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2022 December Power Rankings

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

10. Impact Title

Josh Alexander had a good month. From a story aspect, he has had an excellent program with Bully Ray that has been deeply personal. In the ring, he went 50 minutes with Mike Bailey. He's delivering in and out of the ring, which is why he is in the top ten for the third month in a row.

9. AEW TAG Championship

The Acclaimed had a great December. They beat one of the best tag teams in the world, FTR, and they started a feud with Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarret. Plus, they dropped one of their best diss tracks, "Rassle."

8. AEW World Championship

MJF had his first title defense against Ricky Starks after a really good feud. Then he kept his momentum going by starting a feud with Bryan Danielson, and MJF has started his title reign off right.

7. NXT Women’s Championship

Mandy Rose was dominant as the NXT Woman’s Champion, holding it for almost the entire year until finally being dethroned by Roxanne Perez. Perez is a bright future star, and having her carry the women for WWE’s brand of the future is a good look.

6. WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

Roman Reigns has carried the banner of WWE for over two years. Even when he does not have big-money matches, Reigns, as the leader of the Bloodline, is one of the best parts of WWE every week.

5. NXT Tag Team Championship

The NXT Tag Team division is severely underrated. Pretty Deadly made some of the most entertaining segments of NXT. Following an excellent feud with the Creed Brothers, they had a shocking match where New Day came to NXT and won the championships. Now, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are putting in work to teach and build the tag teams of the future.

4. Intercontinental Championship

The Ring General Gunther has brought something entirely different to WWE’s main roster. He has wasted no time in winning SmackDown’s midcard title immediately and dominating everyone in an entertaining fashion. The SmackDown World Cup concluded with winner Ricochet setting up an excellent match with Gunther.

3. Undisputed Tag Team Championship

Even though the Usos were a step behind Roman Reigns’s title reign, it feels like they’ve been part of the plan the whole time. Already one of the best tag teams in WWE history, this run feels like they have actualized all their potential into one perfect run. Concluding the year as champions, Reigns and the Usos are the two most impressive reigns in wrestling now and among the best reigns ever.

2. All-Atlantic Championship

Orange Cassidy is near the top of the list because he has delivered every single week. He has had a highlight week in and week out. Whether it's a 6-man, Singles Title match, or Lumberjack match Orange Cassidy came through every single time.

1. Trios Title

Trios Title was easily the top title in December. The Trios Title was on the line weekly in great matches that consistently made the highlight list. Trio's title best of seven series was the best championship program of December, both in consistency and moments.

Superstars of the Month The Elite

This was one of the closest superstars of the month judgments of the year, and it actually came down to a tiebreaker for the first time ever. The Elite won because of all the qualified candidates; the Elite had the highest average rating on the Wrap-Up's weekly Highlight list in December. Also, they won the majority of the best of the seven matches in December.

Show of the Month: AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite has been hot, cold, and filled with drama this year, but their December showed why they are here to stay in wrestling. Every week, AEW builds new stories, utilizes its roster, and puts on matches that matter. AEW’s model of special weekly shows like Holiday Bash has proven so popular that it’s been taken over by NXT, and I would expect to see it in other WWE shows soon too. At the end of the day, AEW Dynamite is refreshing because they give their wrestlers time to wrestle meaningful matches on a wrestling show.

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