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Boy Meets World Top 20 Episodes!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of boy meets world. I will be dropping ten episodes on Fridays (8/7 central). The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly. Subjective enjoyment is this one enjoyable to watch. Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share. Emotion is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant.

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20.Janitor Dad Episode 6 Season 4

In this episode, Shawn's father becomes the janitor, and he is humiliated. To make matters worse, a Low life keeps making fun of Shawn's father. Shawn initially wants his father fired but then realizes he should be proud of his father. In a b story, Eric and Alan hire some new help at the shop.

I think this episode does an excellent job of getting humor in. It is a serious episode, but the writers take full advantage of their comedy moments. My favorite joke was the moment in the trailer park where we hear the couples fighting, "I want to be normal spud." However, the b story also had so many laughs, like when Alan is worried about his customers falling off mountains because they were not exactly mountain men, and the b plot introduced new characters.

Also, I like that in this one episode, Shawn goes through a whole arc. He starts out making a mess, not caring who cleans up and being arrogant about it, but by the end, he is cleaning up his mess and showing that low life Randal(the bully) that he will not let him get to him. I think there are two crucial lessons in that. One is that you do not have sink to the level of the Randels of the world. Now Randel deserved the hands he got from Shawn. However, at the same time, is Randel worth it? Did it even solve anything? Clearly, Randel is a miserable edge lord trying to get a reaction. For that reason, Shawn realizes that he should not let what Randel thinks of him effect his life in any way because Randel is irrelevant.

Also, Shawn learns to look past his own selfish perspective. He was embarrassed, but he (in his mind ) almost cost his whole family and himself because he was not looking past his own perspective. Herein lies the genius of Feeny; not only does George know how to support his students, Feeny knows how to challenge them. Feeny pushes Shawn by telling him he will fire Chet if Shawn wants him to and gets Shawn to understand his dad and mom's perspective, and he may not have arrived at that point without Feeny. Definitely a classic Grade A.

19. Ain’t College Great Episode 3 Season 6

Between the A story of Cory ruining his future in one day and Eric and Jack trying to scheme on Rachel, this is one of the funniest episodes of Boy Meets World, if not the funniest. It was interesting to see Shawn be self-conscious about how they act in college because Shawn has never really cared before. Shawn always lets Cory be Cory, and he has always seemed super confident in himself. However, not in college, which is strangely consistent with his character in certain environments, Shawn feels imposter syndrome, and that makes sense for college. Cory is also consistently taking on way more than he can handle to be something he is not.

The guidance counselor was funny too. This whole, this is a big-league attitude that is an accurate satire of real life. Also, I love that they used Cory going to Wyoming to escape his problems to bring Feeny back and help him realize he was not ready to retire. Also, Cory's whole Walter bit was hilarious. They also brought it back around to a nice moment where the kids show Feeny did prepare them for college in important ways.

The B plot was hysterical yet poignant. Rachel makes an offhanded comment about Eric and Jack both being great in their own ways and that she would be head over heels if they were one man. So naturally, Eric tried to act sensitively like Jack in a ridiculous way. Rachel takes him to the dryer room and throws herself at him( which was a huge gamble ), but Eric does not want her because she is not herself, and as soon as he says it, he realizes the point, and that was a great way to get across, I like that he realized it for himself and here we see Eric has standards for what he wants. Then we come back, and Jack is dressed up as a clown lol to be fun like Eric. Rachel takes him to the laundry room to give him the same lesson. This episode had good lessons and moments but was A1 comedy that adds to the story. Grade A

18.Wrong Side of the Tracks episode 19 Season 2

In this episode, Shawn asked out a preppy girl, but when she dumps him because he is insufficient, he spirals. He decides if that is how everyone sees him, then that is how he should be. He starts hanging with Harley, and Cory fights to get his friend back. In the b story, Eric pretends to be an ice skater to get a girl.

I think the b story served as an excellent way to lighten the episode. Although you could argue they did not need Eric’s b story, it does tie in both Eric and Shawn are trying to be something they are not. It serves a purpose in providing levity to the episode. Also, it is hilarious, and it has a cool guest spot in Eric’s dream.

