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The Greatest Story On Turf Week 13

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

13. Jaguars vs. Bengals

Cat Fight

Trevor Lawrence Etienne

The Jaguars are in a great playoff position. They are number three in the playoffs. The Jaguars are just looking to maintain their momentum. The Bengals season is most likely over. Joe Burrow playing through injury set the Bengals back, and then Burrow getting hurt set them back even more.

Jake Browning Throw

On the other hand, the Bengals' defense looked really good against the Steelers. Plus, the Bengals are in the playoff bubble. A couple of things go their way, and they are right back in a primed position. So if they play spoiler for the Jaguars, then there could be some spoils for them down the road.

Prediction Jaguars

Panthers vs. Bucs

Not the Worst

Mike Evans runs

The Bucs are playing the worst team in the league. The Bucs are on a two-game losing streak, but that should end against the Panthers if they can just avoid being the worst. If the Bucs can be better than the worst team in the league, they should be fine.

Frank Reich Panthers

It sounds like an easy task, but Frank Reich just got fired. Nobody knows what to expect from the Panthers offense. Maybe the Panthers were being held back by Reich. Maybe Bryce and the Panthers come out firing on all cylinders. After all, they just need to not be the worst team on the field for one Sunday to get another victory. Can a new coach turn the Panthers around?

Prediction Bucs

Falcons vs. Jets

Flying Low

Falcons TD Celebration

The Falcons are only in the playoffs right now because the NFC is guaranteed a spot. But props to the Falcons because they have proved to be the best of their lot so far by coming through when it matters. This will be an interesting test for them. The Falcons' offense isn't particularly amazing on a normal day, but now the Jets' defense is coming to town. Can the Falcons find a way through the Jets' defense?

Nathaniel Hackett Jets

The Jets have been a horrible platter topped with terrible suck sauce. Hackett's offense was painful to watch with Zach for a while, and Tim Boyle somehow made it worse. The Falcons have a good defense, but if the Jets can lean heavily on Breece Hall and avoid turnovers, then they should be able to win. But can they do that?

Prediction Jets

Rams vs. Browns

Clawing and Scratching

Joe Flaco Browns

The Browns currently hold the sixth spot in the playoffs in their hand, but they have to fight with everything they have to keep it. The Browns are trying to hold themselves together with defensive glue and make it back to the playoffs. Joe Flaco will now be starting for the Browns after another Browns QB goes down with an injury. The Browns could do worse than a former Super Bowl champion QB. Can Flaco climb back to the top of the mountain with another AFC North team?

Donald LA Rams

The Rams are in the NFC playoff bubble. They are a dangerous team. All they need is a chance to get a ticket to the playoffs, and then, who knows? Everything the Rams want is within their grasp. But if you have post-season goals, you need to be able to take advantage of a week where your opponent has to start a QB off the street.

Prediction Browns

Chargers vs. Patriots

Secret Wars

Chargers Justin Herbert

I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but as everyone who has chosen Herbert in fantasy knows, he struggles against the Patriots. Herbert has played the Patriots twice in his career, and he was unable to put together a 52% completion rating in either game, and he threw two interceptions in both games. Most importantly, Herbert has never beaten the Patriots in his career.

Bailey Zappe

The Patriots don't have much to play for, and they don't have many opponents that they have an edge over in this season. However, they do have an edge on the Chargers. Will the Patriots pull off the upset and remain undefeated against Herbert, or will Herbert finally get a win against the Patriots?

Prediction Patriots

Steelers vs. Cardinals

Weird Super Bowl Rematch

Kyler Murray

The Steelers beat the Cardinals in the 2009 Super Bowl with a classic catch by Santonio Holmes to end a great game. This will most likely be nothing like that, but It's fun to think about how these franchises have changed over time. The Cardinals are nowhere near Super Bowl contenders. In fact, they have a good argument for the worst team in the League this year. The Steelers are definitely not the 2009 Steelers, but they have a lot of talent and are chasing the Ravens for the lead in the division.

Robinson Harris Pickett

The Steelers made some improvements on offense in their win last week against the Bengals, but they need to do even better if they want to compete on a high level, and if they can do it, Arizona is the team to prove it against. But make no mistake: the Cardinals are one of the hardest-playing teams in the League. They will beat you if you give them a chance. So, will this be the Steelers taking another step towards contention or a shocking upset?

Prediction Steelers

Saints vs. Lions


Saints helmet

The Saints and Lions are backsliding. The Saints have tons of talent on both sides, but it just isn't clicking for whatever reason. It has to be coaching because the team is good enough to run this division. I don't know what's gone wrong with the Saints in these last few weeks, but their defense seems marketably worse, and the offense hasn't picked up the slack.

The Lions suddenly forgot how to be the Lions. Goff isn't dealing and taking care of the ball. The defense is getting burned alive, and it feels like they have lost their identity. The Lions need to get it together. Every NFC North team has played well against the Saints, and most have beaten them. One of them did it with a backup QB. Who will bounce back in this game?

