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Boy Meets World's Top Ten Best Episodes!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

About this series

I have ranked and reviewed every episode of Boy Meets Word.All the episodes are on the site now. The rankings are based on tiers. So, for example, you have to have received a B grade to be ranked above another B grade episode, and a B grade episode cannot be ranked higher than a B+ or A level. The grades were given mostly based on four major categories. Creativity, was the episode concept done interestingly?Subjective enjoyment is this one enjoyable to watch? Logic, does the episode make sense, and are they successful in communicating the message they set out to share? Lastly emotion, is the moments of drama, humor, and tragedy still significant? Fan Questions are at the bottom.

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10.Resurrection Episode 17 Season 6

This episode had Eric and Tommy plus an emotional goodbye at the apartment. Plus, Cory and Topanga learning an entertaining lesson. Plus, Shawn's return and the fate of the newest Mathews literal life or death stakes on top of everything this episode crazy.

Eric and Tommy always have heartwarming moments. This episode is no exception. Eric is worried that Tommy will feel replaced if he finds out about Joshua. So hilariously, Eric tries to hide it, but of course, Tommy finds out. In true Tommy fashion, he isn't jealous, and he wants to see Joshua, and he points out that if he is Eric's brother, he will be Tommy's brother too(aww).

Eric has a heartwarming moment of his own when he reveals that he thinks Jack and Rachel are in love with each other. Eric's admission is a nice moment because Jack and Rachel didn't know how to tell Eric. They assumed he was oblivious. Also, Eric decides to move out, so it's a moment of change for the show.

Cory and Topanga are having big relationship troubles. Cory feels like Topanga isn't there for him and that she isn't who she use to be. Topanga feels like Cory uses their relationship to hide from his problems, and she doesn't know how to help him. Shawn returns to the show and lets Cory know everything will be ok and basically does everything Topanga wasn't doing. Topanga learns through Shawn and Feeney how to be supportive. She even does her makeup dance again to return to who she used to be, and she thanks Cory for remembering her. I like this storyline because it's dramatic, and Topanga gets to grow. Very rarely is there something Topanga needs outside help to learn. This is the most dramatic moment in Topanga and Cory's relationship that didn't have relationship ending consequences or involve a cheating scandal.

Lastly, there was Amy and Alan, who were dealing with possibly losing their baby. This story was very dramatic and played to perfection. When the nurse takes the baby, it was jarring. From that point watching for the first time, you have no idea whether the baby will live or die. Even rewatching, I still feel the anxiety of them waiting to see if Joshua will pull through and the triumph of finding out that he is ok at the very last minute. Grade A

9.The Fugitive Episode 17 Season 1

In this episode, Shawn commits a felony and goes on the run. Cory tries to talk him down. This episode establishes Shawn and Cory's dynamic as Unbreakable in an exciting way. All of the significant Cory and Shawn storylines have the DNA of the Fugitive. This episode also delivers one of Feeny's greatest lessons. Feeny told them that even the strongest fabric can be broken if the foundation is breached, and using the canvas as an example was brilliant. The way they used the "Tell-Tale Heart" was brilliant and an excellent example for future episodes on how to involve literature.

Furthermore, this episode even brings in the parents, specifically Alan's background. It is always great to find out more about where the parents come from. This episode was working on two major themes friendship and redemption. Friendship for Cory was about learning how to help your friends and hold them accountable even when it may not be the easy thing to do. That is a lesson that stands up.

Shawn learned that just because you guys are great friends does not mean you can neglect your friendship. Because if it is taken for granted and left unprotected , it breaks over time. That is also a lesson that stands up to this day.

The redemption theme was about not letting one mistake ruin your whole life. That idea that just because you have done something terrible does not mean you have to keep going; that way, you can come back.

This episode had steaks and great lessons; it was tightly written and creative and expanded the characters'.Grade A.

8. Torn Between Two Lovers Episode 16 Season 5

Cory has fun, and then he and Shawn debate whether or not he should be with Topanga. In the end, after extensive deliberation, Cory concludes he cannot live without Topanga. He excitedly tells Topanga his revelation and everything he has gone through, and how he could never love someone the way he loves her. Topanga forgives him for everything except going out with her, and she ends it. In a b story, Eric teaches immigrants about America, and Feeny sees Eric has teaching chops.

