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Girl Meets World Top 15 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

15 . Girl Meets Forgotten Summary

In this episode, the girls learn about the Great Depression and that it is important to appreciate the working class, but also they should have more appreciation for forgotten workers in their own lives.


This episode is pulling together two very strong episodes from Boy Meets World. The most prominent is Fishing for Virna, where Cory learns to appreciate his mother and gains a new perspective of Brenda's lunch after her death. Also, the episode where Shawn gains a new appreciation for his father and janitorial work when his father becomes the janitor. Also, there are two callbacks to Cory's love of mash potatoes, firstly when he gets excited for them when Geraldine serves them in line and also when the boys make a mash potato volcano Cory always said the gravy coming down the mash potatoes was like lava( run peas!). Also, Harley Kiner was introduced. He is a character who initially debuted in season 2 of Boy Meets World as the school bully. Also, Harley's speaking role as a janitor is reminiscent of Janitor Bud, who became a recurring character in Boy Meets World.


First and foremost, I like that this episode lesson seemed like it was planned by Cory, not driven by Riley. I like when what they are studying affects them in real life rather than the whole lesson being scrapped to accommodate Riley and Maya. I also liked that all four of the kids were not perfect. They made mistakes they were entitled. However, that makes the lesson that they learn that much more impactful. To see the error in their ways, there has to be an error in their ways. I loved the connections they made with Harley and Geraldine. They seemed genuine, and I think the lesson they learned was ageless. Cory talking about the working class being undervalued strikes a cord right now in 2021, nearly 100 years from the event he was talking about. Also, the way Girl Meets World personalized it, I am sure we can all think of someone in our own lives who deserves more credit.

Grade A

Streaming Assignments

Homework Fishing for Virna BMW season 4 (episode theme) Back 2 School (Harley ) season 2 ,Janitor Dad (janitor connection ) season 4, Truth and Consequences season 3 ( janitor bud )

14. Girl Meets Legacy

In this episode, the kids graduate from middle school.


There were three different references. First, when the kids Stay in class with Mathews, this is just like what Cory Topanga, Shawn, and Eric did in season 7 with Feeny. But also in the Graduation episode and life lesson and Eskimo episode. Maya and Riley saying we were kings refers to Shawn and Cory saying the same when they move up to high school. When Cory says, "You doo?" After Riley says she likes him, that is a reference to him saying that little catchphrase sarcastically a lot in the first season of Boy Meets World.


I like this episode a lot. First off, I was really impressed with the wrap-up. I love how they said goodbye to the minor characters instead of just moving on and never seeing them again. We saw Farkle with the science teacher who taught him to think about more than just science in Girl Meets STEM. Also, we saw Maya say goodbye to the art teacher who had a profound impact on her and was in some of the best episodes, Then there was Harley and Lucas, and this one was especially good because Harley never got this goodbye in Boy Meets World he just disappeared. Also, he helped Lucas control his anger and reach his potential using Harley's past mistakes. Finally, there was Cory and Riley, and the rest of the class. I loved them going through the lessons he taught them and how it shapes their growth, but even more so, I love him admitting he was wrong for trying to freeze them in time. It certainly makes you think high school will be very different.

I also thought they did an excellent job with the love triangle having both girls state they still like Lucas and explain that they have been ignoring what has happened between them to try and avoid hurting each other it is a great excuse for the out of order episodes.

Also, I saw them kind of overanalyzing what is going on between them instead of acting again, but they explained it well in this episode, chalking it up to being scared of what will happen but eventually I want to see them stop talking about what will happen and do something about their feelings, but it works in this episode. Finally, the roof scene where we see each parent and Lucas and Zay congratulating the graduates was well done. I also loved the kids getting Cory moved to high school. That was a realistic and logical way to have him teach them next year. I also thought the friendship bench they made was the perfect Legacy and representation of their journey.

