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Boy Meets World Seasons Ranked and Reviewed !

Updated: Nov 25, 2022


The top 158 episode list is the basis of this ranking. The average grade of each season is based on the average of the episode grades in each season. If there is a tie the tie goes to the season with the higher average position on the list. The highest average position is an average of where every episode was ranked on the 158 list.

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7. Season 7, Grade 2.8 C+, Average position #112

Top 5 Episodes

1.Angela's Men, A, #13.

2.Brave new world pt2,A ,#51

3. Family trees,A- ,#57

4.Brotherly shove, B+,#76 5. Its about time ,Grade B+,#80.

Bottom 5 Episodes

1.Picket fences,C,#157

2.Brave new world1,C,#156

3 The honeymooners,C,#155

4.I'm gonna be like you dad,C,#154

5.As time goes by,C,#150

This season except for a few episodes, was the worst by far. It did not seem in touch with the characters. Angela starts the season so afraid to become like her mother, who ran out on her and her father, that she sacrifices her relationship with Shawn to avoid hurting him. At the end of the season, she leaves Shawn behind and lives with her father. That is the end of Angela and Shawn. She did exactly what she feared.

Eric is his dumbest in this season. He is still funny, but this to me was when he was at his most indefensibly dumb. Every other season Eric had more going for him. He was operating at a higher level. Jack and Rachel's characters, especially Rachel's flounder in this season, they have some moments, but for most of the season, it feels like you could take them out and nothing would change. That is a stark contrast from how great they were in season 6. Even the parents' arent immune to the problems of the 7th season.

Alan is seen trying to hold Eric back in "I am gonna be like you dad " even though Alan told Eric to go to college and not to settle in episode one of season 4. It makes no sense that Alan would push Eric to settle now after being a driving force in stopping him from settling when he was far less equipped to handle the world. Also, the time that Amy and Alan decided that instead of helping Cory and Topanga like they wished their parents had, they were going to shun them to teach them a lesson. Which totally goes against their characters up to that point. Honestly, that whole Pickett fences storyline is symbolic of my problems with the 7th season. The lessons were questionable, and the characters were not effectively used, and the writing did not seem true to all that Boy Meets World had built.

6. Season 3 Grade 3.5 B, Average position #85

Top 5 Episodes

  1. What i meant to say ,A,#22

  2. Last temptation of Cory, A,#27

  3. The heart of a lonely hunter ,A, #32

  4. Truth and consequences,A,#40

  5. This little piggy ,A, #44

The Bottom 5 Episodes

1.Train of fools,C,#151

2.Rave on,C,#145

3.He said She said,C#139

4. I was a teenage spy,C,#138

5.The double lie, C,#131

Season 3 is Shawn's season. This season, we get great episodes about Shawn and Cory's relationship, Shawn and Turner's relationship, and Shawn's relationship with his father. Also, there are classic bonding moments between Shawn and Feeny as he goes on his emotional journey. For example, City Slackers and Pink Flamingo Kid, both episodes show Feeny and Shawn relating one on one. Season three feels like the basis of Shawn and Feeny's long term relationship. We also get an excellent dissection of Shawn's ladies man persona in the Heart of A Lonely Hunter, where his reputation starts working against him.

Focusing on Shawn's struggle for family and his class and relationship troubles added a new depth to Boy Meets World and provided a necessary evolution of subject matter that never felt out of place. Also, this season set a solid foundation for Erics college saga in season four. We see Eric gradually want to go to college, but we also see him pay the consequences for slacking off.

Cory and Topanga also serve as quite the whirlwind romance this season. They have so many great moments; they navigate what love means; they navigate breaking up and staying friends, and they have a classic reunion episode at Disneyland.

This season did a lot of great things. A few things that hold it back from being ranked higher to me is the side plots. Some of these episodes did not need side plots. They would have made great one story episodes, but they put in deadweight side plots that held them back. The story of Eric dating a 27-year-old woman while still in high school in the otherwise classic life lessons comes to mind. Also, I felt like they could have done more with Turner. Turner had such a significant role in season 2, but he seemed to be fading in season three, which did not make much sense, especially because he was so crucial to Shawn.

5. Season 1 Grade 3.7 B, Average Position #82

Top 5 Episodes

  1. 1.The Fugitive,A, #9

  2. 2.Teachers Bet,A, #15.

