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Boy Meets World Top 90 Episodes

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

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90. They are killing us

This episode is packed full of comedy. I love how the writers turned Cory and Topanga's wedding debacle into comedy gold. Morgan shines here, something rare to see in the later seasons. In this episode, she is the only one keeping it all the way 100 with Topanga. Eric steals the episode with his antics. He burns down the dorm, and he starts a fire at the Mathews dorm. Eric even tries to marry Topanga, and it is just fantastically ridiculous. This is probably the best set up episode of the series. That being said, it is a setup episode where things are being put in motion, but nothing happened IMO; that was great enough to put this in the A category. I did like the comical take on the struggles of planning a wedding. Grade B+

89.His answer

This episode was a great way to start season six. It had drama(the proposal from Topanga). Also, this is Rachel's first episode. This is where the dream team of Eric and Rachel, and Jack was formed. I like how everyone got involved. Everyone had something to say about Cory and Topanga possibly getting married. Also, they were able to mirror Amy and Alan's story. It is great to see that even as they are going off to college, Amy and Alan's experiences are still relevant to Cory and Topanga.Amy and Alan got married young against their parents wishes. They also mirrored both of those stories in Rachels's story showing an example of the high school romance not working out. This episode is more comical than dramatic. I think the second part was a lot better. However, this is a solid episode. Grade B+

88. On the fence

This is episode two of the first season. In this episode, Cory wants a water gun for his water war, but his parents cannot afford it. Not having a water gun leaves Cory singled out among his peers who already have their water guns. This episode is a pretty low steaks plot, but as Boy Meets World often does and especially in the first season, they give it more levels and create a more significant lesson.

Cory goes out into the workforce to earn money himself because that is what his older brother does. For Cory, though, that equals painting a fence for Feeny, and they even slip in a Tom Sawyer reference when Cory tries to trick his friends. Here Cory learns not only how hard it is to be out in the workforce but also the importance of being a kid because his new job interferes with him participating in the water war.

Also, he learns to appreciate his father, and this is the golden nugget of the episode. Alan bails out Cory from his fence obligation and lets him be a kid. I love how you can see a clear change in Cory. He starts out saying that his family can get him a water gun cause they blow that much money on food every week. By the end, he appreciates not only hard work but how hard his dad works. He even tries to invite his father back to being a kid to return the favor his dad did for him, which leads to a hilarious scene with Morgan calling the cops on her family for fighting in the yard (it is with water guns ) and shooting the neighbor. Boy Meets World executes the hero who was there all along angle so well that you do not even realize they are building to that moment until it is over. This episode is enjoyable and well done. It was not as hilarious as some of the others and was mostly a one-note story with multiple implications instead of a multi-story episode. Grade B+

87. Poetic license and ode to Holden Caulfield

This episode has Cory being a jerk, which always turns me off. However, everything else was perfect. Eric got to shine by calming everyone down for finals. In a nice throwback to when Eric took the SAT for the first time, and Feeny had to calm him down with the three secrets. Cory was redeemed by his very hilarious lousy poetry and the fact that Shawn and Angela did need some intervention. However, the way Cory did it was absolutely wrong. It was funny, but trying to parent trap them together after Angela and Shawn asked him to step back was not the right way to handle it.

At least, he was called out for it by Shawn. He was held accountable, which matters. It is more frustrating when characters pretend nothings wrong. Also, Shawn and Angela's drama, while frustrating, is understandable and entertaining. Shawn and Angela both have reasons to be timid. Angela does not want to be hurt, and Shawn has trust issues. I wanted the Topanga and Shawn moment(Shawn tells Topanga he is still in love with Angela) to be a little more dramatic plus it hardly compared to Angela and Cory's moment. Grade B+

86. Brother Brother

In this episode, Cory gets mad at Eric for going off to college because he feels like he will never get to know his brother. This episode has Cory being a jerk again. However, here it is more acceptable. He is acting out cause he does not know how to express himself. On its face, this episode should be an A but what holds it back for me is continuity. Eric is not a terrible brother; he is there for Cory all the time. They use to go to Phillies games together. Eric gives Cory advice all time, and it only seems like Cory cares now cause his friends are gone. However, not only will he complain next episode when Eric is in crisis, instead of helping his brother through it, he will push his brother out of the room in season 5. Also, despite Eric not getting into college and staying home, their relationship is mostly the same. So as a self-contained episode, it is excellent, but it is a bit of a stretch in the show's grand scheme. Grade B+.

85. My best Friend's Girl

This episode is difficult to rate because it's good, but it's kind of counter-intuitive. The episode is dramatic; it is the first day back, and Cory wants to ask out Topanga. Cory fails to ask her out hilariously several times. However, the episode falls apart in the cafeteria when Cory actually does ask Topanga out, and she says she is going out with Shawn. If the point was to make him so jealous that he got up the courage to ask her, the plan was no longer needed cause he just did.

Alternatively, she could have always talked it out with him cause she knew he was nervous or made the first move herself. In season two, Topanga has a little speech where she says the turnaround dance was sexist gender bias thinking because it implies the boys always have to do the asking, yet here she is waiting for Cory to do the asking.

Nevertheless, Shawn dating Topanga and Cory's reaction is creative. So while they lose some logic points, they win some points in drama and creativity.

Eric's storyline is funny but serves little value outside of comedy. Still, it is pretty good at what it does, and it was nice to see Joey, Franky, and Feeny and Eric in a caper. Trinnie was also excellent. I wish we would have seen more of her.