This episode is done very well. It sparked a debate that is still going decades later. Even if you disagree with everyone's choices, you can understand them, and that is just good writing. I also feel like if you were against Lauren, this is the episode where she steals your heart. She is just so likable. Cory's parents and Shawn especially were hardcore team Topanga, but even they admit they like Lauren by the end of it. Honestly, what is not to like? From what we have seen of her interactions with Cory, she is excellent with him and easily fits in with his family and friends. Lauren and Cory have chemistry. Their conversations flow naturally, and she challenges him to be more open-minded and adventurous.

I feel like, as the viewer, we are the ones stuck between two girls. We know what Topanga is about, but we also see the greatness of Lauren. This episode's A- story just rips your heart apart. Cory and Lauren have this romantic date in the rain. Then Cory picks Topanga and gives her his epiphany, but then she breaks up with him, and as a viewer, you can feel the heartbreak. That is why I think the B plot serves as a balance. It is a heartwarming story about Eric teaching, thereby learning what it is like to positively affect people's lives as a teacher. Also, Feeny gets to see the way he has affected Eric. My Favorite Moment from this story is when one of Eric's students says Eric taught her that America is like a deck of cards, some kings and queens, and sone 6 and 7's, but without one, it does not work. Grade A.

7.Uncle daddy Episode 18 Season 4

In this episode, the gang is studying for their SAT. While Eric is dating an older woman Kelly (probably 2-4 years ), but it is not specified. Things are great, but then she reveals she has a kid. While Eric is initially taken aback, he continues to go out with Kelly cause he really likes her. He starts easing into the father role to her son Ryan. He feels like his life is coming together, and who can blame him? Kelly is excellent, and honestly, she is Eric's best girlfriend of the entire series.

His family' is concerned though they do not appear to dislike Kelly; however, Eric is like 18; maybe nineteen; they do not want him to give up on college and many other opportunities still available to him. Kelly realizes the same thing after Eric brings Ryan home after losing him. They talk, and she realizes that Eric is not ready for this kind of life. This scene breaks my heart because you know Eric loves Kelly and does not want to go anywhere. He is down to be with her for the rest of time.

Furthermore, she loves him back, and you can see Kelly almost breakdown (great acting ) when she sends Eric away but not cause he failed, but because she loves him wants what is best for him, it was beautifully sad. Eric goes back home, and he finally starts applying himself. This life event finally got through to him, and he sees all that he has, and he will not waste Kelly's sacrifice. Eric also had this fantastic scene where he schools Cory as a former dad pulling the knowledge he just got from being a dad. Personally, I feel like Eric could have stayed with Kelly, but I get the rationale, and I can understand Kelly feeling like he could not, so I am not going to take points away cause it is plausible to me, and it did create a moment. Grade A

6.Well Have A Good Time Then episode 13 Season 6

In this episode, Shawn's father returns, and while Jack is happy to see him, Shawn is jaded by their past. It was nice to see how Shawn, the adult dealt with Chet. When we see Shawn as a kid, he has moments of disillusionment, but he ultimately keeps it all together, pretending everything is ok and believing in his father despite everything. However, this episode gives us both sides of the coin. Jack is longing for time with Chet and still wants to believe in Chet. On the other side of the coin, we see Shawn's anger at Chet get misdirected at Jack.

This anger intensifies when Chet goes to the hospital after having a heart attack. As moving as Shawn is, I felt even worse for Jack. The pain, the memories, the chemistry Jack has to face everything he did not have with his father as it is kind of thrown in his face, and you can see him not wanting to get in Shawn's way. Jack wants to be a good older brother, but it is wearing on him. I do not blame Shawn though he is going through so much. He gives us a lot of the complexity that makes this episode great. Being justifiably angry with your father for screwing you up but also still loving him and not wanting to lose him but not being able to pretend everything is ok. Royce da 5'9 has a lyric that expresses this perfectly. "Trying not to adopt my father's old philosophies same time I'm prayin' to God that everything works out at his colonoscopy."

-Royce da 5'9

Chet is complex too, and even the show will not paint him black or white. He tells Alan to take care of his boys. Growing up, I thought Shawn was right. He was going to leave them. However, then he has that talk with his sons, and he says he will stay. We do not know if that changed his mind, and he would stay or not? Years later, I am still unsure if I am just naive like Jack or if Chet really had a breakthrough.

