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Cory's Top 10 Moments

10. Did we just become friends?

In friendly persuasion, Angela and Cory have a heart-to-heart in the bathroom. This episode is one of his greatest moments for two reasons. Firstly, he feared using the coed bathroom and overcame that fear just for the chance to speak to Angela. Secondly, it is because Angela did not feel like Cory was her friend. She thought if she was not dating Shawn, she was not part of the group. Cory went out of his way to get to know Angela and be a friend to her. Cory even agreed to Keep Angela's secret from his best friend, Shawn. At this moment, Cory showed that he was just a great friend to have even if you are not his best friend since childhood or Eternal flame. Also, I feel this episode cemented Angela's place in Boy meets world Forever.

9. Undying love

At This moment, Cory shows off his romantic side. Many misunderstandings led Topanga to believe Cory was a playboy, and she did not want any parts of him. Even though she clearly still liked him, another girl kept getting in the way. Forget the fact that Topanga encouraged him to date other girls and penalized him for it, but I digress. Cory never gave up on their relationship; he believed in what they had, followed his heart, laid it all on the line, and won Topanga back. This is one of Cory's greatest moments because it showed how far he would go for love.

8. Standing Tall

In This moment, Cory stood tall for Topanga. Stewart, a professor/predator, was making a move on Topanga, and he tried to use his position to protect himself from repercussions. However, Cory showed him all bets were off when it came to protecting Topanga and brought the trouble to his doorstep. This was a very tough position for Cory because the teacher basically held their future in his hand, and Cory had no power in the situation. However, Cory showed nothing was more important to him than Topanga, and their altercation led to a trial where Cory was slapped on the wrist and Topanga was avenged when Stewart was let go and investigated. This episode was another defining moment for Cory's character when his back was against the wall.

7. Do you love me too?

In this episode, Cory gets dumped by Topanga after he tells her he loves her. This is one of Cory's best moments because there would be no Cory and Topanga without this moment. Cory has to fight through the pain of a pretty brutal rejection after revealing his feeling and get vulnerable with Topanga again after her rejection. A challenging task for an insecure teenager who just got rejected. However, because Cory decided that relationship was worth fighting for and climbed up to Topanga and put himself out there, they got back together and look back on the moment fondly years later in Girl Meets World as family.

6. Heart 2 Harley's

In this episode, Cory starts dating Harley's sister. I picked this as a great character moment because I think it showed how great a character Cory is. T.k tried to move pretty fast with Cory, but he does not just get physical with T.k. He actually gets to know her and has a deep and meaningful conversation with her that deepens their connection. Also, I think thanks to the kindness and consideration Cory showed T.k; she was profoundly affected in a positive way. After dating Cory, she believed that she deserved and could aspire to better treatment in her personal relationships.

Also, Harley has bullied Cory pretty much since his first day at John Adams high. However, Cory has the heart to hear with Harley and changes him a bit for the better by helping him see that his sister needed him to be better and be there for her in a different way than he had been. Cory brought Harley and T.k closer together and profoundly impacted Harley's life, as we see in Girl Meets World.

5. Standing up to your friends

In this episode, Shawn runs away after throwing a cherry bomb in a mailbox. I think this is defining character moment because, as Dumbledore says " "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to our friends." Cory's best friend in the world was in deep trouble and looked to Cory to help him, but Cory, at the tender age of eleven, had to do what his friend needed and not what he wanted and convince him to go home. It was a tough call to make, especially at that age, but Cory did the right thing. He even physically stood in Shawn's way, refusing to fight him but also refusing to let him run away from doing the right thing.

4. Fishing for Respect

In this episode, Shawn's mom returns, and Brenda, the lunch lady, dies. I think this is an excellent episode because it shows how caring Cory is. He goes above and beyond for Shawn, and he acts as a go-between, actually convincing Virna to come back to Shawn and Chet, which is incredible. Cory Also puts together an entire vigil for Brenda after she dies and makes sure she gets sent off to the heavens the right way. To top it all off, he takes what he has learned about Virna and Brenda home and makes sure his own mother does not feel taken for granted. Also, do not forget he crossed that highway multiple times.

3. The moment of Truth

In this episode, everyone thinks Cory and Topanga slept together. This might be a controversial entry, but not me. Yes, Cory initially let people believe that he slept with Topanga, but he was young and did not understand the consequences of his actions. After all, he was being treated like a king for it. It seemed like a positive rumor.

That leads me to why this one of his greatest character-defining moments. Once Cory gets schooled to how this damages Topanga, he sets the record straight. This happens in the second season, and that is important because all Cory wants in the second season is to be popular. He is at a new school. Cory has a desperate need to be liked and popular. He gets everything he wants when the entire school looks at him as a king after the Topanga rumor. People that use to bully him want to take a picture with him. This is like a dream come true, and he walks away from it all for Topanga. The easy thing and right thing are rarely the same, and here at a very young age, Cory chooses to do the right thing for a friend and when he is intensely incentivized to do the wrong thing.

2. Does anybody Care?

In this episode, Cory teaches his class about racism. I love this moment for Cory. Because yes, he starts sheltered, but once he sees his brother's girlfriend crying after a racist incident at the mall, Cory dedicates himself to doing the research and learning, and he does not stop there. He takes some extreme tactics to teach his class as well.

His line from the episode is still powerful today. "It is not enough that just that one person gets up when someone is called a bad name, we should all jump up. " Cory was talking about how we should all reject racism, not just the affected person. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I was also impressed at how Cory found a way to lead his classroom and get his classmates to hear him. Lastly, Cory learned how hard Feeny's job is in this episode and gained some appreciation for what his teacher does every day, and this showed us a preview of what Cory would be doing as an adult.

  1. No matter what

In this episode, Shawn starts hanging out with Harley because he thinks he will forever be considered trailer trash, so he might as well act the part. I think this is Cory's most remarkable feat because Shawn is his greatest friend, his most important relationship in the show, and when Shawn needed him most, he was there for him. Cory showed that nothing could break the bond between them. Cory basically threw himself in the lion's den for Shawn. He put himself in physical danger standing up to a senior Harley and Frankie and Joey. He also put himself in jeopardy of getting in serious trouble with the school. I love that Cory is like Shawn; if it is good enough for you, it is good enough for me. He makes sure Shawn stays on the right path, not just with words but with action. This is a legendary moment not just for Cory but for the legendary friendship of Cory and Shawn.

Cory's best Season

Season 2, of course. Season 2 embodies the best qualities of Cory. He is there for his friends in crucial moments when they need him. He also has a romance with Topanga that is building. These are the episodes that we get the friendship that the entire relationship is based on. Also, we see Cory in other relationships, and we see him interacting with a lot of other characters. We get to see the serious side of Cory as well as the funny side. Cory was at his coolest and most interesting when he was finding himself in the second season.

Fan section

I know you guys have opinions, and I want to hear them. Tell me your favorite entry on this list. What is your favorite Cory moment? Did I miss anything? What is Cory's best season?

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