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Boy meets World Top 50 Episodes!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of boy meets world. I will be dropping ten episodes on Fridays and Sundays (8/7 central). The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly. Subjective enjoyment is this one enjoyable to watch. Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share. Emotion is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant. Fan questions at the bottom.

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50.Who’s afraid of the Cory Wolf Episode 6 Season 2

In this episode, Cory thinks he is turning into...” a werewolf.”

This episode is one you either love or hate. I am on the love side. This episode was super creative. I love that they addressed Cory going through “puuberty” by comparing it to turning into a werewolf. Both are hairy transformations. Also, the comedy in this episode had me rolling the whole time. This episode is a very Boy Meets World Halloween episode. It sticks to the topic of growing up, but it is also clearly Halloween themed, and it has a lesson.

The lesson is well done too. Cory thinks he is turning into a wolf because he has bought into a rumor going around that a wolf had escaped the zoo. He gets bit while taking out the trash, and he thinks it is the wolf. However, when we find out the truth, it turns out the wolf was in the zoo the whole time, and Cory was bit by a rabbit. Showing the truth of the rumor was much less significant than Cory thought.

Furthermore, to prove that this is not just a lesson for kids, we see Feeny spread the rumor to Cory and the adults in the episode buying pop cans because they believed a rumor that a jewel thief left a diamond in pop can but lost it among the general stock of pop. Proving they were also susceptible in their own way to low-grade information. Lastly, we see Cory and Topanga grow closer together with a kiss before the costume party. I give this episode an A.

49. Pop Quiz Episode 20 Season 2

This episode is hilarious. Frankie and Joey need a new leader in the B plot after Harley is sent to military school. They try to woo Eric before eventually settling on the new big man on campus, Griff. In the A-story, Cory and Shawn get extremely low grades on their test, and on top of that, they owe Turner a report. Feeny tries telling them to open a book, but they do not listen to him. Turner comes in and gives them another chance on their report, which they blow by cheating. They watch the movie instead of reading and copy the summary on the back of the tape, which doesn't work for obvious reasons.

In the process, they find Turner's lesson plan and find out exactly when the pop quiz will be and what it will be on. They study and get a 92 and a 96. Cory feels guilty for cheating, to which Shawn says," just face it, Cory, we studied, and we got good grades." Still, Cory's stomach hurts, so they confess, and Turner reveals that the assignment was on the board for weeks and that the teacher wants you to know what to study. Thus Cory and Shawn learn what school is, and it is hilarious.

This episode is one of the funniest of the entire series, but it is also a satirical take on an important lesson, reaching the kids on their level. Feeny yells at Shawn and Cory, commanding them to study, and while you could easily argue they deserve it, what is the point if they do not listen? That commanding approach without reason is ignored by the boys. Moreover, while the boys are definitely lazy, there is something to be said for the way Turner is able to motivate them.

He presents the info in a way that makes them feel like they are getting one over, and it motivated them to study, and they get good grades, and once they do it, they know not only that they can but how easy it was to attain those grades. Turner's approach was not unrealistic. I have had college professors schedule out pop quizzes that way, and when they do, it feels like they want you to win and that they care more about your learning, and it motivates you to study more. I also really liked the comical take on Joey and Frankie. What are Lackeys with no leader? Also, it was a great way to introduce Griff. The courted Griff, like he was a potential girlfriend, and it was hilarious. This episode is still really funny, and it has a nice lesson behind it, and there are no glaring errors that take me out of it. Grade A

48. The Thrilla' in Phila Episode 21 Season 2

They did a lot of episodes about self-exploration in season two. This episode might have been the most fun episode of season two, if not the series. Cory and Shawn realize they do not have anything to say when interviewed by Topanga for the school paper about their accomplishments, and Topanga says they are the two most pathetic students. Although this is clearly just a plot device because, by this point, they have run for student president, run a radio show, launched a school-wide protest, and played the seventh-grade dance.

However, I will give them a little bit of credit because they could not sustain those things. Cory wants to be someone. Lucky for him, the wrestling team needs someone just his size. He joins the wrestling team, and he thinks he will never have to fight because nobody else is in his weight class. Cory gets to enjoy the jock lifestyle and have something cool to be remembered as.