Prediction Lions

Packers vs. Chiefs

Kick Them While They Were Down

Mahomes Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes has apparently never played in the Packer's home stadium, and while it makes an interesting headline, it will not make much of a difference. Mahomes has played in hostile and cold environments that won't be a problem. The problem is that the Chiefs offense hasn't been very good. The Chiefs offense struggles to catch the ball and score in the second half. Those are important elements to winning football games.

Jordan Love Packers

Jordan Love is coming off maybe his best game as a pro. The Packer's offense is coming together and making a playoff push. However, the Chief's defense is very stingy, and they will expose Love if he's not for real. This game is about two great franchises in a down period. The Packers are in their first year after Rodgers. If you are going to get them, then get them now while they are weak. The Chiefs are playing uncharacteristically pedestrian on offense. If you are going to get them, you better get them now while they are weak. Who will take advantage of the moment?

Prediction Chiefs

Colts vs. Titans

Level One Boss

The Colts are lowkey the hottest team in the AFC South. The Colts have the biggest win streak at three wins in a row. They are behind the Jaguars in wins, but they haven't given up on the chase. However, if the Colts want to get after the Jaguars, then they need to beat the Titans. The Titans are the worst team in the division, but they still have enough firepower to spoil anybody's day. Can the Colts make it past the Titans, or will the Titans drag the Colts down?

Prediction Titans

Broncos vs. Texans

New Frontier

It's a weird year in the NFL. New teams are emerging, and 13 weeks into the season, the MVP race is wide open. Russ has a shot at the MVP because he has a great TD-to-INT ratio, 20 TDs to 4 interceptions. The Broncos are on a big winning streak right now, as well. Russ is looking to be playoff-bound and finally doing what the Broncos organization got him to do.

CJ Stroud has been amazing this year. He has been the catalyst for this losing organization to spurn back into relevancy, and Stroud has looked like the best QB in football many times. Both the Broncos and the Texans are in new eras. However, the Broncos are led by Super Bowl-winning Coach and QB Payton and Wilson, while rookie QB and Coach Stroud and Ryans lead the Texans. Who will come out on top?

Prediction Broncos

Commanders vs. Dolphins

1st World Problems

The Dolphins and Commanders are in very different positions. The Dolphins are at 8-3 and completely control their division. Their challenge is to shut down teams like the Commanders. The Dolphins are tasked with shutting down the Commander's high-flying offense to show that they can do that against better teams and play an explosive, clean offensive game, which the Dolphins have not done in a while. The Commanders, on the other hand, just want a win. They want a win by any means necessary. The Commanders only have four wins all season and have lost 3 in a row. They need to win. Can they get that win against the Dolphins?

Prediction Dolphins

Seahawks vs. Cowboys


D.K Metcalf

What a game. Everyone surprised me in this game. The Seahawks played way better than I expected them to. Even though they didn't win, they did show that they have a higher ceiling on offense than previously thought. This is a team that can go shootout with other teams. It's not fun to hear, but the Seahawks were the Seahawk's biggest problem. They got a big lead, and their own mistakes cost them that lead. However, that's good news as well. The Seahawk's problems are correctable, and they have the talent to win at a higher level.

The Cowboys are a mixed bag. The defense was getting burnt all night. Yeah, they tightened up and got the interception and crucial closeout play, but their credibility has taken a major hit. It was previously thought that the defense was one of the best in the League and that no matter what, the Cowboys could always count on the defense being great. The Cowboys defense wasn't great against the Seahawks. The offense played tremendously. The offense is the real deal, but the defense might not be as good when they play better teams.

Winner Cowboys

Eagles vs. 49ers

Grudge Match

49ers Brock Purdy

Last year, many people thought Purdy would be the first rookie QB to win the Super Bowl. However, all that ended when he got hurt in the conference championship game. The 2022 NFC Championship game was a nightmare for the 49ers. Every one of their QBs got hurt, and they had to sit there and watch as the Eagles ripped away their Super Bowl hopes, and there was nothing they could do about it. The game was over way before it ended, and the 49ers were furious. They tried to fight the Eagles, and the tension has only grown since.

Jalen Hurts Eagles

The 49ers have been talking shit ever since that game saying they would have won if Purdy had played. The Eagles have been hearing all their talk, but just like last year, the Eagles are doing better than the 49ers. The Eagles are 10-1, the number-one team in the League. Still, the Eagles are underdogs in their own stadium. Despite everything the Eagles have done, the world seems enamored with the 49ers and that roster. So, the Eagles have something to prove to the 49ers and the world. They need to prove they are the undisputed best team in the League right now, and they would have gone to the Super Bowl no matter what. For the 49ers, it's the opposite. The time for talk is over. They finally get to take all of that anger and heartbreak out on the Eagles. Were the 49ers robbed last year, or are the Eagles just better than them?

Prediction Eagles


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