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Girl Meets World Top 10 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

10. Girl Meets Crazy Hat Summary

In this episode, Cory gives the class a fake business, and they have to find the best way to run it. In the b story, Auggie is manipulated by Ava. References

In terms of callbacks, there were only three. Firstly there was the overall lesson the kids learned which was integrity in business. Cory assigns the same project he did in Boy Meets World Season 1 Risky Business. Also, Ava manipulating Auggie into buying her things is reminiscent of when Cory's little sister Morgan was tricked into the black, black no trades back deal by her friend in season 1. Lastly, when Farkle tells Riley to give the people what they want, this reminds me of Shawn telling Cory to abandon his integrity and give the people what they want in Boy Meets World's season two election episode. Review

This episode taught an outstanding lesson about integrity. Farkle played the perfect villain firing his friends, demeaning them at one point, buying their integrity, and getting his friends hooked on his product, all to make a buck just like a drug dealer. I think Ms. Ran coming in and investing in Maya and Riley's business showed Farkle and the audience that you can make money and be successful the right way. Also, I loved when nobody wanted Farkles muffins anymore cause they made them sick. The lack of integrity and shortcuts to profit actually hurt Farkles business.

Even in the b story, Auggie learns that buying material things does not equal love. He might even have the line of the episode when he said I am all out of money; who is going to love me now. Topanga shows Auggie real love is not bought. Also, the feud between Topanga and Ava is hilarious absolute gold any time Ava can be featured; it is a plus.

I also think there was an additional level of the lessons in addition to showing the importance of integrity in business. Also, the kids learned not to judge a book by its cover. The girls assumed Ms. Ran was a crazy homeless person because of how she dressed and because they always saw her hanging around the train station. However, they could not have been more wrong. She was a mogul who owned Ran Industries. I Also loved that Girl Meets World showed a powerful black female executive. I also appreciated how she showed herself through action instead of flexing with materialistic things, which helped the episode's message. This episode had a very good lesson that was well executed. I think Ms. Ran really drove the episode home for Farkle. Seeing women who had achieved as much as Ms. Ran invest in his friend's company instead of his and tell him he was doing bad business was probably more impactful than if it would have just been Cory. The episode was an excellent arc as well. They made bad choices but learned from them, and it was dramatic.

Grade A

Streaming Assignments

Homework: Risky Bussiness season 1 Extra Credit: I am not a Crook season 2, Class Preunion season 1

9. Girl Meets Sneak Attack

In the Main story, Riley is crushed by the fact that Missy Bradford is moving in on Lucas. Riley wants to hurry up and grow up to flirt like Missy, but she learns that she does not need to, thanks to her dad and Maya and Lucas. She just needs to be herself. In the B story, Auggie tries to grow up to impress Ava, an older girl, until he realizes he does not need to because she likes all the kid stuff he likes. References

Riley says food would only keep me alive, and Cory says this same thing in Boy Meets World to his parents after he fails to kiss Topanga at the makeout party in season 2. In detention, Riley, Maya, and Farkle learn that they can overcome life's surprises together. This scene is reminiscent of when Cory learned about love in detention in the first-ever Boy Meets World episode. Also, the name Missy refers to Missy Robinson from Boy Meets World season 3, who tried to seduce Cory while Topanga was out sick. Review

Overall this episode is a callback to Boy Meets World season Two's Pairing off. In that episode, Cory felt he was being left behind by his classmates and everyone in getting a date. By the end of the episode, he learns he does not need to be on everyone else schedule, and he does not need to be anyone besides himself to get a girl to say hi. Riley learns a similar lesson here. She feels like missy Bradford is so far ahead of her, and she needs to get on her level. However, she eventually learns she just needs to be herself, and she does not need to grow up fast to get Lucas's attention.

I like this episode a lot. It introduced a new character in Ava, who is a favorite of mine. Also, it gave Auggie a meaningful side plot that tied in perfectly to Riley's dilemma. He learned the same lesson in a much cuter fashion. He was trying to shave and told everyone he could not play with kid stuff anymore because he wanted to be with an older woman. It was interesting to see whom Auggie had a crush on and hilarious to watch his idea of being grown-up entails. Also, the reveal that it was Ava, a girl in his class one year older than him, was hilarious and perfect.