However, the Cory and Shawn of the underworld, Joey and Frankie, are also searching for identity because they might lose their leader Griff to expulsion. It is an excellent side story that collides with the main story in a very entertaining fashion. Joey challenges Cory for his wrestling jacket, and Cory wins the match, but Joey nags Cory until he agrees to a rematch with new terms. Joey hilariously calls Cory yellow for a week. Their second fight gets way out of hand, and they have a massive fight in front of the whole school. Yasmine from Baywatch is there watching, and Vader, Feeny, and Eric get involved in the fight.

Frankie and Joey tag in and out of the match as well. By the end of it, Cory is hurting from his run-in with Vader. Vader delivered hilarious promos in this episode. He is my favorite guest star, and it is because of appearances like this. In the end, Cory realizes he is not being true to himself and quits the team, and he and Topanga share a moment.

This episode seems to be showing (in very creative fashion) that you should not try and be something you are not. Cory gets pushed and pushed into doing things he did not want to do because he was trying to keep up this persona of being a jock that was not him. Once he learns the lesson, he gets a little more mature and sees that Topanga is still there once the smoke clears once again. Topanga can see Cory is maturing and so they grow a little closer. It is one of the trademarks of this season that I love. Both Cory and Topanga are doing their own thing, which is entertaining but growing closer together as the season goes. This episode was creative, hilarious, and had a good lesson that tied into the season well. Grade A

47. Hometown Hero Episode 5 Season 3

In this episode, Cory and Shawn try to sneak into their chemistry class to turn in a late paper, but they accidentally start a fire. Cory rings the alarms, and janitor bud thinks Cory is a hero. At first, Shawn tells Cory to go with it. Because it means that they get away with what they did, and Cory gets the free ride he wanted. But Shawn quickly changes his tune when he notices that Cory's head is getting way too big, and he is beginning to change.

Meanwhile, the lie keeps escalating to the point Cory is supposed to tell his story on the news. Finally, the pressure is too much for Cory, and after an excellent conversation with Feeny, who never believed Cory was telling the truth, Cory admits that he lied to his parents.

This episode is a redo of "boy two mensa," but it doesn't loose points for me because it's an upgrade on a previous lesson. Here the steaks are higher. Cory lies to his parents and the whole school, factuality, and girlfriend, and he almost lies to all of Philly. Also, it's more dramatic where as in boy two Mensa, everyone knew Cory was lying. In this episode, only Feeny suspects, and even he doesn't have enough evidence, so that makes it more challenging to tell the truth because he could get away with it.

Also, this episode is funnier than the season one version. The comedy is just on point throughout. Feeny's lesson was also excellent. A hero is someone who does the right thing when the right thing isn't easy. I think we can all use that lesson. Also, I think Shawn was interesting in this episode; he has been the devil on Cory's shoulder for a long time, but it's nice to see that when Cory listens to Shawn and makes the wrong choice, Shawn can see that it's wrong. He wants to help Cory make it right because he doesn't want Cory to change who he is and lose the values that Shawn admires in Cory. Grade A

46. Boy Meets Girl Episode 21 Season 1

This episode shows the core of what season one was about. Cory struggle with growing up and puberty; he tries to stay the same and be a kid, but you cannot avoid growing up. In this episode, they are shown the puberty video, but Cory and Shawn dismiss it. However, things change when Shawn starts to feel things he did not feel before. His hormones kick in, and he is nervous around a girl who sits next to him all of a sudden.

Of course, like with everything, Minkus is ahead of the boys and already somewhat knowledgeable. They go to him for help. Cory still wants to stay 12, but Shawn listens, and he gets a date. Then he starts the hormone laugh, and he does not understand what is happening. Then Shawn starts hanging with Eric, and Cory feels excluded. So Cory wants to get even.

Cory goes to Minkus, and he gives Cory some dating tips. Minkus tells Cory to go for someone he is comfortable with and someone comfortable with him, but Cory can only think of his mom. So Minkus suggests Cor go for anything in a dress, and wouldn't you know it, the only one wearing a dress was Topanga, his first kiss( what are the odds lol).

Cory starts using Minkus tips to get a date with her but later cancels after his parents tell him not to date Topanga just for revenge. Nevertheless, Topanga comes over to give him some tea, and at first, Cory is a jerk, but when he sees he had hurt her feelings, he dials it back. Then Topanga shows her telegram has arrived by throwing some game at Cory. She starts flirting, and before we know it, Cory gets his telegram when he high fives Topanga.

