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2022 October & November Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

10. NXT Tag Titles

Pretty Deadly did a great job carrying the Titles in the past two months, which is why they are one of three champions that remained on the Power Rankings for the last four months. Pretty Deadly finished their beef with the Creed Brothers and then left them in their rearview. Then Pretty Deadly turned to up-and-comers Blade and Enofe, and they had an entertaining feud with them before beating them as well. Then Pretty Deadly continued their run by defeating Chase U. After these two months; there was nobody in NXT left to defeat.

9. ROH Pure Title

Daniel Garcia had a very eventful last two months. He almost joined the Combat Club with his wrestling hero Bryan Danielson before turning on him and choosing the Jericho Appreciation Society. Then Garcia & Jericho feuded with Claudio and Yuta in a string of great matches.

8. Impact World Championship

Josh Alexander is the guy on Impact, and he carries himself how a World Champion should. His feud with Eddie Edwards and new entertaining feud with Bully Ray has made the storylines one of the best parts of Impact Wrestling.

7. Impact Woman's World Title

Jordynne Grace has been on a tear. She started off this period feuding with Masha Slamovich before ending Masha's undefeated streak. After that, she feuded with Giselle Shaw, who made the case that her time was now. However, Grace showed her there are levels to this in their title match.

6. AEW Trios Championships

For my money, Death Triangle is some of the most entertaining wrestlers in-ring on AEW’s roster. It’s an absolute treat to see them defend the championships on Weekly TV, and now, the best of seven series with the Elite puts them on the shortlist for match of the week every week. AEW’s trio's division is just getting started, and this championship is already one of my favorites to watch.

5. All-Atlantic Title

Orange Cassidy started out with a bang when he defeated Pac for the All- Atlantic Championship. Then he had a bunch of surprisingly amazing title defenses, and then it became clear that Orange Cassidy just doesn't have bad matches. Orange Cassidy is one of the hottest champions in wrestling, which is why he is top 5 in the Power Rankings.

4. ROH Championship

ROH is still carving out its place in AEW’s universe, but having more championships on AEW has been an opportunity to feature the depth of its roster. In October/November, Chris Jericho shockingly picked up his eighth World Championship win against Claudio Castagnoli, and Jericho has made an entertaining gimmick out of the championship, challenging past ROH Championships every week.

3. AEW World Championship

After being put in another pickle, Jon Moxley won back the AEW Championship and carried himself as the guy in AEW. Moxley was entertaining on the mic but completely outdone by the white-hot challenger MJF. MJF made another feud-of-the-year candidate with Moxley and won the AEW Championship in shocking fashion at Full Gear. The era of MJF has just begun, but it feels like the first time we have seen the promise of AEW come to fruition- a young new star never before featured on a televised promotion is the hottest thing in AEW.

2. WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

This list is dominated by companies’ World Champions, and it’s still undisputed that Roman Reigns is the guy in the industry right now. For the entire year (and more), Reigns has carried the championship for the biggest company in wrestling. In October/November, Reigns was a crucial part of developing storylines with Logan Paul, working with the newcomer to create a match-of-the-year candidate, and the Men’s War Games match with Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and the Brawling Brutes. He looked dominant in the War Games match, and it doesn’t feel like any challenger will be on his level in the near future.

1. WWE Undisputed Tag Titles

Everything runs through the Usos. The Usos have made the Power Rankings every month since April. This month The Usos were telling the story of Sami Zayn's initiation into the Bloodline, which produced some of the best segments of the last two months, like the Ucey segment. They were also defending their titles in a feud with the Brawling Brutes. The Usos also went to Wargames against the Brawling Brutes and pulled double duty at times doing Raw and SmackDown. Also, they made history when they beat the New Day and became the longest-reigning tag team champions.

Superstar of the Month: The Bloodline

How could it be anyone else? The Bloodline has carried the Unified World Championship and Tag Team Championships for the entire year. Sami Zayn is doing the best character work in wrestling right now, and Solo Sikoa would be the breakout star of the year if he debuted any sooner. In October/November, the Bloodline had the best matches of the month at Crown Jewel and the Men’s War Games match. It’s anticipated that they will be involved heavily in the biggest matches at WrestleMania. If it has happened before, I can’t remember the last time a faction was this dominant in WWE.

Show of The Last Two Months SmackDown

SmackDown has the top two spots in the Power Rankings for a reason; They have stars everywhere. As Champions, they have the Bloodline and Gunther and Ronda Roussey. As non-Champions, they have Bray Wyatt, Liv Morgan, Hit Row, Brawling Brutes, Raquel, Ricochet, and Drew McIntyre. They are completely stacked. Plus, they have excellent creative on SmackDown. In addition to all the star power and fantastic matches, SmackDown is always either number one or in the mix of the best storylines of the week.

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