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The Greatest Story on Turf Week 16

16. Commanders vs. Jets

Battle of the Undead

Commanders Jacobe

Both the Jets and Commanders are two teams forced to go on their own even though their seasons are already dead. After a brief flicker of life, the Jets' souls were crushed by an injury to Zach Wilson and a 30-point loss. They will be playing the Commanders, who have finally moved off Sam Howell and put in Jacobe Brissett. Will Jacobe make a difference for the Commanders? Can the new QB, Trevor Siemian, stay upright and get a win?

Prediction Commanders

15. Giants vs. Eagles

LVL 1 Boss

The Eagles were once soaring high, but now they are falling out of the sky. But this Giants game will show just how far they have fallen. Daboll is a great coach, the Giants have a good defense, and Devito has played well, but we know the Eagles severely outmatch the Giants. The Eagles are way more talented and should be able to blow the Giants out. How the Eagles play the Giants will tell us all we need to know about them.

Prediction Eagles

14. Saints vs. Rams


The Saints got close at the end of the game, but the game wasn't close. The Rams have an alright defense led by Aaron Donald, and they were able to stall out most of the Saint's important drives. The Ram's offense, on the other hand, is the star of the show. The Rams have found some young stars and built back up to a competitive team faster than expected. If the Rams make it into the playoffs, they could go on a Super Bowl Giants-type run.

13. Chiefs vs. Raiders

One Man's Practice is Another Man's Season

The Chiefs have dominated the Raiders over the years. It is better for football if the Raiders were better against the Chiefs, but they just aren't. The Chiefs have been struggling lately, and they can use this game to try some things they may not try in other games, like benching Kadarius Toney. But the Raiders are hungry. They are coming off a game where they scored 63 points, and a win over the Chiefs would make their entire season and get their interim coach hired full-time. Will the Chiefs get it right, or will the Raiders get one over?

Prediction Chiefs

12. Packers vs. Panthers

Upset Loading

The Packers have shown they have a decent team with a decent QB, but the full ceiling of both is still unknown. The Packers need to win out to have a winning season, and their first of three games against the Panthers should be a cakewalk. Except for the fact that the Panthers aren't coached by Frank Reich anymore, and the defense is healthier and better than people think. Plus, Bryce Young just got the second win of the season. Could Bryce be putting it together and growing into more of a threat?

Prediction Panthers

11. Bills vs Chargers

Fear of the Unknown

The Bills are a rollercoaster. One minute, they are beating the pants off the Cowboys, and the next, they are getting their shirt taken by the Jets. But the Bills have been on a sustainable roll since they shifted offensive coordinators. However, the Chargers are a trap game. The Chargers have a talented roster with a new coach and a new approach that nobody has seen yet. Will the Bills be ready for whatever the new Chargers throw at them, or will they fall prey to the trap game?

Prediction Bills

10. Brocnos vs. Patriots

Any Chance

Sean Payton

The Broncos still have a chance to make the playoffs and finish this comeback story they have been telling all season. But if Sean Payton and the Broncos want their comeback story, they will have to pry it from the emperor of the evil empire, Bill Belichick. Bill is rumored to be out after this season, and a loss here would probably help the Patriots get a great draft pick. But Bill is extremely unlikely to give a damn about that. Especially when the Patriots have been playing with more fire, and Bill Belichick can get one step closer to the all-time coaching wins record. Which coach will be adding to their legend?

prediction Broncos

9. Titans vs. Seahawks

Comeback Season

The Dolphin slayer Will Levis is questionable to play against the Seahawks, and if he doesn't, former Dolphins QB will get to come back and make the start and try to get something going. Drew Lock just got an emotional comeback win over the Eagles last week, but now it looks like Geno is healthy and ready to make his comeback. There are a lot of potential comeback stories in this game, but only one can come true.

Prediction Seahawks

8. The Colts vs. the Falcons

The Edge

Gardner Minshew

The Colts are on the edge of glory. They are currently holding the seventh playoff spot, and they could take the division depending on where the AFC South cards fall this weekend. The Falcons are on the edge of elimination and have turned back to Taylor Hienicke to save them. Can Taylor Hienicke put his Commander's cape on and take another losing team to the playoffs, or will the Colts continue charging toward the crown of the AFC South?

