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Wrestlemania Rundown

Updated: May 8, 2021

Reverse Hipster' Night One

Bobby Vs Drew 8.5/10 B

I thought it was a great idea to show this match first. It set the tone for the night. I was very impressed with Drew and Lashley; they told a great story in the ring from the opening bell about two hulks fighting for supremacy. Each competitor was trying not to give an inch and establish dominance. They kept the physicality up, and they had a decent pace to the match. It never got too slow. The finish shocked me. I was sure Drew would break the Hurt lock. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I think having Lashley keep the belt was the right choice. The knock I have on this match is that they could have a few closer calls and reached some higher peaks before ending the match.

Tag Team Turmoil 8.3/10 B

I was excited for the tag match, and I feel it delivered. My big knock on this match is that there were some sloppy moments and miscues. The biggest one being the nip slip by Dana that led to their elimination. Still, I thought everyone did a great job overall. They got their stuff in, and everybody had a moment. I was super excited to see Billie kay and Carmella. I love them as a tag team.

Dana and Mandy came in and had their moments in the ring, and set social media ablaze. The Riots squad ended up being MVPs in the match. Lana and Naomi got their stuff in, and they were cheated, so they did not look that bad for losing. Tamina and Nataya did great. They were physical and worked well as a unit even though they had to adjust to the Riot squad on the fly. I think they were the correct winners for this match-up.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro 8.9/10 B+

Seth Rollins and Cesaro were great. They were fast-paced. They were innovative. They did some things I had not seen before, which is precisely what I wanted from a Cesaro Seth match. I loved the 360 frog splash, and I loved the stump reversal into the uppercut. Also, the rope spot where Rollins flipped up and then Cesaro caught him in a neutralizer was fantastic. The transitions were so smooth between these two, and they were very creative. I think the right person won. My only problem with this match is that I think they needed a little more time to make it classic.

New Day vs Omos and AJ 7.8/10 C+

I liked seeing the New Day wrestle heel. I also think WWE accomplished what they wanted. They made Omos and AJ champions, and they convincingly beat a name tag team in the New Day. However, because WWE did not do the work to build AJ and Omos as a threat, the entire program rested on the shoulders of this match, and I do not think it entirely delivered. Omos dominated New Day, but he did not earn that type of domination over one of the greatest tag teams in WWE. I would have liked the match a lot better had they really let the teams go crazy, even if it was the same team winning.

Braun vs Shane 7.8/10 C+

I did not like how much offense Shane got in on Braun. I did not like him standing in front of Braun and boxing him down even if Bruan was injured. This match was entertaining, even though I did not care for the feud. They had a few cool spots like Braun ripping open the cage and Braun throwing Shane off the top of the cage.

Bad Bunny and Miz and Morrison 9.1/10 A

I did not see this match coming. Bad Bunny killed it. He was everywhere doing tandom suplexes with Damien Priest and diving off the top and hitting Canadian destroyers. Bad Bunny is one of the most remarkable celebrity guests ever. He almost stole night one. Kudos to Miz and Morrison for their continued ability to do anything they want and get it over. I was on the edge of my seat for this match, and when Miz lost, I was not even upset Bad Bunny, and Damien Priest earned it.

Sasha vs Bianca 10/10 A+

This match lived up to the hype. I watched this match twice, once with no sound, once with the sound off. It was excellent both times. One thing that struck me right away was the physicality. These women were trying to take each other's heads off. Sasha yanked Binaca around by her long hair like a rag doll, and she was stomping the crap out of Bianca and choking her with her own hair. I honestly believe that there was nothing off-limits to Sasha in her attempt to keep her belt.

Bianca gave as good as she got using her hair as a whip to gash Sasha. She took advantage of the size difference and threw Sasha around in the most impressive ways deadlifting her in the air multiple times before suplexing Sasha and walking with Sasha over her head up the steel steps in a gorilla press and hitting a 450 splash on Sasha. However, Sasha would not give up putting Bianca in the bank statement and kicking out repeatedly until Sasha fell to the Kod. In the End, Sasha passed the torch to Bianca and gave her the best match of her career.

Rob’s Night One Grades

1. Non-wrestling segments

I’m not going to rate all of these segments because they were so up and down, but I wanted to talk about them a little.

