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11/21/21 Wrestling Rundown

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Rob's What Mattered

4. Xia Li Vignette, WWE SmackDown

Xia Li had the best produced and interesting WWE vignette since Bray. The comic-book style gave Li a more interesting angle on her character. SmackDown has been working hard to build her since drafting her high so that the debut will be a make-or-break moment for Xia Li.

3. It's Time for the Main Event, AEW Rampage

I like this segment on AEW Rampage. Mark Henry interviews both sides of the main event in split-screen view. It reemphasizes the significance of the match, and it builds anticipation in the crowd when Henry says, "It's time for the main event!"

2. Fatal Four Way, WWE SmackDown

This was a great match of four underutilized guys to fill the last spot on Team SmackDown. Ricochet absolutely shined. Every time he gets a chance to wrestle, he knocks it out of the park. How could you not want to book him more after that match? Jinder Mahal is underrated and versatile, as he held up with the other three great wrestlers. Mahal's spots with Shanky always spice up a multi-man match like this. Sheamus and Cesaro had insane wrestling sequences like we knew they could, and Ridge Holland interrupted to continue his story idolizing Sheamus and feud with Cesaro. I liked everything they did in this segment.

1. You, Me, and Big E, WWE SmackDown

I haven't talked that much about this rivalry because I've been patiently waiting to see the payoff, and this was it. All the work Xavier Woods put in to make the king of the Ring important paid off here. Even casual fans knew Woods's life goal was to be King of the Ring, so it made it that much more emotional to see the gimmick disrespected by Roman Reigns and the Usos. Woods will find a way to make his gimmick relevant again; New Day members always do. In the last segment of the night, Woods outsmarted the Bloodline to get his revenge, and Big E throwing the Usos out onto the stage made for a fantastic visual. Even though WWE largely underbuilt survivor Series, the first and last segment of SmackDown made Reigns vs. Big E a must-see.

Reverse Hipster's What Mattered

3. Darby vs. Gunn (AEW Rampage)

This match could have easily been on the what didn't matter list because of Billy's plotting style. However, I think AEW did a good job playing up the size difference between Darby and Bill. I think it made for a pretty exciting finish, where Darby was able to have a sudden burst and hit two Coffin Drops for the win.

2. Jade vs. Red Velvet (AEW Rampage)

Red Velvet lost, but she was the first person I have seen get close to beating Jade. Also, Jade is a giant athletic woman, but she looks like an amazon warrior next to Red Velvet. It was nice to see Jade can take as good as she gives. She looks unstoppable right now.

1. Roman Reigns Destroys the Crown (WWE SmackDown)

This was the most heelish moment of Roman Reigns' title run. After all the work Xavier did to earn that crown for Reigns just to destroy it and declare that Woods isn't king is beyond infuriating. This segment got me genuinely invested in seeing Roman lose at Survivor Series. Also, Xavier did a great job playing it. He is an excellent babyface. This segment was very well done. How can you not hate Roman after that?

Reverse Hipster's What Didn't Matter

3. Sasha vs. Shotzi (WWE SmackDown)

Sasha defeated Shotzi. First, I think this was a little early to have these two have a decisive match. Also, their timing was off. There was a lot of visible waiting for moves, which took me out of the match. Also, Shotzi should have cheated to win to establish her new character.

2. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus vs. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish (AEW Rampage)

Jungle Boy won the match for his team. However, the finish didn't make sense. First off, the Young Bucks haven't done a good job selling the conchairto at all. They were on both shows after the massive shot to the head at Full Gear. Also, Christian Cage's distraction made no sense. Why would Adam Cole run away from the match just because Christian appeared with a chair? If Christian even touched him, Cole's team would have won, but Cole ensured his team's failure by abandoning Fish.

1. Big E Invasion

It was nice to see Big E and Xavier working together, but if Big E was at SmackDown, why did he stay in the back while Xavier was in a three on one getting his crown destroyed? Also, a quick beatdown, where Roman gets a Superman punch in and gets away, is not enough retribution for destroying Xavier's crown.

Rob's What Didn't

3. Aliyah and Naomi vs. Natalya and Shayna Baszler, WWE SmackDown

This match was too short to be anything meaningful. I know Sonya Deville needs to do something to Naomi every week to keep this feud hot, but right now, it is in serious danger of losing its momentum.

2. Not capitalizing on momentum, AEW Rampage

AEW Dynamite capitalized on the momentum of a successful Full Gear PPV. AEW Rampage was missing that energy. Most of the exciting segments were recaps, and the main event was a slightly modified rematch from the PPV. AEW has the best chance it ever has to surpass WWE now. With WWE continuing to release talents, practice unethical business, and deliver subpar weekly shows, AEW needs to capitalize on the momentum they have and not take their foot off the gas.

1. More In-fighting, WWE SmackDown

Adam Pearce decided again that the best way to make his team more cohesive was to fight each other or their allies. When Jeff Hardy and Happy Corbin argued backstage, Pearce decided the best way to build unity was to book Hardy against Corbin's ally Madcap Moss. The main event of Sasha Banks and Shotzi makes no sense too. Why would Pearce risk either woman getting hurt or losing more cohesiveness before the showdown against Raw? The aggression in the match re-emphasized the point that it was horrible management by Pearce. Maybe that's the point, but right now, it seems like no one is paying attention to continuity on WWE booking.

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