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Girl Meets World Every Season Ranked

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

3. Season 1 73/100 C

Top 5 Episodes

1. Girl Meets Home for the Holidays( #6 overall, Grade A ) 2. Girl Meets World (#7 overall, Grade A) 3. Girl Meets Farkle's Choice (#8 Overall, Grade A) 4. Girl Meets Sneak Attack( #9 Overall, Grade A) 5. Girl Meets Crazy Hat( #10 Overall, Grade A)

Bottom Five Episodes

1. Girl Meets Terror (#70 Overall, Grade D) 2. Girl Meets Fish (#65 Overall, Grade C-) 3. Girl Meets First Date(#64 Overall, Grade C-) 4. Girl Meets Truth (#63 Overall, Grade C-) 5. Girl Meets Brother( #61 overall, Grade C)

This season ranks last because it's the most inconsistent, and you can see that in the rankings. This season had some of the most entertaining and heartwarming moments, like the beginning of Shawn and Katy's storyline or Riley and Maya fighting for their friendship in episode one. However, it also had some of the worst episodes in the entire series, like Girl Meets Terror and Girl Meets Fish. The biggest problem in this season was its low stakes and helicopter parenting. The bad episodes in season feel very inconsequential. For example, Girl meets Brother is a babysitting episode about responsibility and spending time with your family. However, it's executed in such a low-stakes fashion that it's hard to take it seriously. Cory and Topanga literally stalk Riley while she watches Auggie, thus stripping her of the responsibility she is supposed to have. This leaves the episode to depend on the conflict of Auggie wanting to spend time with Riley. However, the age difference between the two is so significant that the conflict feels way too inconsequential to carry the episode. That episode's problems are representative of the worst episodes in season one. The best episodes have great stakes and powerful lessons. Farkles Choice is one of my personal favorites. Maya and Riley actually compete over Farkle, which is interesting to see, and they learn a valuable lesson about friendship after their episode arc. The best episode in this season achieves the goal of this season, which is to make us fall in love with the characters. Episode one did that for Riley when we saw she would do anything for her friends. Farkles Choice did that for Farkle because we got to see how charming he is. We got a lot of great Maya episodes and learned about her backstory story with her mother. Also, Girl Meets World instantly established the Maya and Riley friendship that would carry the show for the next three seasons. Also, Girl meets World did a great job establishing the classroom element of the show, where the lessons they learn in class apply to their lives and episode lessons. Girl Meets World achieved its goal of establishing characters and character dynamics that fans would want to watch for multiple seasons.

2. Girl Meets World Season 3 75/100 C

Top 5 Episodes

1. Girl Meets Christmas Maya( A #3 Overall) 2 Girl Meets Upstate (A #12 Overall) 3. Girl Meets Goodbye (A #19 Overall) 4. Girl Meets Hollywood (A- #24 Overall) 5. Girl Meets Highschool ( A- #28 Overall)

Bottom 5

1. Girl Meets Bear ( C-#66 Overall) 2. Girl Meets Real World (C #59 Overall) 3. Girl Meets Ski Lodge (C #57 Overall) 4. Girl Meets Ski Lodge 2( C #56 Overall) 5. Girl Meets I Do (C #55 Overall)

Season 3 was solid. It's a balance of the first two seasons. The season doesn't have a lot of super-low lows or super high highs it's solid. The season's biggest problem was that the stakes were too low for their age group, and the show ran out of meaningful storylines. The season started off strong with the groups' entire friendship on the line and their confidence shaken from being in a new world. However, season three didn't live up to expectations of a new, more grown-up world. Three of the most exciting storylines of the show ended in the first nine episodes of season 3. Shawn married Katy, and Lucas picked Riley. Plus, as the season went on, they got accustomed to high school pretty easily. After that, there was no long-running storyline to pick up until the very end. It was episodic, and some were decent, and some were lackluster. The best part of season 3 is that we had consistently okay stories and some great moments. The best moments in season 3 are when the consistent quality of the episodes meets really good subject matter. For example, Girl Meets Christmas Maya isn't edgy or part of a new arc. However, it's based on Maya and Shawn's story, which is one of the best of the series. Also, all the characters were used effectively. The kids clearly had a space of their own to figure out their own issues. Also, the main story was worthwhile and meaningful when those two things happened in season three; that's when we got the best episodes of the season.

1.Season 2 78/100 C+

Top 5 Episodes

1. Girl Meets New Teacher (A #1 Overall) 2. Girl Meets Creativity(A #2 Overall) 3. Girl Meets Riley Town(A #4Overall) 4. Girl Meets Texas (A #5 Overall) 5. Girl Meets Texas Part 2(A #11 Overall)

Bottom 5 Episodes

1. Girl Meets Terror 2 ( F #71 Overall ) 2. Girl Meets Tale Tell Tot( D+ #69 Overall) 3. Girl Meets Rules (C- #68) 4. Girl Meets Beliefs (C- #67) 5. Girl Meets Mr. Squirels (C+ #52)

Season Two was the best season of Girl Meets World. Season Two had the most returns of the original cast. Also, in each one of those returns, Girl Meets World pulled out a little bit of Boy Meets World's Secret sauce. In addition to the excellent returns, Girl Meets World also had their best storylines peaking. The Love Triangle between Maya and Lucas and Riley started in season two giving us the excellent Texas trilogy. Also, Shawn returned, so we got dramatic episodes involving Maya and Shawn. Also, in this season, the lessons were really impactful. Girl Meets World had its best season involving the classroom, which is a core part of the show. For example, Girl Meets Creativity and Girl Meets New Teacher were excellent episodes. They were dramatic. They had stakes, and kids were able to problem solve on their own. However, they still had the Boy Meets World trademark guidance from mentors. Also, both of those episodes used a Boy Meets World original character tastefully. This season has the highest concentration of A's and the most episodes. However, it still has the highest-ranked episodes as well. There are only three and a half bad episodes in this thirty-episode season. There is the Halloween episode which is the worst episode of the entire series and a clear outlier. Then there is the Tot episode where they took a big swing at the very least but missed with some yucky messaging. Then there is an obvious filler episode in Girl Meets Rules that seems like it should be in season one. Then there is Girl Meets Beliefs which is compelling, but the messaging is very off. Other than those few episodes, Girl Meets World Season Two is far and away the best season of Girl Meets World.

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