I really like Riley's story because it was a fun detour from Lucas and Riley. They have been the clear endgame up to this point. However, what happens when another girl aggressively pursues Lucas? It was entertaining to watch Riley grapple with whether to play Missy's game or be herself. Eventually, she had to be herself, and Lucas had to do what he would do. Lucas gives a nice heartwarming moment when he turns down Missy and chooses to hold out for Riley. Also, Farkle was hilarious in this episode. I enjoyed watching his antics as the class flirt. Also, I think this episode managed to teach a valuable lesson about not growing up to fast and being yourself in two different ways that were just as entertaining.

Grade A

Streaming Assignments

Homework Pairing of season 2, Cory's Last Temptation Season 3 Extra Credit: Fear Strikes out season 2 Pilot season 1 8. Girl Meets Farkles Choice Summary

In this episode, Farkle has decides to choose between Riley and Maya finally. In the side story, Topanga battles Ava's mom in the book club.


Riley making the morning announcements is a callback to when her mother Topanga made morning announcements in Boy Meets World season 3. The on the air sign is Call back to Cory doing radio in the season 2 episode On the Air. The other reference is when Farkle says Canada, you want me to say Canada it is Canada. This scene is a call back to season one when Shawn and Cory would say Minkus is it Minkus because they knew whenever the Teacher said guess who had the highest score it was always Minkus. Review

The opening to this episode was hilarious. Riley getting all the words wrong is what you get when you mix Topanga's poise and Cory's social anxiety. However, after that initial scene, the callbacks are pretty much over. This episode excels at stepping out of Boy Meets World shadow and doing some things their predecessor had not. First, off the B plot, Morgan was never given as much attention as Auggie. She did not have a consistent friend, and we did not spend time with lots of people from her life outside the house. We see Auggie's friends in the book club, and we even meet Ava's mom in this episode. She is as arrogant as Ava and establishes herself as a villain right away. She makes fun of Auggie, disrespects Topanga, and tries to show off that Ava can read and understand better than Auggie. It is a parent-off, and Topanga's competitive instincts kick in, and she tries to make Auggie look smarter, but it does not work. However, later it is revealed that Ava's mom does not read to her like Cory and Topanga and Ava feels like she is missing out, and her mother is embarrassed. Auggie gives us the side lesson via Murray the Moose that it is better to be who you are than pretend to be someone you are not. Ava's mom is all about appearances and looking better than everyone else, and it cost Ava. Topanga and Cory created a loving environment by just caring for Auggie and letting him develop naturally, which has benefited him.

Farkle wins both Maya and Riley's hearts in the main story, and they begin to fight over him. This is another example of Girl Meets World covering something new. Friends Cory and Shawn never fought over a girl. I really liked this storyline. It was interesting to see the girls try to win over Farkle. However, also this episode really developed Farkle. Why he has been in love with Riley and Maya, and how good a friend he really is. Also, his rivalry is something new too. He has his own love interest in Smackle, and that relationship is new ground. Minkus, Farkles predecessor, did not have a long-term love interest like this or a rival. He had Farkle and Topanga, but it was not as developed. Farkle is smart, but Smackle is smarter. She makes sure he is continually challenged. She always presents something to overcome, like winning his first buggy award.

I think Maya and Riley learned some valuable lessons here. They learned that they should not let a guy come between them and Farkle actually helped them learn that lesson by withdrawing his offer to take one of them to the buggies when they started fighting amongst themselves for him. I am glad they learned this lesson through making mistakes; it makes the resolution feel more earned. Also, they learned not to take Farkle for granted. The girls start very clearly not caring about whom Farkle chooses between them, but they realize what they have by the end. I think Riley had the line of the episode "let us never settle for less than Farkle. I actually like this episode better than the love triangle arc because both Riley and Maya knew what they wanted and initially went after it.

