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All 158 Boy Meets World Episodes Ranked and Reviewed: The Bottom 8

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

About This Series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of Boy Meets World. I will be The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were primarily given based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly? Subjective enjoyment, is the episode enjoyable to watch? Logic, does the episode make sense, and is the show successfully communicating the message it set out to share? Emotions, are moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant?

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158. Better Than The Average Cory, Season 6, Ep6

In this episode, Cory feels insecure after meeting a young prodigy. The comedy is top-notch, and the lesson by Cory's father was poignant. Alan checks Cory's privilege and shows Cory all the things Cory takes for granted while filling out more of Alan's backstory for the audience. Alan points out that while average may feel like a failure to Cory, it was aspirational to Alan and his family. Alan's revelation ties back into the idea from season one that Alan grew up more like Shawn than Cory.

This episode had a great lesson and hilarious moments of comedy. However, Cory was such a jerk for the whole episode that it detracted from the rest of the episode. Also, Cory's apology was terrible. In his so-called apology, he ruined his sister's performance and embarrassed his parents by serenading his father during Morgan's performance. Typically Cory learns and adapts, but in this episode, he remains the same self-centered kid, only worried about his own needs, Which makes me feel like he did not learn anything.

Grade C

157. Picket Fences, Season 7, Ep 9

In this episode, Cory and Topanga try to get their parents to sign a loan for a house. Right here from beat one, this conflict doesn't make sense to me. For Cory, this makes sense. He can be a dope. However, for Topanga to be tricked this way just does not make sense. Also, it does not seem realistic that Cory and Topanga would laze around their friend's place without jobs.

They got jobs without any economic pressure just two episodes later in season 7. Also, Topanga should be smart enough to understand why the Mathews would not sign that agreement, and the Topanga that we know and love would not have even brought it to them. Also, why aren't Topanga's parents ever brought up at all? It just feels like the show had to dumb down the characters to make the plot make sense, which is not good storytelling.

Then Shawn and Angela have this whole ridiculous conversation where they decide to forgo a great life with each other because they haven't earned it yet, which is just so stupid. If you get to live with your girlfriend, have a dog, and enjoy the best time in your life, you deserve it. Shawn and Angela have been through a lot, and the idea of them not earning happiness was immature and stupid. Both of them have parents out of the picture, and they support themselves in what is probably not that expensive an apartment considering it is for college students.

So at the end of their story, they stop living together, get rid of their dog, and Angela returns to the expensive dorms, and none of it makes sense. Although I will say, Cory was right when he said Shawn's relationship was easy because he was not married. However, that's because this show imposes all these challenges that make marriage harder that do not occur in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship for some unknown reason. So yea, Shawn didn't really have a right to talk down to Cory because they had different struggles. However, the lack of logic keeps rolling in this episode because after Shawn and Angela decide that they aren't going to live together anymore, THEY DON'T GIVE THEIR APARTMENT TO THEIR STRUGGLING FRIENDS.

The show makes a huge deal about Topanga and Cory's place being horrendous and Angela and Shawn not deserving the apartment. However, when Shawn and Angela move because they do not deserve it, they do not give it to the married couple who "earned happiness." Also, instead of returning to when the show was on fire with Rachel, Jack, and Eric, they put Shawn, Eric, and Jack together. Honestly, I think the fact that this entire two-episode where are we going to live saga was literally washed away with paint and some supplies from Cork City shows you how convoluted it was in the first place. This episode only has three redeeming factors.

First, the humor of The side plot with Eric and Bridget (Eric might be a masochist) watching Eric hilariously demean himself to get Bridget's attention was simple but effective. Second, the episode's lesson about making your way as a couple and coming closer together through overcoming adversity was endearing during the payoff. Third, even though I don't love how they got there, Cory and Topanga making up with Amy and Alan was a charming moment. I wish the show tackled this conflict more realistically.

Grade C

156. A Brave New World Part 1, Season 7, Ep 22

In this episode, Cory and Topanga try and decide whether or not to go to New York. It is funny, and the flashbacks to earlier seasons are touching, but this is the bare minimum content Boy Meets World can produce. Flashbacks took up most of the episode, and it seemed thrown together. I enjoyed the time spent in the present. That was the funniest and most entertaining part of the episode. Cory going into denial about them leaving was comical. Also, Feeny giving Cory the plant metaphor was the best part of this episode. I believe that plant was from the first season finale, I Dream of Feeny. It is incredible that Boy Meets World brought that back to season 7 and expanded on a lesson from season one when Cory was eleven. That was a beautiful moment and an enduring lesson. Sometimes, you have to leave the surroundings you have grown comfortable with to grow.