I loved the improvised promos during the rain delay, and I was surprised by whom they chose. The New Day and Kevin Owens made sense, but I was surprised to see Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman improvising. Mostly, the result was good. I think it was a great indicator that WWE should go unscripted more often.

WrestleMania does not need to have hosts. Most of the time, the hosts don’t add anything to the show. The Hulk Hogan/Titus O’Neil duo felt like a tone-deaf pairing, considering Hogan was fired in 2015 for racist remarks. My personal favorite “you can’t write this” moment was the production team cutting to a white guy in the Washington Redskins shirt clapping for Hogan. The fans in Tampa Bay literally booed Hogan, and I hope the WWE is listening. I’m glad O’Neil got a position to be in front of fans, but the host segments did nothing but kill the mood of a live crowd excited to watch WWE wrestling for the first time in more than a year.

Contrastingly, promo segments with Bayley were amazing. I’m glad WWE acknowledged that she was one of the biggest stars left off the show this year, and her character leaned itself perfectly to being obnoxious about it. Every time she talked, she shined, and it was a good way to pass the time between matches. Likewise, the Hall of Fame segments were good. It was nice to get the classes from the last two years in front of a live crowd. It was a great use of the two-night format to honor the classes of 2020 and 2021.

I was most surprised we didn’t see a 24/7 title segment, but I’m okay if it meant we got more time for big matches at the show of shows. Also notably absent was Becky Lynch, who teased her involvement in Night One on Twitter. I don’t like these sort of troll promotions because it was just upsetting that she didn’t return, and I spent most of the night wrongly predicting when she would be involved. If she had returned, it would have been upsetting that it wasn’t a complete surprise. WWE would be wise to put some guidelines around this sort of promotion on Twitter.

2. Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

These guys delivered on what we thought they could do as the two heavyweight bosses of Monday Night Raw. Usually, I’m not a big fan of opening with world championship fights, but it made sense considering the depth of matches on the two-night card and return of live crowds for the biggest show of the year. After a rain delay, I teared up, watching the live crowd give an ovation to Drew McIntyre. McIntyre has been the guy on Raw for the past year, so it’s crazy that he hasn’t gotten recognition from live fans that whole time. Considering what we’ve seen both these guys do, I feel like they met expectations, but they didn’t do much more than that for a WrestleMania match. I was also surprised that Bobby Lashley won with no big babyface win to open the show. I’m happy for Lashley, who has had a short reign so far and is just starting to unleash his full potential in a veteran career. But I’m a little upset for McIntyre, whom I guess will have to wait another year for a babyface win in front of a live crowd.

Final Grade: 6/10 Above Average

3. Women’s Tag Team Championship Contender Match

As much crap as I give the booking of the division, the women’s teams deliver in the ring. There were some messy and rushed spots, but overall, this was entertaining. I was surprised that Lana and Naomi didn’t look that strong, considering the attempts to book them as a team. The Riott Squad looked better than they have all year, and I loved it. I think they are the strongest team in terms of working together in-ring. They would have been my pick to win this match, running the gauntlet as babyface underdogs and going on to face monster heel champions. Still, it made sense that Natalya and Tamina won, as WWE has put the most effort into booking them as a team. Even though this was fun, it suffered from a lack of time. As such, I think it may have been better if it was on WrestleMania SmackDown. For what it was, though, everyone involved did a good job.

Final Grade: 5/10 Average

4. Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

Expectations are a tricky thing. Two great wrestlers get a singles match at WrestleMania, and instantly, they’re on a shortlist to steal the show. If they don’t, it’s a little disappointing. I’m not sure how that impacted my rating for this match, but I know it did. Seth Rollins came out to a new theme, which was upsetting for me. I love his original burn it down theme, and every time they change a wrestler’s theme unprompted, it only seems to weaken their character. Rollins and Cesaro started out fast, which was an early indicator that this match wasn’t going to be the slow-build instant classic I wanted it to be. WrestleMania did a good job with pacing, so we didn’t end up with two nights of five hours of wrestling, but I would have preferred that if it allowed matches like these to shine more. And let’s get one thing out of the way- Cesaro did NOT swing Seth Rollins 23 times. Watch the same spot in the ring and prove me wrong, but the crowd counts based on time, not on full rotations. Still, they did a good job with solid technical wrestling and many high spots in a short amount of time.