Also, he gets Jack a great gift, but he did not get him that, and only Rachel knows that because it was Rachel who got him the gift. That the complexity of Chet, though. He knew his son's birthday knew who would get him a great gift but did not do it himself, and to think he did would be to be mistaken. It is the facade he shows the boys or tries to, then when he dies, oh my god. I did not see that coming when it first happened, and even now, watching years later, that scene is just as heart-wrenching. Grade A.

5. Cult fiction Episode 21 Season 4

In this episode, Shawn joins a cult, and his friends and family try to get him out. Turner crashes his bike, and he is hospitalized.

This is the saddest episode of Boy Meets World. Even after re-watching multiple times, I still get chills seeing Shawn scene with Turner in the hospital. I think this episode does 3-4 things well. One, it critiques cults; you see, Mr. Mack say they are all the same, yet there is a celebrity wing. We see how Macky scripts his follower's thoughts and poisons them to the counterpoints before they are given. Also, they show Mr. Mack saying things that sound deep, but that are actually fake deep. We see what kind of person is targeted. We know from watching Shawn; he is precisely the kind of person targeted because he feels lost, and he is impressionable. Also, I think this episode shows how easily Shawn was drawn into that first conversation. This episode does an excellent job of showing Mack as a predator preying on impressionable young minds for his inflated ego.

This episode also does an excellent job of showing the deep bonds in Boy Meets World.

For example, Feeny yells at Mr. Mack and almost throws hands with him because he cares about Shawn that much. Alan shoves Mack showing how much Shawn means to him in front of Shawn. Cory calls Shawn on his BS Along with Topanga, and they trap him in Turner's hospital room to deal with his feelings because Shawn loves Turner. Also, Turner not letting Shawn slip through the cracks, repeatedly trying to help Shawn and hold him accountable and telling him he cares for him. Then Shawn's epic scene showing Turner what he meant to him and then kicking Mack( reminds me of Mr macky wonder if that was purposeful) to the curb.

This show also interjected God in a way that didn't seem preachy or out of character for any of the characters who brought it up. I didn't like what they appeared to be implying about people who don't believe in God because religion and cults have a very similar relationship. But at the same time, they never say what they are implying directly, and they never say Shawn has to believe in God. They simply ask did he believe in anything, which is a valid question. They also handled the process of getting Shawn to realize what was going on really well. They make jabs at Mr. Mack, but they also ask Shawn to interrogate the philosophy of the center because, as Alan said in season 1, "it doesn't matter if you see it or I see it. it only matters that he doesn't see it"

Grade A

4.If You Can’t Be With The One You Love Episode 18 Season 5

In this episode, Cory drinks to deal with his depression, and peer pressures Shawn into joining him. However, things turn for the worst after they get caught; Shawn keeps drinking and becomes destructive.

So many things happened in this episode that it feels like it should be more than one. This is definitely a classic episode. Cory turning to alcohol was an edgy and interesting turn. This advanced the Cory and Topanga story and It also subverted the expectations of Shawn, drawing Cory into trouble.

This leads us to Alan, assuming it was Shawn. Alan handles Cory and Shawn pretty well, except for his behavior to Shawn. Another conflict is introduced. Now Shawn is feeling down on himself, and even though he and Cory vowed not to drink again after Amy and Alan got on them about it, and they got arrested. Shawn continues to drink, but it has a different effect on Shawn. It does not just make him dopey he is rude and angry and disrespectful and even abusive. Jack reveals that alcoholism runs in the hunter family. I think this was a believable turn that uses Jack and still showed the dangers of drinking.

However, the episode is not done yet. Shawn gets a redemption arc, and it is done with humility and humor, and Shawn apologizes to everyone he wronged. My favorite was his interaction with Feeny, where he gives him an apple and then offers him five bucks. I think this episode gives us good morales about underage drinking and peer pressure and self-medicating for mental health while staying true to the characters and the plots in place and still making us laugh. It is quite the journey, definitely one of the best BMW episodes of all time. Grade A

3. Sister Theresa Episode 10 Season 2

In this episode, Cory tries to be more polite. While doing so, he attracts the attention of a girl named T.K. His first girlfriend and things are going well, but when she starts coming on too strong, Cory takes Shawn's advice to end it. However, that makes things worse because it turns out T.K is Harley's sister, and now Harley is threatening Cory. Now Cory goes out with T.K., so he does not get destroyed by Harley. This date leads to a heart to heart with both Harley and T.k, which results in Harley gaining a new understanding of T.k and Cory and T.k getting closer.