  3. 3.Boy meets girl,A #46

  4. 4.Father knows less,A,#52

  5. 4.Cory's alternative friends A#53

Bottom 5 Episodes

1.Its a wonderful night ,C,#153

2. Killer B,C,#143

3.Grandma was a rollingstone ,C,#141 4.The father son game, B-,#128

5.Class preunion ,B,#119

This season was tightly written and had many great lessons and episodes that still stand up today. However, one of the things holding it back was that it was for a much younger audience. The writing in these episodes, though, was excellent and always entertaining. This is the season where you fell in love with the world of Boy Meets World. Stern but wise, Mr. Feeny always giving great advice and guidance and believing in his students' potential. Amy and Alan are the best tv parents, and they earn a lot of that reputation right here in season one. Their level headed and understanding way of parenting was entertaining to watch. They often find interesting ways of relating the teachings of the world to Cory. However, they also seem like fully formed people who have lives outside of Cory. Also, Morgan was at her funniest and most used in season 1. This is Morgan's best season and the best version of Morgan.

Shawn's role was not large this season, but every time his character got a chance to do something, he knocked it out of the park. Cory and Shawn have a great friendship that is worth total investment by the audience in season 1.

Topanga and Cory also have such a cute romance going in season one, and it is nice to see them grow up together in season 1. Topanga was at her best; in my opinion, in season 1, her alternative mindset was such an asset to the show. I wish they would not have watered it down in later seasons. Minkus, while brief, was a great antagonist to Cory. He only got one full season, but he is one of the most beloved Boy Meets World characters. Season one did a great job introducing the series and getting people invested in Boy Meets World's characters.

4. Season 5 Grade 3.7 B Average Position #78

Top5 Episodes

  1. Heartbreak Cory,A,#1

  2. If you cant be with the one you love,A,#4

  3. Torn between two lovers feeling like a fool,A,#8

  4. and then there was Shawn,A,#23

  5. i love you donna karan,A#29

Bottom 5 Episodes

  1. Promises prom-isess,C,#152

  2. How to succeed in business,C,#142

3.Honesty night,C,#136

4.A very topanga Christmas,b-,126

5. Raging Cory, B,#123

Season 5 is the first season where it does not seem like it is about any one saga in particular. The three biggest storylines of the season are about Shawn, Cory and Topanga, and Eric. Shawn's storyline focuses on overcoming his circumstances. He tries to create a strong family unit with his long lost brother Jack even though he does not know-how. Also, he struggles to overcome the fact that Jack was able to leave. So there are more class and abandonment issues for Shawn to overcome. Also, Shawn is struggling to feel like he can or deserves to go to college. Also, Shawn is trying to work through his issues and find love with the newest character Angela in a series of unforgettable episodes.

Eric is adjusting to college life with his new roommates, Shawn and Jack. It is a simple storyline, but it is also fascinating. The best adjusting to college moment was when an imaginary Feeny guides Eric through his first College assignment. Also, Jack and Eric's friendship was fun to watch and comedically; they play off each other well. This season is Eric and Jack's best season as a duo.

Cory and Topanga have their most significant test to date in this season, and that is why they have the number one episode of the entire series. The Lauren saga was a truly interesting test of their relationship to see if they could overcome adversity and choose each other. I feel like this was a couple defining storyline that showed that they really loved each other. The fact that they do not just give up on each other and work through their problems was another way that Boy Meets World kept them interesting and showed that they were worthy of rooting for. Also, they have another test when Topanga almost goes off to Yale.

There are so many pivotal moments for the characters in this season. They are seniors and freshmen at the crossroads in their lives. The writers managed to show that in various dramatic storylines that make this season difficult to beat. The comedy in this season is also some of the best in the series.

3. Season 4 Grade 3.7 B Average Position #69

Top 5 Episodes

  1. A long walk to Pittsburgh 1,A,#2

  2. Cult fiction , A, #5

  3. uncle daddy ,A,#7

  4. Learning to fly, A #14

  5. A long walk to Pittsburgh 2,A,#16

The bottom Five episodes

  1. i ain’t gonna sprat lettuce no more C #148

  2. b and b’s bnb, C, #140

  3. Easy street C,#135

  4. wheels C+, #132

  5. Fishing for virna B-,#124

Season four is Eric's Season. It is mainly about his journey to college. This journey provides a lot of great episodes like Learning to Fly and Uncle Daddy. Eric is such a beloved character, and this is a season we see the most growth from him as a person. We also see his relationship grow with Feeny. This season is the basis for the life long friendship between Feeny and Eric.