The A story to me is classic. It shows the unbreakable bond between Shawn and Cory, the fact that Cory would go down there and put his neck on the line to show Shawn that Shawn did not belong there. Also, Shawn trying to be a thug was a dramatic turn, but with Joey and Frankie, it was often funny too, and they were able to walk that line very well. Also, Turner showed he has a bond with Shawn, and he cares. He also gave us an important lesson about self-worth; it is most vital that you think highly of yourself. However, to me, the best advice of the episode comes from Alan, “ sometimes people push you away when they need you the most.” excellent episode Grade A.

17. Career day Episode 22 Season 2

Career day honestly should have been the season two finale. This episode was so good. We start with career day in Turner's class, and it was nice to see the kids' interaction with their parents; it shows them in a different light. For example, Topanga is more Topie with her dad, aka sweeter, an innocent, but she can still intimidate Shawn and Cory lol. Cory is dreading his father's appearance, which is strange, yet it makes sense at the same time.

It is strange because just last season, Cory was all Superman is my dad. Now he is embarrassed, but I get it. Cory is older and in high school, and he is more focused on what is cool; it happens to all of us. However, it was cool throughout the episode to see Cory and Alan mirror each other's feelings and even say the same things. I think this was a smart way to show that familial bond.

Then Chet enters, and this is the first time we are meeting Chet and what a debut. He tells some wild stories, and at first, Shawn is excited to hear them because he does not even know what his dad does, but he is quickly disillusioned when he hears lies. This career day class sets up a dichotomy between Cory and Shawn, thinking the other person's dad is better. Cory thinks his dad was boring, but Shawn admires Alan's stability. Shawn thinks his dad was full of it, but Cory thinks he was cool. It quickly gets worse for Shawn when we find out his mom took their mobile home and left. This development is a radical change because up to this point in season two, Shawn has been on this journey with Cory, but to a lesser extent, because he has been cool, he has got girls' attention and has not had to sweat to attain those things.

However, here we see Shawn struggle; we see Shawn try to keep it together while things are falling apart. This revelation leads us to the heartbreaking/heartwarming scene where Shawn goes to Turner and lies about why he is there just looking for food and guidance from someone as his mother and father have left him alone in a motel. Shawn tries to play it off, but it is clear why he came to Turner. Feeny and Turner talk about it, showing that Feeny is a mentor to Turner, something we have seen all season at work, but now we see it leaking into life.

Also, credit to Chet; he delivers his lines so well he is funny yet detested yet sympathetic all at the same time. He weasels Alan into watching Shawn, but of course, Alan agrees. Cory is thrilled by Alan's choice and basically tells him he is Superman, and this builds on the last lesson because last and Alan both get a realization. Alan sees he is more than a grocer to his son, and Cory learns to appreciate all the things Alan does for him, like taking in Shawn. Also, Eric's SAT story was as funny as Shawn's plot was dramatic. They even managed to tie it into career day when Alan tells Eric he had to get to college, so he does not have to go to career day and say he is a grocer. This episode is dramatic, has multiple lessons, and is very creative and funny; it is firing on all cylinders. Grade A

16. Long walk to Pittsburgh part 2 Episode 17 Season 4

In this episode, Topanga comes back to Cory and fights to stay together in a world that seems to be pulling them apart. This established that Cory and Topanga were the couple of all couples and made for the ultimate teen love episode. This episode defined what they really meant to each other and how far they would go for each other. It also separated them from being considered puppy love. Also, it makes some interesting statements about love.

To me, this episode is arguing for true love. That love is fate when you know you know it is like lightning. I have to say I am with Feeny and Cory and Topanga. The parents think that Cory and Topanga are too serious too fast, but even if their hearts get broken, so what? Going back to what Feeny said in the first episode to have love in your life is the greatest gift there is. What if Cory and Topanga ignore their connection date around cause they are supposed and lose out on each other. That would be the greater crime, In my opinion. Better to have loved and lost than regret.

Also, This episode incorporated the parental characters in a new way. Cory appealing to his father, makes a lot of sense. He goes to his father traditionally for advice. However, to see Amy have such a significant role in this episode was spectacular. Also, I liked the parents playing devil's advocate here, interrogating Cory and Topanga, and putting them to the test in a way more realistic way than they did in season seven(honeymoon is over). Also, Eric carries all the comedy himself and does a great job with it. This episode shook the BMW universe. Grade A

15.Teachers Bet episode 8 Season 1

In this episode, Cory and Feeny make a bet that Cory cannot raise the testing average while being the teacher for a week. If Cory loses, he loses his new bike, and if he wins, he gets a percentage of Feeny's check.

