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Boy Meets World's Top Ten Best Holiday Episodes

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

10. Boy II Mensa (Halloween)

In this episode, Cory pretends to be a genius by cheating on his IQ test. I love the way Boy Meets World flipped the holiday of Halloween into an episode about being something you are not. Plus, we got this amazing line from Shawn " Get with the program Cory, it's Halloween and this year you are going as a genius." This is also a fun Shawn & Cory scheme. Cory gets in way over his head and almost has to go to a new school for the gifted, but he comes clean and learns he doesn't have to pretend to be a genius like Minkus to get Feeny's respect. At the end of the episode, Cory is able to outwit Feeny by using misdirection and Halloween costumes. I think you could give a lot of shows the Halloween prompt, and not many would come out with an episode like this, props to the writers.

9. First Girlfriends Club (Valentine's Day )

The First Girlfriends episode is about a Valentine's date between Shawn and Angela. Simple and sweet, right? Wrong Jenifer, Libby, and Dana return and kidnap Shawn, and he has to face his exes of Valentine's past. As a viewer, it was great to see three of Shawn's Girlfriends return to the show. Also, once again, Boy Meets World put a very unique spin on their holiday episode. However, this wasn't a random side mission, this tied directly into Shawn and Angela's story. Before Shawn could move forward with Angela, he had to look bad and look at why his past relationships hadn't worked out. Having Shawn's exes kidnap and interrogate Shawn was definitely the most dramatic and interesting way to do that. Also, Valentine's Day was kept at the forefront of our minds because Jack and Eric were trying to find Valentine's dates, and they end up trying to rescue Shawn, who is desperately trying to get to Angela for his date, so he doesn't disappoint her. Also, having Angela come in and literally let Shawn off the hook and reaffirm that she believed in Shawn was the romantic happy ending this episode needed.

8. Ressurection (Valentine's Day)

Ressurection was an excellent episode. This is the episode where baby Joshua's life hangs in the balance and where Eric reveals he knows Jack and Rachel are together. However, it's Cory and Topanga who make this a great Valentine's day episode. Cory is spiraling about his new brother, and so he is trying to focus on him and Topanga to make it better. The problem is Topanga doesn't understand that, and she doesn't help Cory because she feels he is avoiding the situation with Valentines. However, after Cory accuses Topanga of not being who she use to be and she watches Shawn come in and instantly make things all better for Cory, Topanga rediscovers the hippie girl Cory fell in love with. Topanga paints her face and does the dance she did in Cory's kitchen when they were eleven, and then she paints his face and thanks him for remembering a part of her she had forgotten. Cory's brother miraculously lives, and Cory and Topanga agree to be each other's Valentine's (aww).

7. Train of Fools (New Years)

In Train of Fools, Eric, Cory, Topanga, and Shawn try and enjoy their first New Year's outside of the house. However, things don't go to plan when the car breaks down, and they have to take a train downtown that gets stuck. I think it's pretty cool that Boy Meets world even did a New Year's episode because it's often a skipped TV holiday. Even Boy Meets World only has one New Year's episode til Girl Meets World. I think what makes this such a great New Year's episode is the comedy and hijinks. It got crazy. Shawn got a pizza delivery guy to deliver a baby at one point, and it was hilarious. Shawn turned the whole train into a party. Also, there was a heartwarming moment in the end between Cory and Eric that reinforced that the holidays aren't about where you are. It's about being together.

6. Witches of Pennbrook (Halloween)

In Witches of PennBrook, Jack is dating a new girl who turns out to be a literal Witch who intends to sacrifice him on Halloween. This is a good Halloween episode because they leaned into the supernatural and the comedy. Shawn, Jack, and Eric were absolutely hilarious in this episode. Also, Jack's Girlfriend, Millie(Candace Cameron from Full House), and Eric's girlfriend, Sabrina (Melisssa Joan Hart), were great guests. Boy Meets World really used the spooky circumstances of Halloween to tell a great story about Jack and Eric growing closer as friends and not just roommates. As Eric taught us, Halloween is the holiday that is supposed to bring everyone together.

5. Easy Street (Christmas)

In Easy Street, Shawn takes a job as an errand boy with the mob to make money. Shawn says it's just about wanting to buy his friends something nice for the Holidays, but the truth is he has never had money like this before, and he doesn't want to stop. This is a great Christmas episode because it's so creative yet grounded. Despite how crazy it sounds that Shawn is kind of in the mob, its starts by just taking a restaurant job. Also, the plot stays grounded in Christmas. Its starts off just wanting to get some nice gifts for his friends and family on Christmas. It ends with Cory talking Shawn into leaving the mob and the corner he was on and coming back to Cory's house for Christmas Eve. It's a very touching moment for Cory and Shawn, and it embraces the spirit of togetherness at Christmas.

4. Who's Afraid of the Cory Wolf (Halloween)

Who's Afraid of the Cory Wolf is a phenomenal concept for an episode. Cory believes he is turning into a werewolf when begins to go through puberty on Halloween. This is a great Halloween episode because of all the Boy Meets World episodes; it's the one that leaned in the farthest into the supernatural element of Halloween while staying the truest to the coming-of-age theme of Boy Meets World. It's absolutely hilarious watching Cory think he is becoming a werewolf and going to the scam artist's fortune teller and worrying about her hilarious prophecy. It's great gags all around, and then at the end, he realizes he isn't turning into a Werewolf and kisses Topanga before they go to a Halloween party.

3. Santa's Little Helpers (Christmas)

Santa Little Helpers is a flat-out excellent episode. Cory and Topanga find that Shawn and Angela both still like each other. However, after Cory meddled in Shawn's life last episode, he and Topanga have been forbidden to do so again. However, now that they know Shawn and Angela like each other still, and Shawn and Angela don't know, how can they resist? However, outside of the possible rekindling of a romance around the holidays, it's Eric and Tommy that really make this episode. Eric dresses up as Santa, and Jack and Rachel help him give orphans gifts. However, their worlds are shaken up when one of the orphans asks Santa for parents. It's a beautiful episode where Eric decides to be a big brother to Tommy.

2. Turkey Day (Thanksgiving)

Turkey Day is not only a top Holiday episode, but it's also the best Boy Meets World Thanksgiving episode. In this episode, Cory and the Mathews join Shawn's family for Thanksgiving in the trailer park. Shawn and Cory's family don't get along because the Hunters want to impress the Mathews while also not having them look down on each other. The Mathews don't want to admit that they are uncomfortable in the trailer park because they don't want to be classists, but they are. In the end, it's the kids of the trailer park, Shawn, Cory, Herman, Morgan, and Frankie, that end up bringing everyone together by sitting together and sharing a meal without the adults and condemning their behavior. It's a great social commentary, and a warm Thanksgiving episode wrapped up into one.

1. Santa's Little Helper ( Christmas)

Santa's Little Helper is the perfect Christmas episode. The entire episode is centered around Christmas, from the A-plot to the B-plot, and the episode itself is incredibly important to the show. In this episode, the 6th-grade class decides to get Feeny a present, but because Shawn's father was just laid off, Shawn couldn't afford to pay. Cory initially tries to make up for the fact that Shawn's dad was laid off by giving Shawn a gift, but when this leads to a fight, Cory must learn the true meaning of Christmas from Feeny. Once Cory learns that Christmas isn't about gifts or getting praise for giving gifts, he is able to be there for Shawn for real, and Cory and Shawn grow closer as friends. Also, in the B-plot, Morgan thinks that she has killed Santa, so Feeny must dress up like Santa to convince her that she hasn't. It's a must-watch episode for the holidays.

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