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April Power Rankings

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

World Champion Rankings

1. ROH TV Title

Samoa Joe won the title in April and has been on a steady rise that allowed him to outpace the other world titleholders.

2. Impact World Championship

Josh Alexander is the most over rising star on Impact Wrestling. It was time for him to get in a feud for the Impact World Championship, and Moose did a good job as his dancing partner and final boss to overcome. It led to a lot of the best segments on Impact in April.

3. Undisputed Champion

Roman Reigns had a tough April. He was barely featured and The Usos handled his biggest feud. Maybe he was injured, and maybe he still is, but WWE didn't exactly capitalize on Roman's momentum from WrestleMania in April.

4. AEW World Championship

Wrestling companies have a hard time booking babyface champions. Adam Page had a great climb to the top, but his stay there has been mediocre thus far. Time will tell if upcoming challengers, like CM Punk, can bring the championship back to feeling like the best part of the show.

5. NXT World Championship

Bron Breakker is a made star ready for the main roster. So, it was a surprisingly bad booking for NXT to hot potato the title back and forth from Dolph Ziggler to Breakker. No one on NXT has quite the star power to make a credible challenge, hence this being so low.

Women's Title Rankings

1.TBS Title

The TBS title wasn't featured a ton, but when it was, Jade delivered.

2.Reina De Reina/ ROH Champion

Deonna Purrazzo's match against Willow Nightingale is one of the best knockout matches I've seen this year, and it's largely responsible for her ranking.

3. NXT Women's Title

The booking hiccups at the beginning of the month held Mandy Rose back a bit, but over the course of the month of April, she rose back to the top.

4. Raw Women’s Championship

Back to the babyface dilemma. Bianca Belair is such a good babyface that it makes her a better challenger than champion. She had an excellent match with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, but we still don’t know what’s n-EXT for her.

5. AEW Women’s Championship

In another case of the babyface dilemma, Thunder Rosa had a career-defining feud with Britt Baker and a crowning moment in March. Since then, she hasn’t had any memorable title defenses, and Serena Deeb is doing most of the heavy lifting for their upcoming feud.

6. SmackDown Women’s Championship

Even if you don’t like Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, you have to admit they are excellent wrestlers and mainstream draws for WWE. Because of that, you’ve probably either loved or hated this feud, but they had good matches at WrestleMania and WrestleMania Backlash.

Tag Title Rankings

1. ROH Tag Titles

The match where FTR won the titles was excellent, and they continued their momentum by fighting each other in the Owen Hart tournament at the end of the month. They showed they were great in tag team and singles action.

2. NXT Tag Team Championship

It was a weird month for the NXT Tag Team Championship with MSK regaining the titles at Stand and Deliver only to be broken up and the titles handed to Pretty Deadly. If you ignore the weird overarching story, the tag team segments on NXT have been excellent, prominently featuring great tag teams like the Creed Brothers. It’s only a matter of time before they win the titles and take the division to the next level.

3. Raw Tag Titles

RK-Bro was weighed down a bit by Raw's redundant booking. However, RK-Bro was uplifted in the rankings by being the most over tag team in the Unification feud.

4.SmackDown Tag Titles

Jimmy and Jey Uso are great champions, but their booking can be really simple at times. Plus, their big unification match was changed to a non-title match, which didn't help their rankings.

MidCard Title Ranking

1. X Division Title

The midcard scene wasn't great in April. The X Division easily took the crown with their tag match between Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid vs. Mike Bailey & Ace Austin.

2. North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes is the highlight and workhorse of NXT so far this year. He lost the title to Cameron Grimes at Stand & Deliver, but the segments featuring the North American Championship have still been a weekly highlight of NXT. There is a lot of potential for more still with everyone in the shuffle on NXT.

3. United States Championship

You know it’s a rough month for any WWE championship when it doesn’t get featured on a two-night WrestleMania. Finn Balor’s reign was forgettable, but it led to a good match with Theory. WWE seems high enough on Theory to feature it better in the coming months.

4. Intercontinental Championship

Like the US Championship, fan-favorite Ricochet won the Intercontinental Championship only to be left off the two-night WrestleMania card. He’s having great matches, but it’s clear that WWE isn’t taking the reign seriously. Thus, the results are inconsequential.

Other Titles

1. Social Media Championship

I love this unique gimmick on Impact Wrestling that distinguishes it from so many other championships. Matt Cardona is still the champion and he has been one of the highlights of watching Impact for casual fans.

2. 24/7 Title

The 24/7 title has been great. WWE choosing to focus on a specific group of talent and giving them a long-running story has saved this title. Also, Dana Brooke being the champion has given the women another avenue to tell stories.

Women's Tag Titles

1. NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Toxic Attraction still has a stronghold on the women’s division, but it’s hard to be upset. They are consistently in entertaining feuds/segments. Also, they deliver in all of their matches, continuing the tried and true gimmick of heels who sneak out with a win at all costs.

2. WWE Women's Tag Titles

Sasha Banks and Naomi had their feud with Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley. It was undercooked, but the performers made it work.

Wrestler of the Month

Cody Rhodes made it to the number one spot of the highlights list more than anyone else in April.

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