Shawn also has so many great storylines centering around his home life this season. Cult Fiction and Janitor's Dad, for example. Shawn's family reunites, making this season unique as it was the only season where we see both his parents at home. Cory and Topanga also have some of their cutest and most dramatic moments in this season. Alan switched careers a move seasons in the making and one that helped him to relate to Eric.

This season's best attribute was emotional content. It is the season that will make you cry. It is hitting all the emotional beats perfectly. It also blends the storyline's well. Comedy is very easily incorporated in the most dramatic storylines without ever feeling out of place. This season the writers displayed their mastery in emotion and drama and produced the funniest episode of the entire series in an affair to forget.

2. Season 6 Grade 3.9 B+, Average Position #71

Top 5 Episodes

1.Well have a good time then ,A ,# 6

2.Resurrection, A #10

3.Santa’s little helpers ,A,#11

4. Can I help cheer you, A, #12

5.Aint college great,A,#19

Bottom 5 Episodes

  1. Better than the average Cory,C,#158

  2. And in case I don’t see ya,C,#149

  3. My baby valentine B #122

  4. if you’re married you are dead B, #121

  5. State of the unions B #114

Season six has an embarrassment of riches in terms of storylines. There are just so many great storylines in this season. We get Cory and Topanga almost getting married curtesy of the fifth season. We get a new character in Rachel, which makes all of the side plots A1. We get a love triangle between Eric and Rachel, and Jack. We get Feeny and Dean Bolander's romance. Angela and Shawn's very interesting will they won't they storyline. Cory and Angela cementing their friendship. Shawn and Jack dealing with their father's death. Arguably the most incredible storyline of Boy Meets World Eric and Tommy. Also, Amy and Alan having a new baby. What this season did best was that it delivered phenomenal comedy and drama in multi episodic arcs. There is no other season with as many storylines that hit and continued over multiple episodes. I honestly do not know how they fit it all in one season. This season was extraordinary

1.Season 2 Grade 4.2 A- Average position #56

The Top 5 Episodes

  1. Sister Theresa,A,#3

  2. Career Day ,A,#17

  3. Wrong side of the tracks,A,#18

  4. Wake up little Cory ,A, #21

  5. Me and Mr joad ,A,#30

The bottom 5 Episodes

  1. Turnaround C+#134

  2. Danger boy, B-,#127

  3. Home,B,#112

  4. The beard ,B,#103

  5. On the air, B+,#93

Season two is Cory's season. This season is unique because it stuck to mostly one person's story in a way that other seasons did not. Season two is about Cory's journey to find his way in life, specifically high school. I like that this season was edgier in terms of content than season 1. It really opened up the world of Boy Meets World and introduced us to a fantastic cast of characters like Turner and Joey and Frankie Griff, Wendy T.k, etc.

I like the season goal because I think it is relatable. Everyone wants to find their place, so Cory's journey is relatable. Also, even though Cory is only twelve, the lessons he learns always have a more significant impact and can be used at any age. Double standards in society/how to treat women in Wake up little Cory or Learning the value of unions in Me and Mr Joad.

Eric and Shawn also get more depth added to their characters. We get a lot of Shawn's layers in this season. For example, we learn about his home life in Career Day. We learn about his feelings about being poor in Wrong Side Of The Tracks. Eric shows he has standards for himself in By Hook or by Crook and that there is more to him than just chasing girls. We get more of Eric's life in this season because now Cory goes to school with him. He is more in Cory's world. Topanga has a great storyline, too. She is in love with Cory, but he simply is not as mature as she is. So you can see her kind of circulating his orbit in this season. The second season to me builds the friendship that Cory and Topanga's relationship is built on, and it also serves as a cute budding romance.

This season was exciting. It felt like anything could happen, and there were always new and interesting characters coming in and shaking things up. Also, they always found new and interesting ways to address Cory's self-exploration and move the story. This season is extremely creative and entertaining, and hilarious; it has so many episodes hitting at a high level, which is why it has the highest grade of all the seasons and the highest average position of episodes.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m interested What made season 3 one of the strongest? What made season four uneven?


Liam Heffernan
Liam Heffernan
Nov 07, 2020

I agree with your thoughts on each season. Each season had a focus for our characters.

Season 7 is by far the weakest season. It felt very disconnected and our characters felt very disconnected too. The wedding episode was a bit of a let down. This season had a lot of filler episodes and episodes that I didn't enjoy at all.

Season 4 was good. I felt this season was a little uneven but still added some great moments.

Season 6 was a really strong season that went down the emotional side and bringing our characters into the real world.

Season 5 was another strong season. I felt that adding Jack to the series gave it a freshness it needed…

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