Final Grade: 7/10 Good

5. The New Day vs. AJ Styles and Omos

I can’t express how much I loved seeing Big E announce the New Day again in front of a live crowd. The New Day’s ring gear was fire. Good ring gear always adds to a big fight feel. This match was maybe the most interesting match story-wise of WrestleMania. The New Day fought almost as heels, isolating AJ Styles in their corner with great wrestling. It proved their point that they were the better team at working together. When Omos came in, the atmosphere was cataclysmic. The New Day looked like the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War when they realized Thanos was going to win. Omos looked absolutely unbeatable in the way he dominated the New Day, and I’m torn. In one way, it was an amazing story, and it builds intrigue to who can possibly beat Omos in the future. On the other hand, it felt disrespectful to the best tag team of our generation. I’m not sure they should be beaten that easily by anyone, no matter how monstrous. I’m interested to see where the Raw Tag Team division goes from here, so this gets a cautious thumbs up from me.

Final Grade: 7/10 Good

6. Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman

I think we all knew where this was going. We sat through an awful feud so that we could watch Shane McMahon fall off a high thing at the show of shows. It was genuinely embarrassing for Braun Strowman that he got outsmarted by McMahon in a feud where McMahon repeatedly called him stupid. McMahon made Strowman look bad at the beginning of this match. Even though he got the jump on him with weapons, McMahon was dominating Strowman, who dominated Elias and Jaxson Ryker leading into this feud. I’m only commenting on this to point out how bad the feud was to this point. McMahon looked way better than he needed to, and Elias and Ryker should be treated as the least credible members of the roster in kayfabe. It makes no sense that Elias and Ryker were still on McMahon’s side after everything he put them through.

Still, I found this match more gripping than I could have anticipated. McMahon starting with a sneak attack, put them on more level ground. There were awesome spots with Elias and Ryker trying to help McMahon and Strowman destroying them. Strowman ripping the cage to pull McMahon back in was one of the coolest cage match spots maybe ever. And, of course, the bump McMahon took from the top of the cage was brutal. Was it worth everything we went through? Probably not. Strowman didn’t even come out on a train after WWE invested in sound effects on last Raw, but it was fun for what it was.

Final Grade: 6/10 Above Average

7. The Miz and John Morrison vs. Bad Bunny and Damien Priest

This was the match of the night to this point. The bunny entrance proved that Miz and Morrison are the kings of committing to a bit. They are willing to get something over at any cost, even if it means they are the butt of the joke. Bad Bunny had the best entrance of the night, coming in on a semi-truck and looking like a star. The entrance and way he carried himself made me wish that Bad Bunny was around as a WWE superstar all the time. The action in the ring backed that up more than anyone could have anticipated. The story of the match was amazing too. A cocky Miz challenged Bad Bunny to start the match, and he fell into the trap. Except, the action showed that Bad Bunny was the one laying the trap. I knew Bad Bunny was training for this match, but, oh my god, this is probably the best celebrity ring work we have ever seen. Bad Bunny was genuinely athletic, committing to striking attacks, Lucha libre moves, falcon’s arrow, a crossbody to the outside, and a freaking Canadian destroyer to top it off. Miz and Morrison sold their asses off to make the offense by Bad Bunny credible, breathtaking, and a spectacle worthy of WrestleMania. This would have been the talking point of night one if it were not for the next match.

Final Grade: 8/10 Great

8. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair

SmackDown felt like they largely forgot about booking the story for this match, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the hype package. Instantly, I was drawn back into the spectacle of the match promised when up and comer Bianca Belair won the Royal Rumble and challenged the standard-bearer of the Women’s division Sasha Banks. Banks and Belair performed the WWE main event style perfectly. This match was historic for two black women to be the first women to main event WrestleMania in a singles match. They took a moment at the beginning of the match to soak it all in before starting the match hot. They had amazing high spots like Banks diving to the outside of the ring and Belair catching and carrying her back into the ring as a feat of strength. Banks continued her great submission psychology, wearing down Belair for the Banks Statement and using her hair as a tether between them. My only complaint is the pacing of the match was kind of off. It was a little too fast at the beginning and too slow in the middle. Just when they picked the pace back up, the match ended. I would have liked to see them go at that pace a bit longer. Other than that, this match was perfect. Belair diving to the ropes to break up the Bank Statement, the sequence on the top rope ending in a 450 splash, Belair using her hair as a whip for the first time since NXT (the sound it made was sickening), and the reversal sequence ending with the KOD for the win. The title win for Belair was the sort of babyface win made for WrestleMania. WWE production tried to do their best to ruin it cutting to fan reactions, including Belair’s Dad, who almost hopped the barricade and got grabbed by a security guard. But the shots of Belair winning and Banks smiling on the outside posted on Twitter after the match made me genuinely tear up. This was the best match of night one and lived up to every promise of a historic WrestleMania main event.

