes to 19 points in four quarters and only 3 in the first half. Your defense will pick off Mahomes, and Purdy won't commit any turnovers all game. Would you guess that the 49ers would lose that game?

Brock Purdy loses

You had a different defensive coordinator and QB when you lost a ten-point lead and the Super Bowl last time. You didn't have the best running back in football back then, either. Not to mention that Kyle was on the wrong side of the worst Super Bowl choke job in Super Bowl history with Atlanta. At what point do we stop and look at Kyle Shanahan and say he may be the problem? The 49ers have provided him with an amazing defense plus an amazing offense, which includes future Hall of Famers, the OPOY, and an MVP candidate. Yet, somehow, Kyle allows the defense to take Deebo Aiyuk and Kittle out of the game. When the 49ers needed a scheme to put their best players in a position to play, where was Kyle? Shanahan walked in with the advantage in most of the matchups on the field, and even QB to QB. He had the MVP candidate and the guy who didn't give the ball away. How much more does he need?


It was a PAT that was blocked, not a FG. The weak point of the team is the o-line and that was why they lost in addition to the muffed punt. McCloud messed up big time but escaped criticism completely. Shanahan should have had some draws, screen passes, and misdirection plays to take advantage of the Chiefs blitzes and pursuit. He is not a big game coach and needs to up his game, but he has built a team that’s gone to 4 championship games and two Super Bowls so unless we can get some one better, let’s give him a chance to improve.

Replying to

McCloud could have recovered that ball but I think he’s escaped criticism because it bounced off the other guys leg and that was a sudden change he wasn’t expecting. Kyle has built good teams but it isn’t just him that does that. Team construction is about the GM as well. Also they have had one of the best rosters if not the best for years. Do you think another coach would win with this team?

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