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Top 11 Feeny Moments

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Each one of these lists has been difficult. However, Feeny's list has been the hardest so far. However, since my creative team (the fans ) has voted Feeny number one best character, he deserves eleven moments instead of ten.

11."Blast My Heart Of Gold"

In this episode, Mr. Feeny is forced to fire Janitor bud after the boys film him skipping out early. This episode was included because of how great Feeny is. Janitor Bud messed up, but he did not deserve to lose a pension he had been working towards for 20 years. Feeny led by example, showing great discernment, mercy, and kindness. Instead of just saying his hands were tied, he went the extra mile and found a way to make it right. He made Bud his secretary so he could get his pension. This choice is a colossal deal. Feeny held Bud's life in his hands, and he could have just waved his hands and let Bud go into financial ruin, but he did not.

10. "Can I knock off your head and roll it down the hallway"

In this episode, Topanga is preyed on by a professor, and Cory is almost kicked out of school for defending her. Unlike the last entry, Feeny was not in control. Cory and Topanga's fate was in the hands of dean Bolander. In this episode, Feeny learns he cannot protect the gang forever. However, that does not mean he will stop trying. Feeny went above and beyond and represented Cory at his trial, pleading for Cory and making sure he was not kicked out of school. Once again, a life-altering moment where Feeny steps in. Also, he pointed out in the trial how inappropriate Stewart had been with the students leading to him leaving the campus and thus saving Topanga and all the other students from Stewart.

9. "She's Not My Booty!"

In this Episode, Feeny and Dean Bolander finally get together. For seasons we have seen Feeny date around and try to find love and teach the children how important love was. Also, we know Feeny is a widow, and his first wife was the great love of his life. It was great to see Feeny in love finally. Also, the way Feeny won over Dean Bolander was legendary. He took a sting from a killer bee for her because she was allergic. Mr. Feeny, what a man, what a man(yes, he is).

8. "Would You Look At That!"

In this episode, Feeny challenges Shawn to get Superbowl tickets. He challenges Cory to help him and Topanga to butt out. If one of them fails, they all fail. I like this lesson a lot. Feeny was pretty much done with these kids, and he could have just passed them along and let the world teach them that they did not know everything. However, that is not Feeny. He turned it up a notch and gave them three life lessons they will never forget. Shawn learned he could do anything he set his mind to all on his own, and Cory learned he could not always help Shawn, and that is okay. Topanga learned that there are things more important than grades, like helping a friend. In this episode, Feeny showed he was one of one as a teacher.

7. " You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family "

In this episode, Cory and Shawn fight over Shawn's half-brother Eddie. This is an impactful moment because Shawn was at a crossroads in his friendship with Cory. The entire friendship could have gone a different way if not for Feeny. Shawn, who has never had as strong a family as he would have liked, had to choose between his half-brother and Cory. Shawn was leaning towards his family just because they are family until Feeny set him straight.

I loved this because Feeny is a man without a lot of family, so he knows all about the people you choose as family. This is not only impactful to Cory and Shawn's friendship but also to Shawn, who will need to trust and depend on his chosen family a lot more than his blood relatives in his life. Also, this is just a great lesson in general. You do not have to excuse the toxic behavior of the Eddies in your family just because they are family.

6. "The All Encompassing Power Of Love"

In this episode, they are reading Romeo and Juliet and Cory decides love is not for him, especially after his brother "abandons" him for it. This is one of the most impactful moments because this the episode when Feeny taught Cory the virtue of love that leads him to have one of the most epic romances of all time. Also, Feeny decided not to just punish Cory but to actually reach him and teach him something.

5. "Do You Really Think I Could Have Got You To Read That Book?"

In this episode, Feeny bets Cory he can't teach his class for a week and raise everyone's test scores. This is a top-five moment because it showed how creative Feeny was as a teacher and how dedicated he was to reaching his students. I love the unconventional approach he took to the lesson. I genuinely think this benefitted the entire class. Cory was a class clown distracting the class. Having him teach the class and have something on the line got him personally invested. Also, by having the class clown a peer get so invested in such an important topic, it impacted the rest of the class in a way Mr. Feeny could not have had if he had just done things the traditional way. Also, this experience set Cory on an eventual path to becoming a teacher. So once again, Feeny changes lives.

4. "One Tear Can Rip Even The Strongest Fabric"

In this episode, Shawn runs away, and Cory must talk him down. This is one of the most memorable lessons from Feeny. I loved it in the storyline because it established how valuable and precious the friendship between Cory and Shawn was early on. Mr. Feeny tells Shawn that his friendship is like the tapestry strong, challenging to rip apart. Shawn tries to rip it, but he cannot. However, Feeny makes one snip and then rips it apart and says that a strong friendship can be ripped about by tiny tears just like the fabric.

