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Boy Meets World’s Top 120 Episodes

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of boy meets world. The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly. Subjective enjoyment, is this episode enjoyable to watch? Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share. Emotion is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant

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120.Eric in Hollywood, Season 5, Episode 19

In this episode, Eric works as an actor, and his talents get him to Hollywood, where he goes on a parody Boy Meets World show. Topanga and Shawn try to work out their friendship now that Cory and Topanga aren't an item.

I enjoyed the parody of Boy Meets World. It was hilarious, and it was interesting to see all the actors play different roles. Also, I love seeing meta jokes and Feeny and Eric together. But I don't see the point of it being the A story. The story between Shawn and Topanga seems way more relevant to the arc. The most meaningful thing from Eric's story is Feeny's advice that what comes easily goes just as easily. If you want to be an actor, you will have to go through a million no's so that someone may say yes.

Now for the b storyline. To me, it didn't work in this small format. It needed more time. I don't buy Shawn and Topanga's friendship. She just barged over there and didn't take no for an answer. They had to listen to her because they were sick, and they owed her for helping. What would happen if Topanga came over, and Shawn had a choice? If he wasn't ill, if he wasn't going to a game with Cory. What if he had actually had to choose Topanga, and he wasn't indebted to her? I'd like to know what then, because I don't feel like Shawn and Topanga would be friends without Cory, and I don't think they did a good job exploring that here. Other than that the episode was very entertaining.

Grade B

119.Class Pre-Union, Season 1, Episode 9

This episode has quite a few errors. For example, Feeny never gave them any criteria for their assignment, so no wonder Cory came up short. Topanga's president presentation was interesting, but she was never asked how she removed nuclear weapons and got rid of men before becoming president. Topanga made it sound as if being president wasn't desirable before she got the position, but she doesn't explain how that happened. Minkus was asked how he became a tech mogul, but Topanga wasn't questioned by Mr. Feeny on how she became a candidate and won.

Also, Cory was given an incomplete, but that just means he needed to go back to the drawing board. He didn't fail, and he wasn't told he couldn't be a baseball player. His reaction didn't make sense. However, if you ignore all of that, this episode has a great lesson about following your dreams and a great father-son moment that led to a cool cameo. Additionally, there is a hilarious side plot with Morgan and Amy(black black no trades back).

Grade B

118.No Such Thing As a Sure Thing, Season 7, Episode 4

In this episode, Eric and Jack bet against their own school because they don't believe their star player will play. However, they unwittingly motivate Feeny to help the star player pass his test, and they lose their bet and they have to outrun the bookies. In the main story Cory and Topanga have officially broken up, and Cory is beginning to move on. Topanga's parents are in town, and her father tells Topanga the truth about their divorce, believing their bond to be unbreakable but Topanga kicks him out after finding out he cheated. This leads to Topanga being consoled by her mother. Her mom tells her that she wouldn't trade the years they had, even if she knew how it would turn out. This leads Topanga to go get Cory back.

Eric and Jack's story on betting on the big game was hilarious, but I feel like the humor in the Topanga Cory storyline kept it from being as dramatic as possible. I also didn't like that Topanga's example of knowing Cory was knowing his limitations and not believing he could rise above them. Also, It would have been nice to see what would have happened if Cory really had moved on, and Topanga had to win him back, especially after everything he did to try and win her back. Despite my problems with the episode, it's a dramatic Topanga and Cory tale and a hilarious b-story.

Grade B

117.Last Tango in Philly, Season 5, Episode 10

In this episode, Angela and Topanga get part-time jobs, and the boys get jealous of their male coworkers. This is one of the funniest Boy Meets World episodes there is. The way they satire men was hilarious. Just showing how easily solvable all their problems were was hilarious. It is nice to see all the guys in one storyline and see them go to other places. But it wasn’t really serious enough to be ranked higher. But you will enjoy this episode (of this, I am sure).

Grade B

116.Quiz Show, Season 4, Episode 19

This episode is a very entertaining episode. Here Cory and Shawn get added to a quiz show with Topanga after the school bus breaks down, and her real teammates can't make it. Cory and Shawn are useless with the questions but are so charismatic that the show changes their questions to favor the boys because the audience loves them. Topanga has some doubts about this, but her morals are overridden by fame. I also think Boy Meets World slips in a criticism of the sexualization of children in media. The female exec on the show, who is way older than the underage Shawn, tells him to pout his sexy lips at the camera. Topanga sort of draws attention to this. But it makes you stop and think how we would react if it had been like a forty-year-old man telling underage Topanga to pout her sexy lips at the camera. It definitely would be considered creepy, and it is when it's done to Shawn. Later we have the sponsor exec saying it's good-looking kids vs. good-looking kids. It's good tv. Now you could just write this comment off, but I feel like the writer's choice to call them children and comment on their appearance was purposeful.