This episode is excellent, and it is probably my favorite Feeny lesson. Here we see Feeny motivating Cory to learn the material by having him teach it and adding the additional layer of a punishment that Cory would care about(losing his bike ) and a reward that Cory would care about (money). Also packed into the school lesson is an additional lesson about appreciating your teachers. It is hard not to gain an appreciation for Feeny's job after Cory has to do it.

This bet is one of my favorite Boy Meets World lessons cause it is as strong and as vital as it ever was now in 2020. I like how we see Cory have an awakening. Typically school teaches history in a eurocentric way, which glosses over a lot. Considering what Cory learned in school and Cory's white suburban surroundings, it is easy for me to see how a 12-year-old Cory would think discrimination and stuff only happened a long time ago. This understanding makes the scene where Cory is shocked to see his brother's Asian girlfriend, Linda crying because she was called a bad name at the mall even more effective.

However, the best part of this episode is the classroom scene. Side note Feeny pretending to be a student was hilarious. Cory calls Shawn an Italian slur to get the kids' attention. Once Cory has the class's attention, he gives them a lesson in discrimination and prejudice. His words are still so powerful "a 15-year girl is dead, doesn't anybody care ?" Also, "when someone is called a bad name, it is not good enough that just that one person jumps up, we all have to jump up." That is one of the best lines of the entire series. This episode taught a critical lesson about racism and learning about the past, so we do not repeat it. They worked in classic literature( The diary of Anne Frank), and it taught viewers to respect teachers. This all started because Cory thought Feeny had it easy, then he learned all that Feeny does for them for very little pay. The lessons in this episode have a lasting impact, and the creative way Feeny taught the lesson made for an entertaining episode. Grade A

14.Learning To Fly Episode 22 Season 4

This episode is the best season finale of Boy Meets World. Eric and Cory, and Shawn go on a college visit to beach state(on the nose name, but it works ); there, Shawn hilariously realizes he is living a fantasy, and he knows what everyone is going to say before they say it it is hilarious. However, Topanga is missing from the trip, which disappoints Cory cause he was ready to get in. However, things get more complicated when Mary-Beth, a sorority girl, comes on to Cory and is willing to complete his dream weekend.

Cory tries to get away, but he is trapped in the room with her. Furthermore, she is tossing it at him hard. On top of that, he finds out Topanga lied to him, something that shocks Cory cause he has never really had to worry about her telling the truth or not before. Topanga could have come on this trip with him, but she pretended that her aunt would not let her. So now, Cory is feeling abandoned, and he is with a hot college girl who wants him. He never gives in, but she keeps advancing, and that is when Eric walks in, catching them in a compromising position.

I love this scene. Eric schools Cory telling Cory that what Topanga and Cory have built is worth waiting for. However, he does not stop Cory; he allows Cory to make his own decisions. Like Feeny did with Eric at the beginning of the episode when Eric decided to visit beach state instead of Pennbrook, this little lecture shows how much Eric has grown. He was always looking for the easy way out in seasons past.

Even now, Eric is flirting with taking the easy way out. Nevertheless, because of his growth in season 4, it does not feel right. That is when Cory schools Eric right back, telling him he deserves more and that Pennbrook is his Topanga, it is the school worthy of his hard work. Then Eric asks, how do I give up a sure thing? Then Cory tells the college girl he loves his girlfriend, passing up on losing his virginity in a sure thing sexual encounter, and Cory says just like that.

Eric then goes to Pennbrook and has a moment with the dean, where he gives an impassioned speech that inspires her to bet on Eric. He gets into college, his season-long journey fulfilled. When they get the letter, Feeny makes a little joke about dean Bolander being after him for years. It was probably just an inside joke then cause they were married, but it ended up being foreshadowing cause they got married in the show.

Cory and Topanga make up. However, this is one of the things I do not like about the Topanga character. She is too fully formed for a main character. The whole arc occurs off-screen.she concludes she is too young and not ready all by herself. Like she is too immature to communicate but mature enough to self realize without any experience?