Shawn assumed that he didn't have to worry about Cory and all that he was putting on him, but Feeny taught him that he had the wrong mindset. This is an excellent lesson in real life also. You throw the most at the people you care for the most without a second thought because you assume your relationship can take it. However, as Feeny teaches, our strongest relationships should be handled with care and not taken for granted. This is a timeless Feeny lesson that helps to establish the most incredible friendship of all time.

3. "Are You Someone Who Gives Up Too Easily? Who Are You Going To Be? "

In this episode, Eric is fired by his dad and becomes a security guard. This episode culminates an entire season of Feeny guiding Eric and trying to help him get to college. This made the list for two reasons. One because Feeny reveals he thinks Eric is smart and that he believes in him to Eric's parents when they are at a crossroads with Eric. This episode also reveals one of Feeny's best traits he cares for and believes in his students, but he is not afraid to push them. Also, he knows how to push them to greatness.

Eric asks Feeny if he is taking the easy way out, and Feeny is blunt. He says yes, but he also reveals he thinks Eric is scared of something and that it is holding him back. Eric then reveals that he feels like a failure. He feels like he cannot reach the potential everyone sees for him. However, Feeny as his friend and mentor does not accept that Feeny challenges Eric to rise to the occasion. Feeny asks him if he is someone who gives up too easily? Whom does he want to be? Eric answers the call to action. He buckles down he does his best and gets a good score on the SAT. He thanks Feeny for telling his parents he was smart. Cory, Shawn, and Topanga also thank Feeny in this episode for pushing them through their SATs. This episode exemplifies why Feeny is the best; he believes in his students. He guides, nurtures, and challenges them to their fullest potential.

2." I Guess That's What I Get For Picking A Pretty Girl To Be A Tutor"

In this episode, Eric gets a tutor to pass a test, but the tutor would rather give him the answers than help him study, and he has a choice to make. This a great Feeny episode for many reasons. Firstly, Feeny shows Eric that he believes he is smart and capable of more than even Eric realized. It is this belief in Eric that starts the gears that will eventually change his life. This is a lightbulb moment for Eric, thanks to Feeny.

Secondly, I love that Feeny called the tutor out to teach her lesson. He says I guess that is what I get for hiring a pretty girl to be a tutor. When ms Hart(no relation) is rightly offended, Feeny lets her know that is how Eric felt. It did not matter that she found Eric attractive it was not flattering because she was using his looks to undervalue his mind. This is the same fight Tory had to fight as a pretty girl, so how could she turn around and do that to Eric. I love that Feeny was able to teach that lesson on the spot.

Lastly and most importantly, Feeny shows mercy. Eric admitted to cheating on a test. He could have gotten in big trouble for that. However, Feeny sees that he has learned his lesson, so while he is fairly punished with summer school, he is not overly punished. Also, the punishment is not pointless overly harsh. It gives him a chance to earn his grades and be the man he wants to be. Tory also could have gotten in a lot of trouble for providing test answers. However, Feeny sees that Tory has learned her lesson, and she gets another chance he does not write her off. This is what makes Feeny great he is not trying to aimlessly punish kids and be a prison warden. He is trying to reach the kids and make sure they learn their lesson and are able to self-correct.

  1. "Your The Kid It Was Always About You"

In this episode, Shawn's father gets a job as a janitor at his school. I love this Feeny lesson. Shawn asked Feeny to fire his dad because he was being bullied, and he was embarrassed. Mr. Feeny tells him that if that is what he really wants, he will do it. He tells Shawn that it is his choice. So for a day, Shawn holds his father's future in his hand, and he has to decide. In the end, Shawn realizes how selfish he is being and begs Feeny not to fire his father. Feeny says sure before revealing that he was never going to fire Chet.

I loved this because once again, Feeny took to the time to teach a lesson, and he reached Shawn by taking a creative approach. When Shawn had to decide, he had to think about this carefully and think about more than just himself. Also, Feeny and Chet have not ever really got along not since day 1 of them meeting. However, Feeny still gave him a chance and hired him because he does not write people off and knows how much his presence means to Shawn. In this episode, Feeny goes above and beyond he teaches Shawn a valuable lesson. He brings Shawn's family closer together, and he helps them to reverse their fortunes by employing Chet.

Feeny's Best Season

This category is very tough to decide because Feeny is excellent throughout. So I figure Feeny's best season is the season where he was most well rounded to me; that season is Season four, with season three being a very close second. I picked season four because Feeny has great moments with all the critical characters in season four. He has our number one moment, helps Cory and Topanga, helps Amy and Alan, and has a season-long arc of helping Eric to college. We see him reach people in the classroom and through his creative Feeny lessons and Also, he is pretty hilarious throughout. Season four has all the Feeny you need.

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What are your favorite Feeny moments?

What do you think of the list did I miss anything?

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