Later, after the kids ask for smarter questions, he ends their convo by telling them to hurry up and put bathing suits on, something that isn't necessary for the show as the themed clothes they are already wearing are just fine. Once more, we don't see them come back out in bathing suits, so I feel like having us see him say that was purposeful and hinting at an additional layer.

Back to the main story, I feel like the story falls apart in Feeney's classroom. When he walks out on them, what he says sounds good, and they do deserve to be reprimanded but to diss an entire generation like that seemed like such a lazy, uninformed criticism. Like I'm sure everyone from the year 1450 didn't care about books, and what about all the great things this generation has done with technology? I think the episode would have been stronger if Feeny had made his criticism just for the class. If he was only mad at their arrogance and disrespectful behavior, that would have made more sense. Because his comments aren't as good as a generational criticism.

The episode was funny, and the kids learned the value of education, and even though it looked like they might've gotten big heads thanks to Feeny, they were able to return to earth before it was too late. But I feel the lesson got jumbled in the generational criticism.

Grade B

115.Boy II Mensa, Season 1, Episode 6

In this episode, Cory pretends Cory cheats on and IQ test to impress Feeny, but he must decide how far his lie will go when he tested for the gifted program at a different school. In the This episode has decent stakes (getting caught cheating, moving schools ) and a worthwhile lesson (be yourself, be honest) but ultimately, why this ends up in the b category and not-A is because it was the first season. They were young, so the stakes could only be so high. Also, everyone seems to be humoring Cory, so this is only really a problem for Cory. This episode is good, but it’s a lesser version of Hometown Hero from season 3.

Grade B

114. State of The Unions Season 6, Episode 22

This episode had the dramatic reveal of Topanga's parents separating and the touching moment of Feeny getting married and Eric and Shawn bonding, which led Eric to an epiphany. He realized he didn't pursue Rachel for the right reasons. Eric was competing with Jack. While I wish they had paired Rachel and Eric, I do like their explanation for why Eric doesn't end up with her. They hint that Jack pursued her for the same reason. Once again, the writers fail to highlight any reason why Jack is a better choice. It just seemed like two side characters using each other to be more relevant.

In my opinion, this episode consisted of a lot of good parts but nothing extraordinary. Even the break up Of Topanga's parents wasn't A-level because we won't realize its effect until the next episode.

Grade B

113. It’s Not You, It’s Me, Season 5, Episode 3

In this episode, Shawn and Cory break up because Shawn fears Cory will go to a college he can't get into. In the b-story, Jack and Eric are trying to suck up to the dean. This is pretty much an Affair to Forget two. Seeing Cory and Shawn go through their "relationship troubles" was hilarious. I also like that we got the background story of how they met. The B story is equally as hilarious. Eric and Jack just trying to woo(What?) the dean. Between the cake comments and the grapes, Cory and Shawn are ridiculous in this episode and I love it. Much like the Last Tango in Philly, this episode is funny, but it isn't that important. I rank it higher because it provided a backstory and was more related to the storyline's progression.

Grade B

Question Who was funnier in this episode, Eric and Jack or Cory and Shawn?

112.Home, Season 2, Episode 23

In this episode, Shawn is struggling to adjust to life at the Mathews. He feels like he doesn't have a real home. Shawn ends up running away from the Mathews and being taken in by Turner. In a b-story, Feeny helps Eric relax before the SATs. In a C story, Turner and Kat break up.

This episode was exciting and definitely had some drama with Shawn's father being gone. We clearly see the effects of Chet's absence with Shawn. However, just like I don't like it when Cory is a jerk in episodes, I don't like to see the Mathews family like that. So to see Shawn beefing with the Mathews family was off-putting to me. However, I will say it made sense. Having Shawn just thrust upon them like that would be tough. But I'd like to think they would have been able to make it work. The side story with Eric really showed his potential for the coming seasons with college and his stupid ways, and his relationship with Feeny. Also, I wish we learned more about why Turner couldn't commit to Kat. You could argue it was a little early for those questions, but she still laid her needs out pretty clearly and fairly, and it's surprising that Turner couldn't say anything and let her go.

Grade B

111. Boy Meets Real World, Season 5, Episode 2

In this episode, Cory is filming his friends like it's the real-world MTV show. But Shawn and Jack are going through some real problems. Topanga thinks Cory should help Shawn, but Cory believes he should remain behind the camera. In a b-plot, Morgan replaces Eric with some dude.

This episode blended the storylines well. Heartwarming moments and drama between Jack and Shawn also conflict for Cory and Topanga and some comedy with Morgan trying to replace Eric. That part is kind of creepy if you think about it but funny if you don’t look too closely. This episode is only B ranked because the drama was light, and so was the lesson. It was solid and enjoyable, though.

Grade B

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Shawn and Cory and Lionel and the grapes was literally HILARIOUS 😂 definitely my favorite part

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