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Boy Meets World’s Top 140 Episodes

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of Boy Meets World. The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly. Subjective enjoyment is this one enjoyable to watch. Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share. Emotion is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant.

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140. B and B’s B'N B, Season 4, Episode 13

In this episode, Feeny leaves town to connect with an old flame. While he is away, Shawn runs a bed and breakfast out of his house. Eric comes across Feeny in Boston, and they grow closer as friends. This episode's B section was excellent, but the A story wasn't adding anything new. Shawn already did this project(Run a fake business) in the first season in Risky Business. The Shawn and Cory part of this episode was hilarious, but it seems like the writers were trying to do a parody of the traditional Boy Meets World dynamics. The Feeny Eric part was well done. We get more of Feeny's background, and we see Eric and Feeny as friends outside the classroom. I wish this story had been the main focus. Because the actual A story was a silly version of other episodes they already did.

Grade C

139. He Said, She Said, Season 3, Episode 4

In this episode, Shawn runs away after being inspired by the new guidance counselor's gap year story. In a B-story, Harley returns and confronts Griff. In a C-story, Eric tries to forge a letter of recommendation from Feeny. The side stories were excellent, but the main story was just ok. Shawn is running away again and being reeled in again. Also, unlike other times Shawn wasn't set off by much, so the ending, while touching, was predictable and a little overused.

My main problem with the Shawn storyline is that it wasn't taken that seriously. I never really felt like Shawn was going anywhere. The story seems to take his running away as semi-serious. The redeeming part of this story was the scene with Turner and Shawn at the bus station. It showed us that Shawn accepted Turner as a parental figure and gave us an idea of how their new dynamic was going.

The Harley storyline is the best part of this episode. It was a hilarious use of the side characters. I loved how they had an old west standoff. We even get character development from Joey and Frankie, and it ties into all the other storylines about being at a crossroads in life("Its the first day of the rest of our lives. I can't believe it's not butter "-Joey).

The C story was great. Eric wanted to get into college so bad he forges a letter from Feeny. While I do like it cause it shows us how badly he wants to get into college, and it sets up a great arc, it's not consistent. We know from season two that Eric isn't a cheater. In closing, I think this episode had some things going for it, but It was crowded. It would have been better if they cut the Shawn storyline and gave it its own episode with a more serious tone and made the Eric storyline the A story leaving the Harley story as is.

Grade C

138. I Was A Teenage Spy, Season 3, Episode 19

In this episode, Cory goes back in time sort of. At times they make it seem like a fantasy. Other times Cory acts as if he did go back to 1957. This episode has aged, interestingly. Today like Cory, we have children locked in cages due to nationalism and people accusing others of being Russian operatives online. Also, the moon landing is believed to be faked by a surprisingly large number of people, and on average, women are paid less than men in the workplace. So while this was probably unintentional, I find it funny that Turner was only interested in the pizza in Cory's 40 years later prediction, as it seems to be all we can agree on.

I think the best part of this episode was seeing the characters we are used to, playing different characters, and seeing Cory establish the dynamics he has with them in the real world. It makes the statement that their relationships are timeless, and they would be there for each other at any time. As far as lessons, this is somewhat of a history lesson on the paranoia during that time in the '50s. I also think Cory gets a new resolve in his quest for Topanga, feeling a little more assured that their bond is unbreakable. This episode is creative and hilarious, but it doesn't have as much going on as some other episodes or even other time travel episodes, and it didn't move the story. However, I do appreciate that it stayed in line with the Cory and Topanga story, either. Also, it gave everybody their fix of Cory and Topanga during the breakup.

Grade C

137.How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back, Season 7, Episode 18

In this episode, Cory and Topanga realize their friends think they are boring. So to prove they are still cool, they throw a party, but nobody comes. So they have a party for two. When their friends walk in on them, it makes them reconsider their preconceptions. Meanwhile, Eric bumps his head and gets psychic powers. Jack exploits his power for money until Eric convinces him it's wrong.

It's a funny episode, and it was creative to show that Cory and Topanga had something to be envied after frequently showing all the ways Cory and Topanga miss out on college life in previous episodes. Also, the further development of Jack's greed problem was nice, but neither felt fully explored.

Grade C

136.Honesty Night, Season 5, Episode 21

In this episode, Cory and Topanga are back together, but Cory is worried because he didn't tell Shawn first. So Cory and Topanga pretend to be broken up so Shawn can fix them. I think Feeny has a great meta moment when he hears Cory's idea (the plot) and says, here comes the stupid idea train. I wouldn't go that far, but it's clearly a way to tease out one final chapter of the Lauren saga.

Cory and Topanga end up breaking up for real after they hurt each other's feelings, and in the saving grace of this episode, Shawn actually does put them back together. Staging a fight/make-up between Amy and Alan. Not only was this brilliant by Shawn, but it showed his emotional intelligence and taught a valuable lesson about relationships. The plot was a stretch, but they brought it home well at the end, and it had the signature funny Boy Meets World humor throughout.

Grade C

135.Easy Street, Season 4, Episode 11

In this episode, Shawn and Cory get part-time jobs. Shawn's job sucks, but Cory gets a cushy job. What Cory doesn't realize is that he has been working for the mob without realizing it. Once Cory realizes he quits, but then Shawn takes the job. Shawn wants to buy nice presents for his friends, and he likes feeling financially empowered, so he looks the other way on the mob stuff until it gets too severe, and Cory has to talk him into quitting before it's too late. In the B-plot, Eric tries to drive a homesick Lonny home for the holidays, but they get caught in a blizzard. Eric passes out, and Lonny saves them and brings them back to Eric's house.

