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Girl Meets Beliefs and Bears Ranked & Reviewed

Girl Meets World All 71 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed. The countdown continues with two new entries.

67. Girl Meets Beliefs


In this episode, the kids challenge each other's beliefs.


The only reference I picked up here was the Mathews family pressing Maya on what she believes, just like they asked Shawn what he believed in season four of Boy Meets World.


This episode wasn't great. It is just Christian propaganda. Now I know some of you might see that and think I dislike Christians, but I do not have a problem with Christians. This episode was just so one-sided. Riley starts super preachy and pretentious right from the beginning. She is all over Maya talking about god when she knows Maya does not believe as she does. Instead of making a rational argument as to why Maya should not take the five dollars she finds on the ground, she just badgers Maya about not living up to Riley's belief system.

I actually agreed with Riley when Maya took a locket from the lost and found because that was closer to stealing. Someone could have come back and found it. However, this was five dollars on the ground, and if she had not taken someone else would. Maya is by no means a bad person for taking 5 dollars someone dropped. If it had been a wallet, it would have been different. Then there is the class project. It was just all wrong.

First, they uphold Thomas Jefferson, who raped slaves as someone who had integrity. Then they do not allow the kids to learn anything, and it is all disguised as tolerance at the end when they say it is okay to believe whatever you want. However, that is not the message this episode gives off at all.

Farkle does not believe, and Cory, a teacher, challenges his beliefs in science and attempts to prove god to him. However, when does Cory challenge Lucas's beliefs? When does the authority figure in this situation show fairness and challenge both sides? Riley says at the end of the episode that she learned she was too pushy with Maya. However, when did she learn that? Yes, Maya wanted to take a break from Riley, but then Farkle(the nonbeliever) convinces Maya that Riley is just like Joan of freaking arc! He makes the case that secretly Maya admires them both, so then Maya goes back to Riley.

So how did Riley learn her lesson? It seems like Maya is the one made out to be wrong as she is the one who goes back to Riley. If you thought there was even a hint of actually trying to respect both sides, the episode ends with Maya converted and talking about prayer. Riley says I like the way you believe because it is just like the way she believes. It is not even tolerance. Riley tolerates Maya's beliefs because she is now under the same umbrella as Riley. She has clearly shown herself not to be just as accepting if Maya left this episode still not believing.

Riley even says at one point to Cory, "Why won't my friends believe everything I believe" saying this to your teacher is the equivalent of standing under the hoop in front of LeBron on a fast break. Except Cory never tells Riley why she should not think that way. He makes a little joke then begins making his case for god. I am not too fond of this episode because, at every turn, nonbelievers were badgered and persuaded to become Christians, and at no point did they give the Christian side the same push back. Every criticism was a setup for the Christian response.

Also, Cory did way too much for them. He gave the lesson. He explained what he wanted them to take away, and that was it. I would have rather they experience each other's different perspectives in a genuine, honest way. They could have learned why Christians may not like Farkle calling Joan of ark crazy or learned why Maya would want to be able to do her own thing without judgment from a belief system that she does not partake in.

She was right, why can't you do your thing and I do mine? This objection was glossed over, but Lucas was right; you can be too close. Maya and especially Riley showed codependency in this episode, not friendship, and that is not healthy. They should be able to be apart and come back together later. Finally, Auggie, to me, saved this episode from sliding farther down the grading scale. I would not say I liked the whole religious persecution angle, but I thought Auggie talking to ms Vorski as a way to deal with the death of someone he cared about was sweet and sad and beautiful all at the same time.

Grade C-

Streaming Assignments

Homework Cult fiction season 4 Extra credit it’s not you it’s me season 5 66. Girl Meets Bear Summary

In this episode, Riley loses her Teddy Bear. References

The silver boxing gloves refer back to a season one episode (kid gloves) where Cory was given them as a gift from Alan. Hippy Topanga is also a reference to season 1. Review

Disclaimer I am a little bias because, in general, I am not a fan of bottle episodes. For me, Riley was the villain for most of this episode. Maya specifically told Riley that it was important to her to be first for the tacos, and it was something Maya looked forward to. Then when it was time to go, Riley is worried about her toy bear. I get that the bear is supposed to represent her childhood, but she had it in the house, and wherever it went, it should still be in the house; when they get back. They should have got tacos.

Also, Riley is way too old to care this much about a teddy bear. All of season two, GMW promised just wait until they get to high school, and anyone who watched Boy Meets World was excited because we knew season two of Boy Meets World was a whole new, more exciting, and mature world. So when it came time for Girl Meets World to adapt what happened, Riley lost a bear and ate her friend's cookie (ugh).

There were some positives in this episode. I liked Topanga's sit-down with Farkle. I thought they were very comparable. Both very smart and beloved by the fans, and they both evolved several times. I also loved that they brought up the silver gloves from season one. It was a great reference. I am happy to know Alan did give them back to Cory like he said he would in season 1; what continuity!

I am disappointed that we did not find out when Alan gave them back because Cory said he wanted them back on the most important day of his life. I like to think that was when Riley was born. Also, I do not particularly appreciate that he gave them to Auggie. Cory lost them at 12, and Auggie is only seven. He is not ready for the gloves. I wish he would have just told Auggie someday they would be his or that he would pass them on to Auggie on the most important day of his life.

Of course, Josh had to return from college to remind his niece's best friend about their pact to get together as soon as she is of legal age(Smh). If not for that very awkward and prominent plot point, Josh would be welcomed in this episode for his perspective on adulthood, but his romance with his nieces best friend, a minor, cannot and should not be ignored.

Apart from that, I did like that Riley and Lucas went and got the tacos for the group, letting us know she is not as self-centered as she seemed and making sure Maya did not miss out. Another part I did not like, though, was Zay and Maya. Their relationship seemed like a thrown-together romance the writers did not even believe in. Zay even says he does not want Maya to be the third wheel. Most of his speech to Maya was about Riley and Lucas. I would be down with Zay and Maya carrying on Shawn and Angela's torch if they actually took the time to build them up like they did Shawn and Angela, but they did not.

Overall this episode had some nice moments, but it was far too juvenile for where the show is at now. At this point in the series in high school in the third season, it just seems like Girl Meets World will be a short stack of pancakes forever. Grade C-

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Homework train of fools season 3 Extra credit kid gloves season 1 I dream of Feeny season 1


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