Prediction Colts

7. Bengals vs. Steelers

Must Win

Mason Rudolph Steelers

The Steelers are playing for a lot more than the playoffs. The Soul of the Pittsburgh Steelers is on the line. For once, the culture seems to be eroding in Pittsburgh. People are questioning if Mike Tomlin should be the coach, and his record of never having a losing season is on the line. Achieving that record could save Pittsburgh, but they have to beat the Bengals, who need to beat the Steelers to hang on to their miraculous playoff birth. Who will overcome, and who will succumb?

Prediction Steelers

6. The Jaguars vs. The Texans

The Florida Bowl

Baker Mayfield bucs

The Jaguars and Bucs are both playoff teams and division leaders holding onto their divisions by a thread, one false step away from having to navigate the wildcard wilderness. The Jaguars need their defense to be the strength of their team because Trevor Lawrence is in concussion protocol. The Bucs certainly have the advantage, and if they can capitalize, they can extend their playoff-making streak to four years in a row. Who will hold on?

Prediction Bucs

5. Bears vs. Cardinals

Futer Endeavers

Justin Fields Bears

The Bears and Cardinals game is about more than just a win or a loss this season. Justin Fields and the Bears' coaching staff are competing for their jobs. Their livelihoods are on the line. The Bears clearly outmatch the Cardinals. There is no excuse for them to lose this game if they want to keep their jobs. The Cardinals won't go down easy; ask the Cowboys and the Steelers. But a Bears win would even benefit the Cardinals because they can conceivably get the number one pick in the draft.

Prediction Bears

4. The Browns vs. Texans

Old Dogs

Myles Garrett

In a retro matchup, Flacco will most likely be facing off against Case Keenum of Minnesota Miracle fame. Case showed he still had some magic in him last week against the Titans, but the Browns are much better than the Titans. The Browns have been through a gauntlet of challengers and beaten a majority of them. The Brown's defense chews up and spits out QBs on the regular. Their QB Flacco has been having a career revival, carving up teams left and right. The Browns have a very easy remaining slate of games. The Browns are so close to a high seed in the playoffs they can see the finish line, but the Texans are one leap away from a playoff spot. Who will make the leap, and who will falter at the finish line?

Prediction Browns

3. Lions vs. Vikings

Biting Kneecaps

Jared goff

The Lions struggled for a bit but made a statement against the Broncos. The Lions crushed the Broncos in a game the Broncos really needed for their season. So far, the Lions have been dominant when they play teams out of the NFC North, but this week, they have to play the former Kings of the North, the Vikings. The Vikings are barely holding onto a playoff spot, and they will be biting the Lion's kneecaps to keep it. Will the Lions be able to kick them off?

Prediction Lions

2. Cowboys vs. The Dolphins

Big Time Bowl

Tyreek Hill Dolphins

The Cowboys and Dolphins are among the league's most exciting teams. Dak and Tua have been MVP candidates this year, but these teams also share negative traits. The Dolphins and Cowboys have looked normal next to the best teams in the league. The Cowboys haven't beaten a good team on the road, and the Dolphins haven't beaten a good team. The Cowboys' defense is talented but faltering, and the Dolphins' defense has been good since the return of Ramsey. Who will overcome their weaknesses and rise to the occasion as a Super Bowl contender?

Prediction Dolphins

1. 49ers vs. Ravens

Super Bowl Preview

Lamar Jacksons

The two best teams from bowl conferences are duking it out to show who the best team in the NFL really is. Both teams have elite defenses and 2023 MVP candidates. Brock Purdy and the 49ers are undefeated when healthy, and Lamar's Ravens have never lost to the 49ers in his career. In fact, Lamar has only ever lost to one NFC team. These two MVP candidates will take on each other's elite defenses to grab the NFL crown. Also, if Purdy loses to Lamar, many will make the case that Lamar beat him with less. Purdy has the clear lead in the MVP race, but could Lamar Jackson steal it at the last moment?

Prediction Ravens


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