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King of the Ring 2024 Review

Liv vs. Becky WWE Women's World Title 83/100 B

Liv stretches Becky

Surprisingly, this match was a Roman Reigns-style match. Initially, there was a lot of fighting with no rhyme or reason. There was no story being told, just random action, and it was boring. Then, out of nowhere, the match picked up when Liv and Becky started trading submissions. Becky flipped Liv into an armbar, and Liv leveraged it into the rings of Saturn. Becky got out and got Liv into the Disarm her. Then Dominik showed up, and the match was all gas from there.

Becky knocks down Liv

Becky looked angry, like she wanted no help from Dom, but Dom didn't care. Becky tried to tell Dom to leave, but Liv attacked Becky and almost stole the match. Becky fought Liv off, and then Dom slid in a chair and distracted the ref for Becky, but Liv sprouted up and hit Becky with a DDT against the chair and won the match. She has now ended Rhea, Beat Becky, and Taken Rhea's title. Liv's revenge tour is going great. She is finally getting everything she deserves. The Liv era has begun.

Gable vs. Sami vs. Bronson Reed 85/100 B

triple german suplex

This match had good triple-threat sequences. Bronson Reed hit a suicide dive on both guys, which is bananas. Sami hit Bronson Reed with a Blue Thunder Bomb, which is unfathomable. However, Chad Gable hit the move of the match when he executed a triple German suplex. He suplexed Bronson Reed while Reed was holding Sami. It was absolutely incredible.

Otis hit Gable

However, just as I predicted, Otis decided on this match. Otis took out Bronson Reed, but then he hesitated to go after Sami until Gable slapped and pushed him. Otis finally ran in to attack Sami, but Sami moved, and Otis took out Gable instead. Sami hit Reed with the Helluva Kick and retained his title.

Nia vs. Lyra Queen of the Ring 80/100 B-

Nia Jax Queen

Lyra was not ready for Nia. Lyra gave her best effort. She wiggled and reversed and used her technical skills & speed to try and gain an edge over Nia. However, you can't teach the kind of power Nia has, and Lyra couldn't account for it. Nia just kept getting a hold of her and wrecking her until it all became too much. Lyra tried to powerbomb Nia off the corner, and Nia just sat into the Anialator, and Lyra was down for the count. It was actually quite heartwarming to watch Nia go from being fired to being Queen of the Ring.

Gunther vs. Randy Orton 77/100 C

Randy Orton throws Gunther

Gunther beat Randy, and it was a huge downer for the night. These two wrestled a relatively slow match, which was made worse by the fact that Randy had to have an injured leg during the match. Despite the leg injury, Randy Orton was the most exciting part of the match. Also, to make matters worse, Gunther barely beat Randy with a quick pin.

Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul 86/100 B

Logan Paul

In this match, Logan and Cody were out to prove two different things. Cody wanted to prove that there are levels to wrestling, and a brat like Logan wasn't on his level. He wanted to humble Logan. Logan wanted to prove that despite Cody being more well-liked, Logan is actually on Cody's level, if not better. I would argue that neither of them has proven their point completely. But if I had to pick one person who made the better case, it would be Logan Paul.

Cody Rhodes Title

Logan wanted to prove he was on Cody's level by not using Brass Knuckles, and he absolutely failed at it, but he wasn't the only one who needed extra help. Cole distracted Logan after he used the knuckles on Cody and

Ibrahim Al Hajjaj saved Cody from being pinned by Logan. If you remove all the interference, then Logan was on Cody's level, hitting him with a crossroads frog and splashing him in the ring and outside the ring through a table. However, Cody got the win when Logan was distracted by Hajjaj, but it was very close.

King of the Ring 2024 Review Final Grade

82.2/100 B

Liv Morgan Title

King of the Ring 2024 Review. The PPV wasn't as good as Backlash, but it was still solid. The things that stood out most were the flow and the setup. The smaller card just flowed so easily and kept me engaged. Also, this premium live event did a great job of making me want to see what happens next on Raw.


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