Grade A

Streaming Assignments

Homework Graduation season 5 Extra Credit Back 2 School season 2, Pilot season 2 Eskimo season five Life Lessons season 3 Brave New World Part 2 season 7

13. Girl Meets Master Plan Review

In this episode, Cory and Riley scheme to get Shawn to become Maya's dad.


There are a few tasteful references made throughout this episode. When Cory talks about Shawn's mother leaving, that references Shawn's past and Cory sticking his foot in his mouth. He did this at chubbies in season two when he did not realize the two girls he was talking about were right behind him. They also refer to Shawn and Angela's love story and how it ended. This was my favorite reference of the episode. They tell the girls that Shawn fell in love with Angela's purse. They then bring that back around as Shawn goes to get something from Katy's purse, and she says, you can go through my purse, and the girls say, let him hoping he will fall in love again. Also, when Cory makes his godfather's impression and talks about his schemes, he references many schemes, but the most notable comparison is Bee True when he schemed to get Feeny and the dean together. Finally, the last reference is actually to Girl Meets World referencing itself. Maya's mom gets her a locket. If you recall, Maya stole the locket earlier because of the family inside.


This episode is one of the best of Girl Meets World. I enjoyed Riley scheming to do the impossible and heal Shawn and Maya by bringing them together. Also, we get to know more about Katie, and we learn that she is not a villain but a complicated woman who protects her daughter even when it hurts her, and she loves her daughter and provides for her. This is one aspect of Girl Meets World that is a step up from Boy Meets World Katy is complicated; we see her mystery unravel and learn her true intentions with Maya.

Also, we get a start to a new romance with Shawn and Katie. I honestly think they are an excellent match for each other they are good people with big hearts who have had some tough breaks but always do their best. Also, I like that this episode was formatted like a heist. It cool choice for the format that 'hadn't been done by Boy Meets World. Also, the lesson here is important both Shawn and Maya made assumptions about Katy, but they were wrong, and it caused a strain in the relationship between Maya and Katy and Shawn and Katy at first. However, a closer look revealed the truth. Also, there is a lesson for Katy's side: don't lie to protect your kids. Katy spent all that time defending her ex for what? It was ruining her relationship with her daughter. Shawn was right. She deserves to love the parent who stayed. Also, the cherry on top of this episode was the end when I assume Maya silently wished for Shawn to be her dad and become what would, in her eyes would be a complete family.

Episode Grade: A

Streaming Assignments

Homework For Love and Apartments season 7 Extra Credit Career Day season 2, the Beard season 2, I love you Donna Karen season 5, Chasing Angela season 5, Angela's Ashes season 7, Bee True season 6, Girl Meets Truth season 1

12. Girl Meets Upstate Summary

In this episode, the girls run away to Shawn to find Maya.


The cabin Shawn lives in references the episode when they snuck away to Feeny's cabin in Boy Meets World season 3. The Boy Meets World clip they played and the scene Riley and Maya re-enacted was from season two, the uninvited. Shawn blew up the mailbox in season one, the Fugitive. They turned Feeny's house to bed and breakfast in season 4 episode B&E and B&Bs. Shawn ran away many times; as Cory stated, I will use the episode He said She said in season three as an example as it fits the context the best. The iconic handshake can be seen in many episodes. My favorite is when Cory and Shawn do it in Back 2 School. The Angela episode most relevant to this episode is Chasing Angela in season 5. The overall episode theme relates to The Grass is Always Greener in season 3. When Cory lost himself in the relationship, there was considerable relationship development at the end, just like Maya lost herself, and there was a colossal relationship development at the end of this episode.


This episode was very good. I like the idea of grappling with being too influenced by your good influence. Boy Meets World has always pumped the idea that you need a good influence, people change people, but the idea is to be guided, not be taken over. What I did not like was how they rewrote the history of Angela. Shawn did not just pick her because he wanted to be in love like Cory. He picked Angela because he was into her. He wanted her more than any other girl he had been with because there was a deep connection there. Cory and Topanga, as good influences in his life, convinced him that he could have what they had that he could love and be loved. They were successful with that Angela loved Shawn and Shawn loved Angela. They did not end up together, but they loved each other and often times told Cory and Topanga to butt out of their relationship.