Grade A

Homework The Beard Season 2 Extra Credit season 3 Truth and Consequences, season 2 on the Air, Boy 2 mensa season 1, 7. Girl Meets World Summary

In this episode, the kids are studying the civil war. Their assignment is to write about anything that they believe in so strongly they would fight for it. Maya being the rebel, fights for no homework. References

There are also a lot of Boy Meets World callbacks in this episode so let us go through them. The first is the episode theme which is most closely related to the Fugitive(BMW, season 1), where Shawn learns that he goes too far like Maya, and Cory learns that Shawn does not need another Shawn. He needs a Cory, as Riley learns in this episode. Right at the beginning, when Riley reveals she could not keep a secret from her parents, this references Cory, who was notoriously bad at lying to his parents. This scene most closely paralleled season one when Shawn was worried about Cory going to dinner while trying to keep Shawn's presence a secret from Cory's parents. Cory and Shawn also started a rebellion against school work and walked out in season 2 of Boy Meets World. So when Cory tells Riley he is just like her, and Riley asks would you do this? The answer is unequivocal yes, you are your father's daughter.

Also, in the cafeteria when Riley admits she not only did her homework but Maya's as well. This scene is a callback to Shawn trying to run away and Cory covering for him by doing his work and taking a test for him. Maya's just let me go attitude is also very reminiscent of Shawn. Also, when Riley is so nervous about speaking to Lucas that she gives him a thumbs-up, that is a direct reference to Boy Meets World season 3 when Cory did the same to Topanga.

Also, Maya trying to break up with Riley is reminiscent of when Shawn was blamed for Cory's drinking, and he thought they could not be friends anymore because Cory’s father thought Shawn was a bad influence. Also, the journey in this episode is similar in structure to Cory's journey on his first day of high school. Also, the reference of all references is when Feeny appeared and congratulated Cory. That just meant so much because Feeny was Cory's Teacher and mentor for life. This is also a multi-layer reference. Obviously, it is a reference to Feeny and their history( Feeny also taught history) but also season 5 when there was an imaginary Feeny in Eric’s head reminding him of all the lessons that were taught to him because Feeny was so influential. But also to season 3, when Cory and Shawn got stuck on the train and saw a Feeney stay in school poster, that same poster was seen here in Girl Meets World.


Riley, who is trying to reinvent herself as Maya, follows Maya's lead in the homework rebellion. However, left unchecked Maya sets off the fire alarm and sprinklers and gets in big trouble. It is then revealed that Maya started the homework rebellion because she had nobody at home to help with homework. I liked that they actually had Maya do something bad I had no trouble imagining her actually getting in significant trouble for her stunt. It made the episode conflict better than when they try and keep the characters completely pure. Also, the reveal that it was really about problems at home was the perfect way to introduce Maya as a layered character. After being reprimanded by Cory, Maya fears that she will not be allowed to be Riley's friend anymore. So she tries to get ahead of it by ending their friendship, but Riley will not let her. Riley refuses to give up on Maya. She brings Maya home stands up for Maya to her parents, and Riley learns that being her is essential and that she does not need to be anyone else. Thanks to her newfound maturity Cory and Topanga give Riley a train pass, a sign of freedom, and hand her the world. I love the way the episode starts with a clever meta convo. This is part where Cory hands off his series to Riley, which is why he says it is still his world (because Riley's character is unproven), and part of being a father is giving his daughter room to grow and become whom she is going to be. Cory says, you know how I know it is my world cause look at you, you are here. This line comes back around in the end when Riley says, look at us, dad, we are here (we have arrived). This episode, as the first episode, was mostly about establishing characters. Right from the beginning, you see that Maya and Riley are really close friends. They are together from start to finish in the episode, and they already act as if they have an unbreakable bond. They actually established this relationship faster than Cory and Shawn did in their first season. Riley is established as a young girl who is studious and corky and little on the geeky side like her father. However also just like Cory, she will do anything for her friends.