I think the dynamic of John and Eli translated well with Cory and Shawn in this episode. It felt natural, which is great considering this is their debut as a duo.

I cannot say what anyone learned here. Cory overcame and obstacle(asking out Topanga), but he did not learn anything. This is also a nitpick, but Feeny, whom everyone ran from and Eric, should have still been in the auditorium during Cory's speech, which does not make sense. This episode was a little illogical and less lesson oriented, but it was also hilarious, creative, and dramatic. Grade B+

84. Getting Hitched

This episode had a triple impact. Cory and Topanga move in together because they do not know each other, as well as they think, and as a result, they grow closer. Jack and Shawn have a brother's conflict. Jack probably has one of if not his best scene where he breaks down with grief.

Eric is crushed after feeling like he and Rachel are right for each other and worrying about telling Jack. Meanwhile, Jack swoops in and gets intimate with Rachel leaving Eric the odd man out. What held this back from being an A is the Cory and Topanga storyline. It did not seem up to par with the others; it was not great comedy relief, and it was not very dramatic either. Also, what a terrible move by Topanga and Cory. Moving in together and kicking Shawn to the curb right after his father dies. He goes on a trip but did Cory and Topanga give him much of a choice? Furthermore, Cory and Topanga never even consider this once in the episode. Grade B+

83.7 The Hard Way

In this episode, the entire main cast is at odds over the prank war (interesting how art can mirror life), and Feeney and Eric are trying to heal the rift. However, initially, nobody is listening. I felt like Eric was all of us when he yelled, why are you letting Rachel leave? Meanwhile, the group just kept focusing on their own squabbles. I think the animosity felt genuine and dramatic in this episode. The ignorance of Cory also felt genuine. I felt like he did not think this was a big deal. Things like that do happen in life where small problems become big problems, especially in relationships.

I think this was Rachel's best performance on Boy Meets World. I think Eric had yet another standout moment taking Feeny's role in this episode while still providing comic relief to this tense situation. I was not too fond of Topanga in this episode. She totally ignores Rachel to argue about Shawn and Cory. This would not be as bad if Topanga's apology to Rachel meant anything at all, but she mostly ignores Rachel and goes back to her problem again. Plus, there was the fact that she gave Cory an ultimatum her or Shawn at a time when Shawn could use a friend, and she suffers zero consequences(learns nothing ) for it. That is sad because that could have been a good lesson about not competing with other important people in your partners' life. However, outside of that, the episode was good. The reunion was done well, and the lesson itself is a valuable one that still stands up to this day. I cannot give this an A because while they did make peace, it seems like some of the lessons were not learned in the resolution. Grade B+

82.Bee True

In this episode, the dean's ex-husband comes to town, and Cory Shawn and Eric and Topanga and Angela help Feeny win over the dean. In a b story, Jack and Rachel are trying to overcome their height distance in public. The b story only vaguely tied in. Also, it did not collide with the main story or lighten up the episode cause the main story was funny enough. The side plot was just neutral and did not need to be included. Also, why are their old woman in a college apartment? It is plausible but unlikely.

The main story was amusing; it had a lot of great bits and it was memorable. Feeny getting with dean Bolander is something that sticks with fans. In addition to being hilarious, I think the brain scene was the Boy Meets World Disney line up screen for a while. The whole godfather moment is iconic, and I think this episode capitalized on well-established connections like Shawn and Cory and Eric and Feeny. Eric and Feeny have always been funny together, and that has not changed. Plus, it is always fun to see Shawn and Cory in a scheme.

Furthermore, Lila's ex is the perfect heel in this episode. He rubs you the wrong way every chance he gets. He starts by interrupting Feeny, and he is just a jerk for the rest of the episode. Even his cool stories are him bragging about stealing other cultures' stuff. This episode is hilarious, but as much as I like it, I have seen them do comedy episodes better, plus the B plot was a waste. Grade B+

81. I dream of Feeny

When I first watched this episode, I thought it was a strange finale to the season. However, now going back and watching it. Choosing this episode makes sense as the finale. It is dealing with a big topic. That topic is dealing with the fact that someone you care about is in the hospital. I think the writers did a great job creating a creative scenario that allowed them to deal with this topic and still have the episode be comical. Cory thinking he made Feeny sick was hilarious in the first part of the episode. However, it turned dark later in the episode and even got into some excellent suspense where the audience deals with the possibility of Feeny's death. What a tragic turn of events that would have been.

Then in the third phase, we get a resolution with Cory being there for Feeny and deepening their relationship. Feeny even jokes that Cory has kept him alive. Furthermore, we see them cement a relationship that would be the foundation of the show. It also felt like this episode was making the case to continue the Boy Meets World series to see where these relationships go.

We see this when Feeny says, Cory is untapped potential that could grow with the proper Gardner. It feels like this is also true of the show. Moreover, given that the show gave the audience this deep episode with Feeny in their infancy, it makes you want to see what they can grow into.

In the end, Shawn and Cory make Minkus disappear with their minds, and this is his send-off until season 5. Kind of a cruel write off for such an iconic character.

This episode had two logical flaws. How did Cory's dad know he wished Feeny Ill, and how come Cory and Shawn never cleaned up their mess? With the mom just outside, you would think they would be more willing to clean up, but they just move on.

Also, while I felt Cory in the hospital was a charming moment with Feeny that showed promise, it was not as heart-wrenching as some of the other Boy meets world moments, in my opinion. Also, the lessons could have been more apparent. So for those reasons, I give it a B+.

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