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The Greatest Story On Turf: Week 12

15. Patriots vs. Titans

Storyline: Vrabel Comes Back Home

Vrabel is coming back to play his old team, the Patriots, with his new team. Remember the surging Titans sent the Patriots packing in the playoffs before Brady left the Patriots forever. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. The Patriots are surging, and the Titans have a bare talent cabinet. Will the Patriots kick the Titans while they are down and claim the AFC? Or will the Titans shock the NFL again and find a way to win?

Prediction Patriots

14. Raiders vs. Cowboys

Storyline: Confidence Game

This game is between two teams going the opposite way. For the Raiders, they are trying to hang around and sneak into the playoffs. They are at a crossroads at 5-5, and a win over the Cowboys could galvanize the organization and be the turning point of their season. The Cowboys don't have their entire season on the line at this point. However, in perception, a lot is on the line. The Cowboys have earned respect this year and differentiated themselves from past teams. However, if they lose to the Raiders, they lose their mystique and people might wonder if the Cowboys are Cowboying again.

Prediction Cowboys

13. Lions vs. Bears

Storyline: Nagy's Last Game?

There is a rumor going around that Nagy will be fired after the Lions game. Whether it's true or not doesn't matter. The fact that a rumor like this is even circulating at such a high level should have Nagy coaching for his life. Nagy is backed into a corner. It's time to see whether he will respond with a job-saving performance or if the Lions get their first win against a vulnerable Bears team.

Prediction Bears

12. Giants vs. Eagles

Storyline: Joe Grudge Match

Joe Judge complained about the Eagles throwing their last game last year and costing the Giants a playoff game. The Eagles did this by sitting Hurts. Well, now Hurts is the starter, and he looks great. Can the Giants beat the Eagles and get revenge for last year and control their own destiny? Or will the Eagles just keep on rolling right through the Giants?

Prediction Eagles

11. Washington Football Team vs. Seahawks

Storyline: Are the Seahawks Done?

Nobody would have predicted that Washington would enter this game with a better record and offense than the Seahawks. The Football Team is on hot streak, they are surging. The Seahawks, on the other hand, look terrible. They aren't just losing, they are losing badly. They don't look in sync, and it seems like they can't execute on offense. This is their game to determine if this is who they are or if they were just in a rut.

Prediction Washington Football Team

10. Chargers vs. Broncos

Storyline: Showdown in the Wild AFC West

The Chargers could take back the division with a win here. Not only that, but they could push their division rival Broncos under five hundred. The Broncos, on the other hand, could take the Chargers spot with a win. There is a lot on the line for these two loaded rosters. It should be a good matchup.

Prediction Chargers

9. Bills vs. Saints

Storyline: Falling Stars

The Saints are a team that just keep finding a way to win. However, the injuries have been piling up, and the Saints are losing their luster. On the other hand, the Bills have just been choking mainly because they won't run the ball. Everyone knows they are one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. However, they haven't figured it out yet. Right now, the Bills are sleeping giants. Is this the week that Bills wake up, or will the Saints get back on top?

Prediction Bills

8. Ravens vs. Browns

Storyline: Lamar vs. Baker

Two QBs, who are in the same division, from the same draft class are both looking for contract extensions this year. Lamar has had to deal with sickness and the enormous amount of injuries to the Ravens. Baker has had to deal with injuries to a few key players and himself. Lamar is the better QB, but Baker has the better roster. Who will take the first showdown?

Prediction Ravens

7. Falcons vs. Jags

Storyline: Somebody Has to Win

The Falcons and Jags are two teams that other teams have abused in the last few weeks. However, I imagine now that they are playing each either it should be more competitive. Whoever can get their offense going first will take the game.

Prediction Jaguars

6. Dolphins vs. Panthers

Storyline: Cam vs. Tua

Cam is a guy who people have hated on and questioned, and now after being wrongly let go, he is back. He has breathed new life into the Panthers offense. Tua is another QB who has been doubted, but now he is on a three-game win streak. Will Cam reclaim his name against the Dolphins? Or will Tua make his name against the Panthers?

5. Jets vs. Texans

Storyline: Tank Bowl

Two 2-8 teams face off this weekend, but the loser of this game will probably benefit more than the winner. Whoever loses will most likely have a better draft position. However, the temptation to win has never been greater. Rarely do these two teams get a chance to play someone on their level. This game should be competitive.

Prediction Texans

4. Viking vs. 49ers

Storyline: Crossroads

Two teams at 5-5 and trying to climb back into the playoffs. These are two talented teams that lost their way early on, but who seem to have course-corrected. I think this game will come down to who can win the battle on the ground and control the pace.

Prediction Vikings

3. Steelers vs. Bengals

Storyline: Battle of the North Rematch

The last time these two teams played, the Bengals trounced the Steelers. However, since then, the Steelers have been getting better, and the Bengals have gotten worse. The Bengals offense just isn't as explosive as it should be. However, the Steelers defense is explosive and healthy.

Prediction Steelers

2. Packers vs. Rams

Storyline: Who's For Real?

Both of these teams have faltered this year. The Packers lost to the Vikings, which cast some doubt on how good their defense is. The Rams took two embarrassing losses before the bye and are looking to bounce back. Both teams want to bounce back, and the Rams would love to spoil the Packers season as payback for the playoffs. Also, OBJ chose the Rams over the Packers, and now we get to see a direct test of if he did the right thing.

Prediction Rams

1. Colts vs. Bucs

Storyline: Brady vs. Wentz

Wentz had to watch Foles and Brady spar in the Super Bowl. Finally, Wentz gets to take on Brady himself. Will Wentz be able to continue his revival and Colts revival, and beat the defending champs? Also, can the Bucs beat the Colts? The Colts are much better than the Giants. The Colts are going to put pressure on the Bucs. Will they be able to withstand it? Can the Bucs defense shut down Jonathan Taylor? Can Brady beat the defense that shut down Josh Allen?

Prediction Bucs


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