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Girl Meets World 71 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

Girl Meets World 71 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

Girl Meets World has drawn criticism recently on twitter. Many fans have come out to support the show but is it as bad or as good as we remember? I have ranked and Reviewed every episode of Girl Meets World and I will be counting down every week to the best episode.

*The April Insanity winner for best Tv show Girl Meets World

71.Girl Meets World of Terror 2


In this episode, Maya and Riley are visited by a ghost. In the b story, Auggie Ava and Doy go tricker treating.


As far as references, there was only one. When Doy put a curse on the girls, he used the same hand movements Janitor Bud used when he put a curse on Shawn and Cory in Season 3.


I hate to say this about an episode Ava was in, but this episode was awful. I have no idea what they were thinking when they wrote this or why it got green-lit. Season 2 of Girl Meets World is awesome, for the most part. It is the longest of the three seasons at 30 episodes, and I just cannot fathom why we need this episode? This episode should have been cut from the season.

It is part two of an episode that I thought was the worst episode in the Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World universe, and it somehow manages to be worst. I am a fan of wacky gimmicks and things. I actually like most of Boy Meets World's more wacky episodes, but this just seemed very low effort. The main storyline was like a fake through line pretending to be a real story. The main story is that the ghost of the bay window needs to know that the bay window is in good hands before she can leave. However, then Riley validly points out that the condition has been met, but then the ghost just makes everybody dance for no reason other than filling time in the episode. It was ridiculous and a waste of time in the episode.

Maya and Riley did not accomplish anything in this episode. They did not learn anything, and the gags were mediocre at best. Also, the ghost says she has been watching them since they were kids, and a grown ghost watching Riley and Maya in Riley's room since they were kids is creepy. Also, as they point out, the entire journey was over when they began. They already love the bay window, so the ghost can go. Also, at the end, when the ghost finally leaves, Maya and Riley have done nothing to convince her, but as they said, they already loved it, so the ghost already had what she wanted at the beginning of the episode.

Also, the episode had Austin Moon and Ally on the show, and they just wasted them. Their part could have been played by literally anyone. They bumped into Riley and Maya outside a haunted house, and they dance together to convince another ghost to come out of the haunted house. Austin and Ally just run away when the ghost is in a bad mood, and that is the last we see of them. If I told you that Girl Meets World and Austin Moon, two awesome Disney Show's, did a cross over I could give you a million guesses, and you would never guess this plot for the episode; it was a waste.

This episode would make more sense as a protest episode. For example, the writer's original idea for an Austin and Ally collab was shot down because of Disney. So frustrated with the network, they made the worst episode they could but fulfilled their Austin and Ally Holloween crossover obligation. That would explain this episode. Either that or they did not have much time and just freestyled, but I think the first option is more likely.

Grade F


Homework: Witches at Pennbrook season 5

This is a Boy Meets World crossover Halloween episode. Watch it for reference.

Extra credit: Truth and Consequences season 3

This is for the reference made during the episode.

70.Girl Meets World Of Terror


In this episode, the kids learn that it is better to face your fears than avoid them.


No references this week.


This episode was awful. It was clear that the only story that actually mattered was Auggie's story, and the others were just put in to fill the episode. I did not like Farkle's story of fear. He has to overcome his fear of being hit with a softball in gym class. I mean, of all the things he could be afraid of really a softball? Also, there is no way that Lucas, a baseball player, hit Farkle as hard as he could with that ball. If he had, it would have only reinforced Farkle's fear.

Technically, the writing team achieved what they wanted to accomplish in this episode. Farkle was afraid of the ball; he got hit and was not afraid anymore. However, this was the least creative way to show Farkle conquering a fear, and it is tough to care about his trial of fear because of that. Next up is Riley, and I hated her story too. It made her look like a brat. She is supposed to be Maya's best friend, but despite Maya telling her that when Riley leaves in the middle of the night, it hurt her feelings, she keeps doing it and even attempts to do it again in this episode.

How has Maya not taken more offense? Also, on top of everything, the neighborhood Maya lives in is not some terrible place. Farkle and Lucas are just walking through it alone at night, totally undercutting the plot point. It is not even far from where they live; it is within walking distance. Riley comes across as a superficial privileged brat in this episode, which is not whom her character is supposed to be. Also, minor thing, but I hate that they did not seem to care that ferret peed in the bed like really a possibly wild ferret peed in the bed, and they throw the pillow to the side.

Riley's growth in the episode is unearned. She remains the same after countless times of coming over to Maya's house. However, after being scared by Farkle, she goes; actually, it is not so bad it is just me. Why didn't Riley realize that when Maya revealed the scary shadows on her wall were just reflections of the sign from outside?

Finally, Auggie's story was good. He faced his fears of monsters under the bed. He learned the monster was not scary, and he made friends with the monster; and In the end, the monster left because Auggie was growing up. This is a creative way to say that Auggie getting over his fear shows that he is growing up, and he will no longer be scared of things like boogiemen. It would have been nice if they had applied the same level of creativity to the rest of the episode.

Final grade D


Homework: BMW Fears Strikes out season 2 to see what the concept of facing your fears would look like if applied to the older children's lives effectively. Furthermore, to see a creative Halloween episode with a lesson, watch Who is afraid of the Cory Wolf Season 2.

Fan section

How would you rate these episodes? Do you agree that these are the worst episodes or do you think their are worse?

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