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Girl Meets World Top 30 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed!

30. Girl meets Forgiveness Project Summary

In this episode, Cory challenges the kids to forgive someone who has wronged them.


There are two references in this episode. One is when Riley forgives Auggie, but she doesn’t really forgive him. That was a reference to season one, Boy Meets World; when Cory gave Shawn a gift for all the wrong reasons, the interaction is pretty much the exact same. You could put them side by side. The second reference is the broken home of Maya and her attempting to forgive her father, similar to how Shawn did in season 3 when he gets arrested. Review

The Forgiveness episode hits like a ton of bricks. I think Cory taught them an important lesson about forgiving people. I like that the show specified that you need to understand the other person to forgive them. I thought Lucas and Riley's forgiveness stories were kind of trivial, but they brought it around in the end and saved it because they tied it into the lesson about learning about the other person to forgive them. Obviously, the star of this episode was Maya. Writing to her father and attempting to forgive him was a huge real-life situation. I love that Cory assigned this project; it shows he is still the same old Cory. I didn’t love the choice of the father. He was kind of bland. I do like that he didn’t seem like a bad guy that did make the episode more challenging, and I appreciate that.

However, even though he is a complex character, he is clearly the villain here. I wouldn’t say I liked that the episode didn’t address why he stays away. There is no point in him staying away when Maya seems to want him back in her life, and there's no point when he wants to be back in her life. He says he isn’t the same guy anymore, but it's still totally okay with leaving Maya behind again. He has a whole daughter. Why is he okay leaving again with no contact? If that’s how he felt, why show up until at all?

Aside from that, I like the interactions between Maya and her dad, but the best moment has to be when Cory asked if Maya has forgiven herself, and Maya just breaks down. I love that Cory was aiming for this the whole time, and he was trying to help Maya heal. It makes sense, being that he was friends with Shawn that Cory would know what Maya needs. Grade A- Streaming Assignments

The homework is the BMW episode that I think shares a similar theme to this Girl Meets World episode. The extra credit is where you can find all the smaller references Girl Meets World made to Boy Meets World. Homework I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian season 3 BMW Extra credit Santa Little Helper season 1 BMW 29. Girl Meets Gravity Summary

In this episode, Riley realizes she isn’t the center of the universe.


First, Cory and Topanga reference Feeny being their teacher every year in Boy Meets World as Cory jokingly pretends he will not do the same thing. Another reference is Belgium 1831; this is a running joke in Girl Meets World, which they never actually talk about. Riley says I said what I said after accidentally saying father instead of teacher. This is a reference to Frankie, who would say that exact phrase in season 2. Lastly, when Maya and Riley transfer, the kids in the other class are meant to be them, and they each refer to previous Girl Meets World episodes. Also, in constantly calling Riley and Maya kings, they reference Shawn and Cory and how they thought they were kings as seniors. Also the episode lesson of learning to appreciate a caretaker/ dealing with the death of a caretaker is a reference to season four of Boy Meets World.


This episode seems like it was answering criticism; it likely got from season one. Firstly, Cory lets the class all do their own thing, the first teacher who quit acts as the critic, and Cory and the kids answer those criticisms by saying the way Cory teaches encourages discussion and expression. Also, when Riley says the new teacher did not know history is supposed to be about our lives. The show is trying to say that it also helps to make personal connections to drive the lesson home. Another place the episode responds to criticism is when Maya and Riley say that Cory and Topanga are circling them. How can they be kings? Cory and Topanga point out that Riley and Maya are the ones circling them. This is fair in the tv world; Riley lives at their house goes to their jobs every day. However, I still think That Topanga and Cory do smother Riley. Cory makes fun of this criticism when he says, hey, I have not seen you in twenty minutes, Riley I miss you.

Nevertheless, it is still valid criticism as early as the first season of Boy Meets World; Cory had a world of his own. We see him at school with friends in the lunchroom in the halls. The parents and teachers were available but in certain places. The parents were at home, but they were not always in the same room as their kids. Mr. Feeny was at school and next door, but he was not always concerned with Cory and Shawn's actions. The parents had their own lives. I think a big part of this criticism is how the episodes are shot. The parents are rarely out of frame for a long time. There seems to be no sense of privacy. They pop in and out of Riley's room and anywhere else she is. Cory could count on being alone in his room unless he was in trouble. There is no place Riley can go and expect any privacy from her parents.