Final Grade: 9/10 Amazing

Reverse Hipster Night Two

The Fiend vs Orton 6/10 D-

This match was so upsetting. I should have known bullshit was afoot when I found out Randy and Bray were fighting in a regular match instead of a Firefly Funhouse match. They already did that, and it did not go well (Wrestlemania 33). Certainly, they would not do this to Bray again, right? Certainly, they would not have Bray get burned alive and not get revenge. Wrong, Bray lost in a short unremarkable match to a Rko again. After having this big entrance and looking like a rockstar, it was a total dud. I do not know who at WWE needs to hear this, but Randy Orton is a made man. He has beaten Bray at every turn. He does not need to beat Bray anymore! Also, the Randy Orton and Bray feud's blowoff ruined the entire feud and started the night off terribly. I hate to have to say this about a Bray match, but it was all theatrics and no substance, just like the feud with Randy. I was hoping their match could save it, but they did the opposite of that.

Women's Tag Championship 8.2/10 B

This match was actually pretty good. It just had the wrong result. I think there was a major missed opportunity. The way they wrestled, this match was great Tamina, and Natalya had hope spots but were overwhelmed by the champions. However, this match seemed like it was built for Natalya and Tamina to come back and win eventually, and when they didn't, it capped the potential of the match. Nia and Shayna are great champions, but it was time to pass the tag belts on. It just seemed like having Nia and Shayna win after all those hope spots worked against what they were building to.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens 8.6/10 B

This match was good, not great. I was very disappointed we did not get to see the documentary. Also, this match did not feel like the end of the feud. It felt like the beginning. There was no dramatic finish to Zayn's madness, and I do not feel like either man changed the other in this match. At Wrestlemania, I want to see a resolution. However, it looked like they just roped Logan Paul further in the feud. The in-ring action was impressive, and it always will be with these two, but they needed more time to get to the level we were expecting from them.

Sheamus vs Riddle 9.5/10 A

This match stole night two. It was everything I wanted when I first saw them cross paths on the Raw Rundown. Sheamus and Riddle continue their trend of having great matches. This match was so much better than it had any right to be. Riddle and Sheamus were absolutely destroying each other. It was like a car crash, and you just could not look away from the carnage. The highlights were when Riddle hit Sheamus with a seismic toss like backflip belly to belly suplex off the top rope and when Sheamus hit the Brogue kick on a backflipping Riddle to win the u.s title.

Apollo vs Big E 7.5/10 C

Once again, they achieved the story component, but the action was lacking. First off, there was really no point in the Nigerian drum fight stipulation. It just seemed like a street fight, and the drums did not play a massive part in the match. I do not mind the ending, I guess because Commander Aziz interfering protects both characters, but I wish Big E and Apollo had more time to build to a better climax.

Rhea vs Asuka 8.4/10 B

It was a pretty solid match. I loved how aggressive Asuka was. She was all over Rhea, not letting her get an inch all match. She had a reversal for everything Rhea had. Rhea, on the other hand, looked dominant and strong as well. She really dominated Asuka at one point, trapping her in the body scissors while slapping Asuka while applying more pressure. I was also super impressed by Asuka's DDT to the outside. It looked brutal. My only knock is that the transitions could have been smoother. It appeared Rhea had some trouble lifting Asuka several times. Also, I wish Asuka could have been knocked out cold for the pin to make both superstars look a little stronger.

Roman Vs Daniel vs Edge 9.3/10 A

This match was pretty exciting. It was not the best triple threat I had ever seen, but it was pretty damn good. Highlights were Edge and Bryan almost getting Roman to tap simultaneously with a piece of steel. Edge spearing everything in sight and Daniel hitting the knee and then hitting Roman with the yes kicks. Reigns hitting the conchairto and stacking the bodies before a pin.