Grade C

155.The Honeymooners, Season 7, Ep 8

This episode was entertaining; however, it was shallow content-wise. Cory and Topanga are glowing and on their honeymoon, and it is nice to see, but there was not enough drama to support an entire episode. The show tried to supplement that with comedy by having Eric stalk Cory and Topanga and be ridiculous, which was funny. Still, that did not save the episode because Eric's gimmick works better as comic relief instead of an episode's driving force.

The drama we were given was will Cory and Topanga stay on vacation or not. This is an ok B-plot, But it was the A-plot, and of course, they decide to go back home and learn that paradise is with their loved ones, but this is a lesson they already knew. I will say, Cory's coconut carving business was great for comedy and a clever way to communicate homesickness when he subconsciously started carving Feeny. I do not hate this episode. It is just not doing as much as the others, which is why it is so low on the list, but the comedy of Eric and the euphoria of Cory and Topanga's honeymoon keep this from falling lower.

Grade C

154. I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad, Season 7, Ep 14

This is a ridiculous episode. In this episode, Alan tries to shelter Eric from the world by having him work at the shop, and Cory worries that Topanga will not take care of him when he gets old and sick. It does not make sense for Alan to be so upset that Eric is coming to work with him. Eric worked with his dad in season four, and even before that, in season 1 at the supermarket, he knows Eric knows what he is doing. Also, I don't understand why Alan does not believe in Eric, and It does not seem consistent with his character.

Sadly consistent with Alan and Amy is that Amy has the answer from the start, and Alan goes through the learning process. It would have been better if both Amy and Alan let fear control them, and maybe Feeny was the voice of reason, and then that way, they could both grow. But for some reason, Alan was the only one, as usual, to go through a transformation. This is a flaw of Boy Meets World. Alan and Cory learn, but Topanga and Amy are often written as already having the answers most of the time, so the show does not have to spend time focusing on their journeys of growth.

This episode is also a retread of the Brothers' episode when Eric tries to move back. The difference is that Brothers was way more dramatic than this episode. I will say the conclusion is beautiful. I like the message that Graduating students are confused about their career path because they feel like they can do anything, and Eric deserves that. However, this was not a good journey and conclusion for Alan specifically. Alan talked Eric out of settling in season four, episode one, so it does not make sense that he would be the one trying to get Eric to settle now that he is even more capable than before.

Cory's storyline was hilarious. He gets diagnosed with hypochondria and takes placebos, and he is just ridiculous all episode, and his b plot carries the episode. This episode is funny and entertaining to watch on a surface level, but it holds very little value past that.

Grade C

153. It's A Wonderful Night, Season 1, Ep 18

In the A-plot, Eric drives his father's car without a license to impress some girls, and it does not work, and he gets the vehicle towed. In The B-plot, Cory and Shawn watch an R-rated movie and get caught by the replacement babysitter, Feeny. This is an entertaining episode, and it is interesting to see the boys get into some trouble. I also enjoyed seeing Feeny interact with Morgan and both Shawn and Jason, fulfilling the same bad influence role and, consequentially, Cory and Eric both being led astray. However, this feels like filler. What was the lesson don't try and scam your parents? It just seemed like the writers did some exciting things with little to no purpose.

Grade C

152. Prom-ises Prom-ises, Season 5, Ep 22

In this episode, the gang goes to prom and deals with the possibility of having sex. Amy and Alan learn that they will be parents again, and Jack and Eric try to prevent people from having sex. This has a powerful lesson and is an entertaining episode, but it does not have a lot of replay value because the show did not interestingly get into the topic. I felt they could have gone deeper than they did. For example, the episode Dangerous Secret handled teen sex better in its b-plot than this episode did in its A-plot. Also, the B story was weak. I like the connection of Amy and Alan having a child and showing the consequences of sex, but even though I appreciate the tie-in, it was a better revelation than a story( in this episode). I do like Amy and Alan, allowing Cory and Topanga to make their own choice about sex instead of going crazy on them. That was a nice moment that showed they trusted them. In conclusion, I enjoy it while it is on, but it's not one I would go out of my way to watch.

Grade C

151.Train Of Fools, Season 3, Ep 10

In this episode, the kids try to celebrate New Year's Eve on their own, but their plans go awry. This episode was funny, but it did not advance anything, and the constant failure to execute a plan for New Years was frustrating. I know that is the point of these types of episodes, but come on, it is Rebecca Alexa! Also, it was annoying that Cory tried to claim the moral high ground after ruining Eric's night. Cory's date(Topanga) is still here, and so is his friend (Shawn ) Eric was understandably peeved. Cory tagged along with Eric, cost him his ride resulting in them being stuck on a train, and Cory cost Eric his date with a supermodel, and then acted like Eric was ruining the night because he was upset. Also, the lesson was barely there. This is an episode that had humorous gags but was clearly filler.

Grade C

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