I agree with this criticism for Riley and Maya to really become kings. They need some space to create their own world. That being said, I like the non-meta-message of this episode. The world does not revolve around you, and you should make sure to cherish your loved ones for as long as you can. This is the second time Girl Meets World has pulled from Janitor's Dad and Fishing for Virna the lunch lady and janitor episodes. This time the episode is leaning more towards Janitor's dad. Just like Shawn, the kids learn that the world does not revolve around them and to appreciate their parents more. Also, I thought the format of the episode was great. The twist that Riley was giving a eulogy for Mrs Vorski, which is why she gave her bakery to Topanga and Katy, was still shocking upon rewatch. I think this lesson stands the test of time also. Final grade A-

Streaming Assignments

The homework is the BMW episode that I think shares a similar theme to this Girl Meets World episode. The extra credit is where you can find all the smaller references Girl Meets World made to Boy Meets World. Homework Janitor Dad Season 4 BMW Extra credit Pilot season 1 BMW, Back 2 School season 2 BMW, Brothers season 5 BMW, Friendly Persuasion season 6 BMW, Girl Meets Father season 1GMW , Girl Meets Boy season 1GMW , Wrong Side of the Tracks BMW, Girl Meets First Date season 1 BMW

28. Girl Meets High School Part 1 Summary

In this episode, kids go to high school. In the B plot, Ava deals with her parents fighting.


Right away, the show hits us with several Boy Meets World references. First, Riley and Maya literally opening the door on the other girls refers to when Cory and Shawn did the same thing to some nerds in season two. Also, All the kids being pulled apart by the kids in the hall is A reference to when Shawn Cory and Topanga had the same thing happen on their first day of high school. Also, when Lucas tries to act like he is not intimidating and then a very tall guy steps up to him, that is a direct reference to Truth and consequences season 3 when Cory had the same thing happen to him.


This episode starts slow, but it gets way better in the second half. I will start with what I did not like. I felt the side characters lacked the cheerleaders; for example, they are not as mean to Riley and Maya as they could be, same with the tall, intimidating senior. I feel like Girl Meets World could have done a better job at intimidating the kids. For example, on Cory's first day, he runs into Harley, and his very intimidating friends Cory and Shawn stand zero chance in that fight, so they are justly intimidated without a physical altercation. However, also because of that, Harleys' demands carry more weight. The or what of the situation is lacking a bit when it comes to Riley and Maya the gang. I do not think those three upperclassmen are going to beat them up. That is not the vibe they give, so why should the kids listen? Lastly, I wish things would have happened a little more naturally. For example, Cory planned to suck up to Harley, and it went wrong, causing his dilemma. Nothing happens to cause the trouble that Riley and the gang get into. It just happens to them.

The thing I liked about this episode is the drama. First, the B plot what a twist Ava's family breaks up, and that storyline was played perfectly, unfolding believably and realistically. Also, it tied into Riley's storyline perfectly. Riley has a super dramatic story right off the bat. Her beliefs in people are driving a wedge between her and Lucas and their friend group. It is the first time Riley and Lucas do not seem perfectly aligned, and it is a big deal. An even bigger deal is that the friend group has split up, and they blame Riley for having such a tough day. The pressures of high school have turned the group on each other on day one. I love this conflict.

It is realistic, meaningful, and it is up to the kids to figure it out. Not sure how I feel about Marley. I like that she shakes things up and gives Cory a challenge too, but she is disruptive to Cory's lesson flow. I do not love how the triangle was advanced. I feel like saying Maya and Riley are both his girlfriends is a cop-out, and Riley wanting Maya to be just as involved in everything is unrealistic. Otherwise, this episode is a fantastic start to the season.

Grade A-

Streaming Assignments

The homework is the BMW episode that I think shares a similar theme to this Girl Meets World episode. The extra credit is where you can find all the smaller references Girl Meets World made to Boy Meets World. Homework Back 2 School season 2 BMW, You Light up my Union season 7 BMW

27. Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington Summary

In this episode, Eric is chosen to run for senator to help the incumbent, but Eric decides he wants to win.


There are a few references to the Boy Meets World series. Firstly, Eric has cocoa puffs in his robe; this is a reference to season four when Eric was on his parent's couch feeling bad because he did not get into college and felt like he was just a towny. When they sing the cereal jingle for his imaginary spy tv show called the good looking guy, lastly, they show a montage of Eric's journey with Tommy in Boy Meets World in season 6.