In retrospect, I get why WWE gave Roman the win. Edge is a Hall of Famer, and Daniel already won his belt at WrestleMania 30 in a triple threat. So the writers figure Daniel and Edge do not need this victory. So they used it to elevate Roman to Brock Lesnar's level. It is a credit to Edge and Daniel that we did not see it coming. However, I do not love this choice because Roman has headlined Wrestlemania multiple times. How much stronger does he need to look? Is he not a star already? However, despite my personal feelings, it was a thrill ride of a match, and Roman's dominant win will help the face that beats him next year.

Rob’s Night Two Grades

1. Randy Orton vs. the Fiend

Look, as negative as I seem sometimes, I don’t get off on giving below-average grades. I didn’t give one below-average grade on night one. In my mind, as long as both wrestlers are trying and put on a decent match, independent of a bad storyline going into the match, who am I to say it was below average? This was clearly meant to be a spectacle, but I have to give it a below-average grade. First, I don’t think this match ever should have happened. Randy Orton burned the Fiend alive. Where do you go from there to top that? Orton and Fiend have been absent on Raw for the past couple of weeks going into WrestleMania, so they did nothing to rekindle their feud. It wasn’t even a new feud for WrestleMania. Orton and Fiend already had a notably bad spooky match at WrestleMania 33 just four years ago.

I loved Orton’s ring gear, and the Fiend had a cool entrance in what Michael Cole described as a “box-like structure”. It was a box, Cole. That’s about where I stopped liking this match. The Fiend revealed in his entrance that he isn’t keeping his burned look, which I thought was a cool and unique evolution of his character. He used his magical healing powers to go back to something more resembling his old mask. Orton and the Fiend are both kind of boring in the ring, but they did the best they could to deliver action in this match. I hate the fact that the Fiend wrestles exclusively under red lighting. I get that he is spooky, but in kayfabe, why would you keep around this creature from hell that won’t even wrestle a standardly lit match?

The ringwork did nothing for me, and the end was supposed to be a story shock because Alexa Bliss emerged from the box oozing black goo. This distracted the Fiend enough for Orton to hit an RKO out of nowhere (trademark) and pin the Fiend, even though the Fiend has been booked as literally indestructible in-ring. It’s unclear what this means for the story too. I don’t want the Fiend/Orton/Bliss story to continue, and this was too ambiguous to be a conclusion. It makes me fear for the future of the Fiend/Bray Wyatt. It seems like the downside of his creative vision is that it sometimes results in nightmarish booking like this. After the match, the lights went out, and everyone disappeared. The crowd audibly booed, and I don’t blame them. This is a terrible way to kick off the show. Maybe it would have been better in the middle of the show, but either way, it was bad as presented.

Final Grade: 4/10 Below Average

2. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya and Tamina

This was really solid in-ring, but it was hard to be invested when I wasn’t rooting for either heel team. Reginald was notably absent from this match. I’m not always a fan of his involvement, but it’s weird that after WWE has featured him so much to not even be present with his team at WrestleMania. The spots between Nia Jax and Tamina were fun, but the finish was a little messy and crowded with multiple competitors and not really knowing who the legal woman was. I hope the WWE will work on building women’s teams and storylines for the tag division. Otherwise, I’m going to continue to hold that the division is a waste of the talent involved.

Final Grade: 5/10 Average

3. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Concisely, this was the Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro of Night Two. For me, it had really high expectations because these two wrestlers are incredible. On top of that, we already know they have great chemistry. With that, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came out fast-paced with lots of high spots, but it wasn’t the long five-star match I was anticipating. The in-ring work was amazing, but it was rushed and would have benefitted from more time here. The match didn’t have much of a story, maybe because the story wasn’t all that developed, to begin with. The best part of this match was actually the stunner that Owens delivered to Logan Paul after the match. The worst part of this match was that Owens didn’t deliver on his big promise to jump off of the pirate ship. Like I said earlier about Becky Lynch, WWE would be smart to put some guidelines on their stars making social media promises they can’t keep.

Final Grade: 7/10 Good

4. Riddle vs. Sheamus

In my opinion, this should have been the opening match of the night. This was fast-paced, hard-hitting, sound wrestling from two guys that have had some of the best matches on Raw lately. This is exactly where they should be, featured in a singles match on WrestleMania. This match ended with an incredible spot where Sheamus hit a modified Brogue Kick on Riddle in the middle of a lionsault. Riddle’s run as champion was short but great, and I’m excited to see what Sheamus will do being pushed as a veteran with a new edge.