I thought Riley and Maya's Journey to find Maya was very entertaining, and I loved that they went back to their greatest hits, the subway, the paint fight, and they changed back Maya's wardrobe. I think Maya finding herself through paint was perfect. When nothing else makes sense, Maya can always depend on Riley and art. Also, I love that Maya got her emotions out to Riley, not just the nice stuff but all of it. Those are the emotions that make good episodes. She envied Riley; she was angry with her for letting her become too much like Riley. However, I think they did a good job letting Maya express that without making Riley look bad. Riley did not want Maya to be her; she wanted to be Maya, and she wanted Maya to be ok. I also loved when Maya said Lucas's choice did not matter because either way, he was picking Riley because she had not been herself, and there was a cool throwback to Maya grabbing his collar in the Girl Meets Rules episode.

I have said before that Maya has not really fought for Lucas or made a good case for herself. It has been Riley thus far who has been the clear best choice for Lucas. I also loved Katy in her moment with Topanga. She is crying as she realizes she loves Shawn, and he loves her back. She always makes the most of her moments. As if Maya finding herself was not entertaining enough, watching Shawn find himself and proposing to Katy was incredible. I felt the screams from the crowd in my soul. What a moment—what a way for Shawn to find his reckless spontaneity.

Grade A

Homework Grass is Always Greener season 3 Extra credit The Fugitive season 1 Back to School season 2 ,The Uninvited season 2 ,He said She said season 3, City Slackers season 3 , B&E and B&B season 4, Chasing Angela season 5

11. Girl Meets Texas Part 2 Summary

In this episode, Riley reveals Maya likes Lucas and Zay meets with an old flame. References

Very few Boy Meets World references. Like Topanga in BMW season two, Riley does not want to enter into a relationship at the cost of her friendship with the guy she likes. Just like her father Cory did in season six, she is stepping aside for her best friend. Review

I like this episode because of the character work. Zay, who has been poorly written or left out or hanging by a string, has his own meaningful storyline, strengthens the friend group's image, and adds depth to his character. Maya is usually so confident and in control, and we have never seen her in a real girlfriend boyfriend scenario. We get to see how she acts with someone on her level who she likes. Also, we see her unsure around Lucas. Also, we see that what is really bothering her is that she kept a secret from Riley. However, she is still having trouble navigating her feelings for Lucas. Riley, who has always been written as ditzy and book smart, shows she is perceptive. She figured Maya out on her own when Maya thought she did not understand what Maya found out from acting like Riley. Riley is also trying to convince herself to suppress her feelings for Lucas, and giving Maya a chance is the right move.

Interestingly there are positives now that Riley has tried to be more of a friend and less of a lover. She has actually grown even closer to Lucas because she can talk and be around him more. Also, part of me loves that Riley is like, no, Maya, we are equals. I do not need you to step back; in fact, I will step back. I think people who think Riley never got autonomy did not see this episode. People who do not think she is smart or aware are not watching closely enough. She's got a lot of Eric in her, interestingly. She is goofy but also smart and inciteful.

We see Maya and Lucas almost kiss, and the dialogue in this scene really makes me think they were supposed to kiss. I think they should have. Lastly, I think Farkle really did a great job with his screen time. He made me laugh with the New York intellectual stand-off and the ribs scene. Also, I think it is cool that they got live music in the show Boy Meets World never did that, and now Girl meets World has done it twice. Very One Tree Hill-esk. Also, I am glad they have done a better job portraying Southerners than they did in part one. In the end, all the characters ended this episode with more depth and intrigue, and they advanced the triangle story.

Grade A

Streaming Assignments

Homework Hogs and Kisses season 6 Extra credit Pairing off season 2

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