I love the concept of this episode. It seemed like the point was to get kids to be politically active and to teach them why it is essential. The kids start out feeling numb and discouraged, but by the end, they realize that they can make a difference even now when they cannot vote. They also learned why it is important to pay attention to the issue. Because the issues already affect their lives whether they could vote or not. I also appreciated how this episode called out politicians for bowing to their donors and selling the next generation down the river, and I think through Lucas's character, they made a good argument for why the voting age should be lowered. Because if not, kids get screwed without getting much say In the matter.

I also thought it was good when Cory pointed out that the younger demo has not been coming out like it should and why that is consequential. I thought Eric's storyline of being put in the race to lose was creative. It was funny for Eric and a creative way to get the kids involved with politics. The way Eric's story culminated with Tommy returning was phenomenal, such an emotional moment. That was a brilliant idea, and I would love to think Tommy and Eric have been reunited and are working in politics. Another thing that made this episode great was that it showed Eric's magical ability to inspire people. He may seem like a goof, but Eric is smart, and he knows how to inspire when it comes down to it. Like Cory said, how can you not be on his side?

Lastly, my criticism for this episode is that the way they exhibited their lessons was a little heavy-handed. They were pretty much telling us everything, and it would have been nice if they did some more showing. Also, I know it was a gag, but Topanga and Cory running away when they find out Eric could be in charge was undermining the episode where they helped build him up as a leader.

Grade A-

Streaming Assignments

The homework is the BMW episode that I think shares a similar theme to this Girl Meets World episode. The extra credit is where you can find all the smaller references Girl Meets World made to Boy Meets World. Homework: Santa's Little Helpers season 6 BMW, Resurrection season 6 BMW, Can I Help Cheer You season 6 BMW, Extra credit: Hair Today Goon Tomorrow Boy Meets World season 4

26. Girl Meets Flaws Summary

In this episode, Riley helps Farkle confront a school bully.


There is one callback right at the beginning. Maya gets a cool award and seems unfazed by it. Riley says you are just being cool, right? This is a reference to when Cory was so obsessed with being cool he would analyze Shawn and see everyday actions as teaching him how to be cool. This happened at Chubbie's in The Uninvited. Also, during the show Topanga and Cory reference Auggie being at his grandparent's house, which we know is a reference to Alan and Amy Cory's parents (Topanga's are divorced). Also, during the episode, Harley references being a bully in the Boy Meets World Series.


This episode is interesting because Boy Meets World never tackled bullying in this way as something that needed to be stopped. It was punished when it went too far but ultimately tolerated as a reality of high school. Honestly, it feels like what Billy the bully (lol) did to Farkle was way worse than anything the bullies in Boy meets World did. The bullies of the '90s were taking your lunch money and beating you up, but Billy's brand seems worse because it is psychological and is a more modern version of bullying.

Destroying someone's self-esteem or self-worth can cause lasting scars, and I am glad Girl Meets World sends a clear message that's not okay, but I like that they do not just stop there and instead dig into what would cause a kid to be a bully and show that talking out your issues is more productive than taking them out on other people. I also liked that this episode was edgy. The kids have to face a real problem this week, and it could have gone negatively.

This is one of the more dramatic plots of Girl Meets World. My criticism of this episode is that while I enjoyed most of Ava's scenes, there was a really cringe one at breakfast. Ava makes a hilarious entrance wearing a spoiled rotten shirt after Cory just said people do not wear their flaws. Then Topanga has a stand-off with her, but things take a turn for the worse as Topanga picks Ava up kisses her on the lips. She then tells Ava never to stop being her, and Ava Cringely replies that if she wanted to kiss her again, she would not stop her. The subtext of these seen is Topanga encouraging Ava and Ava welcoming Topanga's motherly love, but the way it was expressed was inappropriate and unnecessary. This is not Topanga's kid in real life. It is a child actor, and on the show, it is not any more appropriate. Ava is not related to Topanga, and there is no need for a kiss. Definitely not one on the lips. This moment would have worked just as well with a hug or words of encouragement. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the Topanga scene in the comments.

Final grade A-

Streaming Assignments

The homework is the BMW episode that I think shares a similar theme to this Girl Meets World episode. The extra credit is where you can find all the smaller references Girl Meets World made to Boy Meets World.

Homework: Sister Theresa season two BMW (here you will see Harley as a bully, but also Boy meets World explore the bully as more than just a villain as Girl meets World did the situations are different, but there are similar lessons Extra credit The Uninvited (Shawns cool references/Amy and Alan )

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