This episode and date is one of the most important episodes of the Boy Meets World series. This episode was Topanga's best performance of season one. This episode was creative. It moved the storyline forward, and it held its cards till the last moment and produced several heartwarming moments between Topanga and Cory. I am honestly a little surprised it was not the finale. Grade A

45.Fear strikes out Episode 9 Season 2

In this episode, Cory goes to a make-out party, but because of his brother messing with him, he strikes out at the party and becomes the laughing stock of the school. Eric gets in trouble and is told he will not date again unless Cory does. Eric gets Cory to take Topanga to a poetry reading, and his reputation is restored, he and Topanga move farther along.

Topanga continues her season two bae campaign. She is super cool to Cory in the closet and even settles him down enough to get a kiss if only they had more time. I think the closet scene shows why Cory and Topanga cannot be together yet. Cory says he just wants to clear a social hurdle. Topanga actually likes Cory. Cory clearly is not there yet. If Topanga wants Cory, she will have to Wait for him to mature and see her. This episode also shows why she is willing to wait. Cory is a nice guy even though he does not like the nice guy label. By the end, he is kissing Topanga, and we see that he does hold Topanga in a different regard than other women.

It is not sneaking to Florida to win you back love yet, but it is a strong like and solid trust and friendship. In this episode, Topanga also delivers a good lesson. She was nervous, too; it was not one sided. Girls may be just as nervous. This is a good lesson for kids because growing up, you always feel like you are the only one who does not know what you are doing, but odds are you are not.

Also, boys often assume there is no pressure on girls, and Topanga dispels that as well. An once they removed the pressure of feeling like they were imposters, they had a successful date. The lesson in this episode is subtle, but it is actually very important. It is about social pressure and not letting it get to you. Cory is so freaked out about not living up to that social pressure that he creates a self- fulfilling prophecy and becomes the laughing stock of the school. However, he has kissed Topanga 2 times already by this point, and when he kisses her for the third time at the coffee shop, he became the talk of the school in a good way, and he achieved that being himself. So do not let social pressure get you out of character. You can win by being yourself. It is a great lesson, and it is well done. Grade A.

44.This Little Piggy Episode 6 Season 3

This is actually a Shawn and Topanga episode. In this episode, Shawn gets a pig, and Topanga thinks he should give it up. Cory gets caught in the middle of this dispute. Meanwhile, Eric tries to bribe Feeny into getting him into Yale. This is a Shawn and Topanga episode because it is about that strain between them as separate parts of Cory's life.

I think this episode is when Shawn and Topanga establish a genuine bond. This episode does a great job of balancing stories. Cory learns a lesson that is valuable about being between his girlfriend and his best friend. This episode is one of the few times Cory actually stands up to Topanga, and as a result, she actually learns something at the end of the episode because she was held accountable.

Shawn gets closer to Topanga, and we see how his father's abandonment has affected him. Also, Eric has a great B plot with Feeny. Eric tries to bribe Feeny, and of course, Feeny does not go for it, but we see Feeny and Eric's mentor and pupil/friends relationship grow also. Also, I think this episode balances the drama and the comedy well. I wish this episode was called "pigs and woman; they will both break your heart " line of the episode. Grade A

43.Graduation Episode 24 Season 5

This episode is balancing like four conflicts. The first is that Feeny is retiring. Usually, we see Feeny going all out for his students, but here we see Cory Shawn and Topanga showing why they have been his favorites. They do not run out when everyone else leaves as the bell rings in their last class, showing they will miss Feeny because he is important to them. Later in the episode, Eric tries to stop Feeny, and it is hilarious. You can see the actor William breaking character as well as the actor that plays Jack.

Side note I loved that they continue the running gag that Shawn and Jack communicate by fighting. Back to the first point at the ceremony, we see Eric perform this over the top ode, and it is just so clear why they chose to go the direction they did with Eric.

The second point is Cory and Topanga. Cory is pretending to support Topanga going to yale, which I do not mind cause who wants there significant other to be that far away. It would be a massive strain on the relationship. We see Cory does love her and does want the best for her, but obviously, he does not want her to go to Yale. So I am glad they showed the full spectrum of Cory's emotion.