This episode flushes out a back story with Harley that was interesting, as well as having a relationship dynamic between Cory and T.K that is uncommon and creative. It was very intriguing. I would have liked to see more of T.K. Nevertheless, I love what we got. Cory clearly liked her, and how could you not? The character T.K is so charismatic. This episode gave the perfect blend of stakes, emotional attachment to characters, and humor. It was able to be dramatic and comedic, and it never seemed out of place. This episode is a classic. Grade A.

2. Long Walk To Pittsburgh Part 1 Episode 16 Season 4

In this episode, Topanga moves away.

This episode is hilarious while also being as dramatic as it gets. You could argue Boy Meets World never reached this level of drama again. The episode gives us a bait and switch. We are led to believe that Shawn and Topanga are sneaking behind Cory's back at the front end. Already that is earth-shattering news, but it was just a trick. We learn Shawn is not cheating with Topanga. However, when we (the audience ) think we are safe, they drop a bomb Topanga is leaving. This episode is when Cory and Topanga get into their love conquers all bag, and that always makes for a great episode. Season four writers understood the Cory and Topanga dynamic the best; in my opinion, it was their peak as a couple, and this episode is top of that peak. Even as the world of Topanga and Cory is on the brink of apocalypse, the show manages to get in-jokes with Shawn in a way that does not detract but actually adds to and moves the story. I have to say I have seen the Boy Meets World Series many times over, but my heart still breaks for Cory watching Topanga drive away. It is crushing in a lasting way what a scene, what a cliffhanger. Grade A.

1.Heartbreak Cory Episode 14 Season 5

In this episode, the kids go on their senior trip to the ski lodge. Cory meets Lauren and has to deal with having feelings for another girl.

This episode is my absolute favorite. It put everything we knew to the test while exploring an interesting new future and laying out a lesson.

This plot is an interesting dilemma. Cory is clearly smitten with Lauren, but to him, this defies all logic. He did not think it was possible for him to like another girl, but this is not superficial. Cory likes Lauren a lot, and it is not just because she is hot. It is her personality; they connect on a deeper level. They talked all night and just clicked instantly. Cory does not know what to do with these feelings. He wants to figure out what this means, but he is conflicted because of Topanga.

Interestingly Cory lies to Topanga about his ankle, but he does not lie to Lauren like he could have lied and told Lauren his girlfriend knew he was at the lodge, but he does not. He lies to Topanga and gives Lauren the truth. I m not sure why but I found it fascinating.

This is a genuinely complex episode, and it's why it is still debated to this day. However, Cory and Lauren's connections is a big selling point. I still feel that connection even though I have seen this episode a million times. Also, I love the way they write Lauren. She is testing Cory and Topanga, a pillar of Boy Meets World, but I cannot hate her. She is such a likable and genuine character. I interpret her as lovestruck rather than malicious, even though I know her actions cause collateral damage.

I also feel like this episode did an excellent job of not having Cory do anything over the top keeping his role in this ambiguous. He likes her, but he also tells her that he chooses Topanga, and yea, you can say that he could have done things differently, but his no to Lauren should be enough.

After this episode, I feel like his biggest sin was lying. Not the kiss Lauren kissed him. However, if there is a lesson to take away from this episode, it is honesty. Cory is not honest with himself, which is how he ends up in the position he ends up in. He could not admit to himself how much he liked Lauren. Cory tried to deny his feelings, which left him confused and sending mixed messages to Lauren. Had he been honest with himself, he could have avoided the situation, but this is Cory's first encounter with a situation like this( Ik there were other temptations but not like Lauren ), and he is young, it was a difficult situation. Second, Cory is not honest with Topanga; whether Topanga decides to forgive him or not is her choice, but she deserved the truth. I understand why he did not want to tell her the truth, but as the episode teaches us, the truth comes out eventually. Grade A

Fan questions ?

If Cory was going to be with either Lauren or T.k who would you want it to be?

Are you team Topanga or Team Lauren?

When Chet died who had it worse Jack or Shawn?

If Chet had lived would he have taken that job in Vegas or would he have stayed ?

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