The lesson, as well as the scene with the box In this episode, was great. This episode illustrates how easy it is to go down the wrong path. The way it was done could have used some work. Turning down the mob and walking away was far too easy. This was a creative idea that would have been better if they flushed it out more. The tie into the path less traveled was nice. The b-plot had a few laughs, but it honestly could have been cut from the episode.

Grade C

134.Turnaround, Season 2, Episode 12

In this episode, it's the turnaround dance, and Cory is nervous because he is worried he won't be asked or will be asked but by someone uncool. While daydreaming about being asked by a popular girl, he says yes to Ingrid, an unpopular girl. Cory initially intends to blow her off. Alan tells him not to do it because it's morally wrong. Eric says not to do it because every girl will know, and he will never get a date again. Shawn, inspired by pygmalion, decides that he can make Ingrid cool for Cory, and it works. But it works too well, and Ingrid dumps Cory. In the b-story, Turner wonders if Kat will ask him to the turnround dance.

This episode was good. I wish the writers would have just had Cory's story in this one. But I will say I love Feeny's interactions with Turner and Kat, It was hilarious, and it almost makes the whole b-plot worth it. The lesson was ok, but it wasn't as impactful as some others. I feel this way because Ingrid dumping Cory for the second time to be popular kind of undercuts the lesson. Also, if Shawn could make Ingrid cool, why couldn't he make Cory cool? Also, there was too much time spent on Ingrid. There is a good lesson there, and it's an entertaining episode, but the lesson could have been better handled, and the episode could have been more creative and concise.

Grade C+

133.You Light Up My Union, Season 7, Episode 5

In this episode, Jack becomes the manager, and Eric becomes the assistant manager. Jack thinks he is supposed to rub off on Eric, but he ruins Eric. Eric starts out making people happy and donating to people in need, specifically, Eric gives all his money at the bank to a guy who needs a deposit for a female monkey for his male monkey. Jack goes off on him, assuming Eric was scammed. Eric becomes more like Jack, and it kills the student union nobody wants to be around them. Jack realizes the error of his ways when he sees a banker praying on a single mom who can't afford a car payment. Jack realizes that's not who he wants to be. He gives the woman the money to make her payment, and he tries to convince Eric to be himself again, but it's too late.

Until the monkey guy returns with the female monkey proving Eric hadn't been scammed and returning Eric's faith in the world. Feeny also reveals to Jack he had hoped Jack and Eric would rub off on each other. It's a beautiful moment.

In the b-story, Shawn and Cory are terrible houseguests to Rachel, They keep overstepping boundaries, but they get away with it because their girlfriends look the other way. Rachel decides to overstep some boundaries in her sexy purple pajamas and show how annoying Cory and Shawn are. The boys fawn over her in front of Topanga and Angela, and they get annoyed. Rachel then points out that it's not cool to overstep boundaries, and now they get her point and apologize and kick the boys out.

This episode had a powerful lesson, but the guys being total jerks was a little contrived. Also, I feel Angela and Topanga are smarter than this. It's not really in their characters to be so selfish. They balanced it with humor, but it took the episode down quite a bit. This episode would be rated higher without the b-plot.

Grade C+

132.Wheels Season 4, Episode 14

In this episode, Cory gets his license. However, Alan is mad because he didn't do it with him. Cory is growing up and is excited about it, and Alan is realizing the day when Cory won't be a kid anymore is quickly approaching. So these two perspectives clash in this episode. Cory wants to spend his birthday driving with his friends, but his family has planned a party for him like they do every year ( allegedly ). Cory and his friends finally hit the road after an awkward party, and they get pulled over after running into a speed trap. Cory, still mad at his father, doesn't even tell Alan what happened. He tells Feeny instead. Of course, Alan finds out from Feeny and comes to help Cory, who is arrested and in court.

The judge sees Cory's father arrive behind Cory and says he will drop all the charges if Cory calls his father and apologizes. Cory refuses to do it. This leads to the judge mediating a reconciliation between Alan and Cory. This scene was a true hallmark moment, but I'm not the biggest fan of selfish Cory. At the same time, Alan was also terrible in this episode. He ruined Cory's birthday on purpose by taking the car for hours. We also know from Its a Wonderful Night that Eric was given the car no questions asked, and allowed to go get his license with Jason. So I'm not sure if this tradition even happened(it's possible it happened when Eric went the second time). The episode is relatable, but it seems strange to me that Cory wouldn't even think of his dad, especially when he saw Eric getting his license(assuming the tradition is real). Also, it's basically Father Son Game 2 with a more significant milestone. I love the court scene and the episode's concept, but I'm not crazy about the execution. I've seen Boy Meets World handle two opposing viewpoints better.

Grade C+

131.The Double Lie, Season 3, Episode 2

In this episode, Shawn gets a hot date with newly available high school it girl Veronica Waston. Shawn is in a bind because Turner is away for the weekend and has to have his date at the Mathews. Or so he thinks, he sneaks Veronica back to Turner's abandoned place to find that it's not so abandoned. Turner is there on a date, and Shawn realizes he was lied to. Turner and Shawn fight but ultimately come to an understanding.

It's the triple lie if you count Feeny lying about going to the dentist, maybe even quadruple if you want to count Eric's lie about writing his paper in the b-story. This episode is funny and shows the growing pains of the relationship between Turner and Shawn, but it would have been better if they spent more time on that instead of all the time dedicated to Veronica Waston. I do like seeing Alan giving parental advice to Turner and the fact that all the stories tied in.

Grade C+

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@youngliberace I can see why you feel that way. But as I stated some things in that episode hold it back for me. I’ve see them so it better Boy meets world is just that good. Thanks for the support🙏


Wheels?! A “c”?! You’re a mad man I say!! A mad man!! 😂 but I agree with a lot of these like easy street.

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