Also, how well Shawn knew Cory because Shawn knew the whole time. Topanga is also on a journey. She is unsure all episode, but in the end, she chooses Cory in dramatic fashion, asking him to marry her!?

Then the third conflict is the A story, which is Shawn. Shawn hated school, which he has always said for the most part, even just last episode. However, now that is it is over; he is sad because he realized how much high school did for him. His life was volatile, but the people at John Adams and the structure at school protected him to a certain extent. Now that it is over, and he realizes he took it for granted, he is filled with regret.

However, Feeny being the great man that he is, tells Shawn no one could have done better. Shawn overcame a lot; its true, and Feeny has earned his trust. Feeny's words meant a lot to Shawn. Topanga has a good moment too, where she lets Shawn give the final speech at graduation. I do wish we had some context some moment to refer back to see why she would do that.

Now for the last conflict, it is the one between the viewers and Boy Meets World. This is the end of Boy Meets World as we know it. We feel what Shawn feels. They bring back Minkus and Joey and Frankie, and it does feel like a proper send-off; the reunions the touching episode moments. The last lesson delivered from high school is about an assignment you do not have to do. It is about life. Your achievement or failure is on you. It is your choice, you can choose to do your homework or not, but these choices you make will weigh on you as an adult. It is not necessarily the adult's job to protect you or punish you anymore. This episode has a strong argument as the best finale in Boy Meets World. Grade A

42.The Uninvited Episode 5 Season 2

In this episode, both Cory and Alan are going through an identity crisis. Alan is feeling old, and he feels this way because he is on a senior citizen's mailing list. To make matters worse, he throws out his back. Cory feels he is a geek. This is mostly in his head. I think many people have felt like Cory feels in this episode. So I think Shawn gives a message that most fans can take to heart. Just be you and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.

One of the reasons Shawn is perceived as so cool is his confidence; he does not doubt himself in the ways that Cory does. He is also a good friend in that he pulls Cory out of his self-doubt and gives Cory that reassurance that he is not a geek. Also, Cory learns an important lesson about friendship: it is cool to be loyal. He goes to Melissa's party for the social rewards even though Shawn is not invited. Only to realize it was not worth it. Having a geek party was a creative way of showing that popularity is not worth losing your actual friends. Grade A.

41.By hook or Crook Episodes 18 Season 2

In this episode, they focus mostly on Eric. Eric needs a B average to go on a trip to Europe over the summer with his pal Jason. So he gets a tutor. The tutor is Tory Hart, and she has got a thing for him. She likes him so much that she is willing to give Eric the answers to the test. Eric wants to study. He wants to earn his grades, but Tory tells him he is not smart enough and offers him the exam answers.

At first, he does not take them and blows the test so badly he does not even answer half of it, but Tory fills it in for him. The second time he is up studying, and instead of helping him, Tory offers him the answers again, he does not want them, but she persuades him to take them and make up his mind later. Eric does, and he uses them. However, when he has everything, he gives it up to do the right thing. He goes back to Feeny and admits he cheated and even covers for Tory. But Tory outs herself.

Feeny schools both them, telling Eric he is only limited by his own laziness because he is actually very smart, a message he would give his parents two years later.

He tells Tory that she has written Eric off, and then he points out how she is a hypocrite for acting as if he could not be attractive and smart and still wanting to be taken seriously as a pretty girl. He points out that she should know how it is more than anyone.

In the B plot, Shawn's uncle mike fixes Turner's bike. We get to see that Shawn has a job, and we get to see how he is with his family and the strong respect Shawn has for Turner. Shawn takes a stand for him at the shop.

In the c plot, Cory has mono, and Topanga is trying to figure out who gave it to him. In the end, Topanga admits she likes Cory and Cory fakes sleep to avoid responding to her feelings. It is silly but on-brand for the season that has clearly been saving Topanga and Cory for a later date.

I love this episode because it shows depth in Eric's character. He has everything and gives it all up. Here we see Eric has standards and morals and is a good guy. Here he fits Feeny's season 3 definition of a hero. Someone who does the right thing when the right thing is not easy. We also further establish a relationship between Feeny and Eric, where Feeny shows Eric that he believes in him. Eric shows that he is worthy of Feeny's belief in him. Grade A.

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