Final Grade: 7/10 Good

5. Big E vs. Apollo Crews

It was a relief to find out a Nigerian Drum Match was just a no DQ match with different weapons available at ringside. Big E had a cool entrance with Wale as a live performance. This should have been the first match these guys had instead of their no-contest at Fastlane. It was every bit as intense as their rivalry. They beat the hell out of each other with kendo sticks and brought in some crazy spots like Big E’s signature spear to the outside. The ending was kind of meh, with the former Babatunde/Dabba Kato coming to aid Apollo Crews for the win. I love how Michael Cole tried to play it off as if we’ve never seen this guy who has been signed to NXT/WWE for three years. Big E’s Intercontinental reign was short but sweet, and this definitely isn’t the end of him as a featured singles star on SmackDown. Crews’ new gimmick has paid off huge, and I’m excited to see what he will do with this momentum. This match was kind of rushed, but it functioned as a payoff of their intense feud.

Final Grade: 6/10 Above Average

6. Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley had the big WrestleMania entrance she should have had last year, with a live performance, live crowd, and pyro too. I didn’t love the live performance, and it screwed up the timing of her pyro, but it was clear WWE sees her as a star. Asuka got, well, a regular entrance. I think that’s the perfect symbol of how WWE has treated her reign.

In the ring, these two beat the hell out of each other. Most memorable was the brutal DDT spot from the apron to the outside. This was when I really noticed how tired the crowd was. These two had a good match, so it was weird to see the crowd silent. Maybe that’s also a testament to the lack of story going into this match. It was still cool to see Ripley crowned champion, knowing that it was a dawn of a new era for women in WWE: the two rookies who ended the Royal Rumble ended WrestleMania as champions.

Final Grade: 6/10 Above Average

7. Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan

This was the match I was looking forward to most, and I think it delivered. The hype package was great too. Though, to be fair, they could have just replayed the promos from Friday, and I would have been sold. Daniel Bryan entered first to pop the crowd. Edge had an emotional entrance back in front of the crowd for the first time since Royal Rumble 2020, reminding everyone what a roller coaster journey his return has been. Roman Reigns entered last with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman and made everyone wait for him, reminding us that he is the smug heel champion. This match was paced weird too, but it was the perfect sort of spectacle for WrestleMania. It started fast with interference from Uso until Edge took him out of the match with a DDT on the steps. It slowed down in the middle, but everyone played their role in this match perfectly. Bryan wrestled the hell out of this match with breathtaking dives, technical submissions, and pure underdog emotion. Edge out-charactered anyone in the WWE with his emotional return angle, manic opportunist energy, and dastardly heartless attacks with the chair. Reigns made it clear he was the guy with the way he carried himself and willingness to win this match at any cost. The double submission spot with Bryan and Edge was iconic, Bryan pulling the referee out of the ring to stop Edge from winning was incredible, and the conchairto by Edge to Bryan was the perfect way to capitalize on the foreshadowing from Fastlane and SmackDown. In the end, Uso returned again to stop Edge from hitting a second conchairto on Reigns. Reigns hit a spear and conchairto on Edge to win the match. I don't love an interference being the catalyst for a main event win, but I think it suits Reign's current character well. It was downright disrespectful to have him pin Bryan and Edge at the same time. It was just as upsetting as some of his past WrestleMania wins, but this time, it was supposed to be. I was rooting so hard for Bryan and Edge. I forgot it was even an option for Reigns to win. I'm surprised WWE went with a heel win to end their first live show in over a year, but I think the payoff could be worth it. Even needing interference, it's clear beating Reigns is the absolute mountain top of WWE right now, so when somebody does it, it's going to be crazy. For now, I have to judge this match as is. It was great all-around, kind of slow in the middle with some messy spots, but it had as many memorable moments as any main event in recent memory. The guy I didn't want to win won, but that's how it is sometimes in WWE. This was a near-perfect conclusion to the best feud going into WrestleMania. It wasn't the best match of the weekend, but it came close.

Final Grade: 8/10 Great

Reverse Hipster Overall

Sasha vs Bianca best Wrestlemania match.

Night one 8.6/10 B

Night two 8.2/10 B

Overall 8.4/10

Rob's overall

Sasha vs Bianca best Wrestlemania match

Night 2 6/10 Above average

Night 2 6/10 Above average

Overall 6/10 Above average

What's your overall for wrestlemania?

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