Furthermore, we see this from Topanga all the time. I wish they would allow her to learn more lessons and grow before our eyes like the other characters. This episode is entertaining. It has big steaks and a critical lesson, and it is very tightly written, and both Eric and Cory's story tie in, and they are both powerful. Grade A

13.Angela’s Men Episode 3 season 7

This is, without a doubt, the best episode of season 7. In this episode, the boys are trying to woo(what ?) Angela and Topanga when Angela's father appears. Shawn spends the rest of the episode impressing Angela's father, and Eric spends the rest of the episode trying to sneak attack Topanga. This is Eric at his funniest. The story balances humor and drama well as we see Eric and Cory failing the ROTC program and being ridiculous. We also see Shawn get closer to Angela's father. They have a touching moment where Shawn reveals his back story, and Angela's dad clearly feels bad for him, and it's there where he starts to believe that maybe there is something more than meets the eye going on here between Shawn and Angela.

Also, Angela's dad has excellent comedic timing. Also, to up the drama, Shawn joins the army. This show manages to slip in a commentary on how the military can recruit and appeal to people like Shawn. Later in the episode, we learn that Angela's mom walked out on her. It's a big emotional moment, and Shawn cuts through all her walls, and Angela's father reassures her that she is not her mother; that what happened between her mom and him has nothing to do with her. Angela then tearfully admits she loves Shawn, and they embrace, and it's such a tremendous climactic moment. One knock I do have is that Angela leaves Shawn, so she did exactly what she feared. But that doesn't happen in this episode, so I won't penalize this one. This episode is jam-packed with great content. Grade A

12.Can I Help Cheer You? Episode 18 Season 6

In this episode, Tommy asks Eric to adopt him. Eric, swayed by emotion, answers Tommy's call to save him. However, Eric realizes that Tommy has another family that wants to adopt him, but they are in California. At first, Eric attempts to adopt him, but then he realizes that the family in California is better for Tommy after the social worker tells him about their other child. Eric tells Tommy right after Tommy calls him dad that he will not adopt him. Tommy is so good at just breaking your heart with like every other line he says, and he does that all episode. Especially here where Eric has to disappoint him.

We see Eric's heartbreak as he makes the adult choice to put his own feelings aside for Tommy. That's what parents are supposed to do. Moreover, that is what you are supposed to do for your loved ones. In that one moment, we see Eric grow up. It is a fantastic scene.

Later he is back at home moping because it is the last time he will see Tommy, and he knows Tommy will leave mad at him. However, Tommy shows up at the door to say goodbye, and they actually get a sweet send-off even though Tommy is still mad.

In the b story, they do a comedy version of this story where Cory is offered millions of dollars to leave Topanga and marry a man's hot daughter before she marries someone the dad does not like. It is hilarious, and the whole time Shawn is trying to get Cory to take the money lol, and Angela and Topanga play into it without knowing it. However, in the end, like his brother Eric, he resists his own selfish desires in favor of his love for Topanga. The story with Eric and Tommy is a top-notch tear-jerker. And the Cory story is comic gold I like the contrast and the way it still ties in and showcases The same lesson in romantic love and love you feel for a family member/someone close to you. I give this episode an A

11.Santa's little helpers Episode 11 Season 6

This episode had so much going on. A dramatic story between Angela and Shawn that has long-standing consequences. Plus, one of Eric'sEric's most defining moments in an even more dramatic story. Plus, Cory and Topanga bring the comedy. Shawn and Angela are dancing around each other, but through their meddling friends Cory and Topanga, Shawn and Angela discover that they both still care for each other. Angela tries to rekindle the flame, and Shawn shuts it down, saying he isn't ready for the commitment. Angela is understandably upset, and she tells Shawn she is done and that they will never have anything because she is tired of looking like a fool for him. I think the will they won't angle was handled well in this episode. We are taken on a roller coaster of emotions.

Cory and Topanga are hilarious in this episode fighting over whether or not to meddle in the relationship. Cory even sets up many ridiculous ploys to get them back together, and it's super obvious. But it doesn't cross over into annoyance because behind all the comedy; Cory wants to repay Shawn for getting him and Topanga together after the ski lodge.

Eric has quite the struggle going on in this episode. It starts with him stealing presents from his family to give to orphans. However, things take a turn when a kid asks Eric(Who dressed as Santa) if he can return his gift in exchange for parents. This leads Eric to become a big brother to Tommy. This episode doesn't have a b story; it's like two A stories. It's very well done and dramatic, creative in their situations, and efficient in its use of comedy. Grade A

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