Maya is established as a rebel with a wild side and a good heart(Shawn vibes). Farkle is established as a hilarious nerd who is intelligent wacky, and has a big crush on Maya and Riley, much like Minkus did with Topanga. Lucas is established as the love interest, a good guy with a good heart who is attractive, a point that is repeatedly made throughout the episode. Auggie is quickly established as the Morgan, a cute younger sibling who will make us laugh. He did not have a lot of screen time, but he was hilarious. Topanga is established as the Amy of the show mother holding down the fort and helping teach lessons along the way.

Cory wears multiple hats. He wears the hat of Alan, prominently featured father fighter guiding the youth and hybrid Feeny/Turner teacher at school. I think this was an excellent first episode. Very dramatic, very tightly written. Also, I felt the emotion of Maya's reveal and Riley opening the train doors with the power of love, as Crazy Hat said, and standing up for her friend and herself. Also, I think this episode taught a valuable lesson. The moments of comedy hit the mark and never felt out of place. The only criticism I have is that Lucas tells Riley that she is better than what she is doing during the incident in class, but by that point, Lucas knows little to nothing about her. It was a very Topanga-esk thing to say, but it felt too early in their relationship. Overall it is still a very strong opening to the series and one of the best episodes in the series.

Grade A

Homework: The Fugitive season 1 Extra Credit Pilot season 1, My Best Friends Girl season 3, Me and Mr. Joad season 2, He said she said season 3, If You Can’t Be With the One You Love season 5, It’s Not You It’s Me season 5, season 3 Train of Fools

6. Girl Meets Home for the Holidays Summary

This episode is a mini-reunion as Alan and Amy, and Josh and Shawn come over to visit for the holidays. References/Review

Cory and Shawn falling asleep together was a reference to Shawn and Cory falling asleep in class and finishing each other’s sleep noises. Riley grabbing Shawns face at the cafe references Cory grabbing Alan’s face for attention, something he told him to do whenever he feels like he is slipping through the cracks. Shawn trying to climb out of the window references how he used to climb out of Cory’s window. Shawn calling Maya a restless soul was a reference to Shawn being a relentless soul, and Shawn's family history is also shown in Boy Meets World. Also, at the end, when Alan throws his gift away, it is a reference to his past reputation with getting gifts for Amy. Topanga and Amy's tension in this episode is a renewed tension from Boy Meets World, where Amy fears being replaced. This plot is one of the best b-plots of Girl Meets World. It warmed my heart when Topanga saw past how Amy was acting and into what it meant, but she respectfully reminded Amy that she had not been forgotten or cast aside and, in fact, she was the model for how Topanga did her holidays. It was such a deep and meaningful story, and it is one that you can come back to and appreciate.

The main storyline was worthy of a finale because it felt like the world expanded for the show and introduced its best plot point. That point is trying to get Shawn to be Maya's dad in the scheme of schemes. However, first, he had to meet Riley after an awesome reunion with Cory. Shawn is such a great character; from Boy Meets World to Girl Meets World, Shawn just helps make stories more complex and meaningful in the greatest callback of the entire episode; Maya and Riley had their Feeny and Shawn moment. Just like Shawn learned that Feeny did not hate him and, in fact, that Feeny liked him a lot, Riley learned Shawn did not hate her. He actually liked her a lot. He just felt threatened or left behind by Cory. Cory started a family, and Shawn had not. However, Girl Meets World does not stop there because then they introduce a lesson for Cory and Shawn where Shawn learns that he did not need to disappear just because Cory started a family. I really appreciated this one because as a Boy Meets World fan. In Boy Meets World, they kept pushing this narrative that marriage and kids meant the end of Cory and Shawn, and it is nice to see them grow up and evolve and realize they do not need to back off as friends. They just need to evolve. I love this episode. It had impactful heartwarming lessons for all ages and tasteful callbacks, and some hilarious moments.

Grade A

Homework City Slackers season 3 Extra Credit Easy Street season 4, Her Answer season 6, B Team of Life season 1, Home season 2, Cyrano season 2

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