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WWE Raw, WWE Dynamite & WWE NXT 2.0 Wrestling Rundown: Breakout

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Reverse Hipster's What Mattered

10. (WWE, Raw) Humor Segments

I'm a sucker for these 24/7 title segments. Dana Brooke and Tamina served Reggie and Akira Tozawa with divorce papers. Akira ran away so he technically hasn't been served, which is hilarious. The 24/7 title is back where it needs to be creatively.

Kevin Owens and Ezekiel feel like a joke that shouldn't still be as funny as it is. However, they are still a highlight of Raw. Kevin Owens came to Raw dressed up as his older brother, Ken. Then, K.O. was infuriated when people accepted him as Ken, and it was hilarious.

9. (AEW, Dynamite) Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

Toni and Jamie had a tough back and forth match. These women just kept dishing out punishment until Toni got a momentary advantage and hit her finisher. Toni was the right woman to win. She is on a roll and could be a star for AEW.

8. (WWE, NXT 2.0) Gang Warfare

I'm really enjoying the street war between Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo. I love heel vs. heel matchups done right, and this is one of them. They both kidnapped each other's squad members, and now they'll face off. I'm rooting for Santos, but I can't wait to see it.

7. (AEW, Dynamite) CM Punk vs. John Silver/Adam Page

CM Punk and John Silver had a really good match. Silver is underrated, and I feel like he is always over-performing. He took CM Punk to the limit, but CM Punk beat him with a Buckshot Lariat. Then, Adam Page stormed to the ring and had a heated exchange with CM Punk. AEW seems to be telling the story of two guys who just rub each other the wrong way, and I like it.

6. (WWE, NXT 2.0) Toxic Attraction vs. Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez

This was a rockin' match with excellent sequences. Wendy and Roxanne came out hot, and dominated most of the match. They had awesome chemistry, but Toxic Attraction's numbers were just too much. Toxic Attraction as a tag team reminds me a lot of Triple H as a heel champion. They have a really entertaining style that allows them to be reeling, but aggressive and engaging in the ring.

5. (WWE, Raw) Street Profits vs. RK-Bro

Street Profits have been a little heelish as of late, and I like their new attitude. They came for RK-Bro and actually made me believe for a second that they were going to beat RK-Bro when Riddle accidentally hit Randy Orton. But, Riddle closed the door on the Street Profits with a beautiful catch RKO.

4. (WWE NXT) Cora Jade vs. Natalya & Nikkita Lyons vs. Arianna Grace, Breakout Tournament

Grace impressed me. She took it to Nikkita Lyons, and low key gave Nikkita her biggest challenge yet. But, Nikkita battled back and showed she had grit. She kicked Arianna's lights out and then landed her victory split. I'm rooting for Nikkita, but I hope Arianna Grace is here to stay.

Cora and Natalya had a great match too. Cora showed so much moxie throughout her battle with Natalya. She put Natalya in the Sharpshooter and slapped her. Even at the end, when Cora was caught in the Sharpshooter, she refused to give up. I'm a big fan of this match, and I love both superstars. I'm happy to see Natalya win and Cora continue to rise.

3. (WWE, NXT 2.0) Andre Chase & Sarray (with Bodhi Hayward) vs. Tiffany Stratton and Grayson Waller

First, I just want to say the outfit switch between Bodhi Hayward and Sarray during entrances made me laugh out loud. The match itself was fantastic. The action was entertaining, but I especially loved how the women did spots with the guys. Sarray kicked Grayson into next week, and Tiffany executed a beautiful over-the-top dive onto Bodhi outside of the ring. Sarray got her win back from Tiffany. It was the right finish for the mixed tag match, and Tiffany and Sarray's feud.

2. (AEW, Dynamite) Story Segments

MJF's segment with Wardlow was absolutely perfect. MJF making Wardlow come out to silence, and his entrance video saying "Boo Wardlow" was hilarious. But then, he kicked it up a notch with a parody Dark Side of the Ring mini-episode about Wardlow costing him his match with Punk. The fact that he got other wrestlers to participate and had reenactments as well was hysterical. Then, MJF comes out like a babyface to his hometown while still staying true to his heel character. MJF is the best character AEW has. Wardlow looked good, too, beating down all of the security and nearly getting his hands on MJF.

AEW had another excellent story segment as well. The Blackpool Combat Club confronted the Jericho Appreciation Society with Eddie Kingston and his crew. A brawl broke out. Finally, the Jericho jerks got their butts kicked. Also, the Combat Club finally has a worthy opponent.

1. (AEW, Dynamite) Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy, Owen Hart Cup

This match was insane, the definition of high risk. Jeff and Darby risked it all in an anything goes match. It was invigorating to watch, but it was a career-shortening match. I've seen Jeff do things like this so many times that I'm sure somehow, someway, he is fine. But Darby, the bump he took off the top of the ladder onto standing chairs, was psychotic. It completely recontextualized his Coffin Drops. I don't know how Darby still has a functioning back. It felt like he sacrificed a few years of his career for greatness. Not sure how I feel about Jeff winning, but the match was too good to deny.

Rob’s What Mattered

9. The Judgment Day, WWE Raw

I am loving the presentation of Judgment Day. I admit they have a bad rationale for their actions, but they have a cool mystique that is missing from WWE nowadays. It also gives three great superstars something to do, so if that’s all we get out of this, I’m still down.

8. Building Story, AEW Dynamite

AEW is getting back in form in time for Double or Nothing and did some great little bits of storytelling. Danhausen and Hook are officially teaming up. Swerve Strickland tried to interfere in the FTW Championship match and cost Ricky Starks, but it backfired, and Starks beat Jungle Boy. Their interaction teased a clash between Jurassic Express and Strickland/Keith Lee. Finally, it seems like AEW is paying attention to complaints about the Blackpool Combat Club and Jericho Appreciation Society, as now, it looks like they can feud with each other. Double or Nothing is getting more exciting by the week.

7. Toxic Attraction vs. Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez, NXT 2.0

Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez have brought a lot of fun to this feud. Perez has looked great in her first few matches in NXT and blended into the roster seamlessly. Toxic Attraction’s gimmick in the ring is that they seem to keep finding a way to win at all costs and hold onto their championships. It’s hard to complain as a fan because they have great presentations, and most of their matches have been entertaining and competitive.

6. Ezekiel and Kevin Owens, WWE Raw

This feud has no right to be as good as it is. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, and I’m glued to the TV when these two are on the screen. Kevin Owens is hilarious in his pursuit of truth, and Ezekiel is playing off him perfectly by being oblivious to everything Owens is saying. They both have been really solid in ring, too, so an eventual clash between them will surprise people.

5. Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton vs. Andre Chase and Sarray, NXT 2.0

Readers of our reviews know I’ve been a fan of everyone in this feud in NXT 2.0 for the last few months. Seeing the feuds combine was random, but lots of fun, and Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton’s characters play off of each other well. The backstage segment where Bodhi Hayward knew Japanese and shenanigans with Sarray’s entrance where the Chase U members transformed was hilarious. I would love to see them play more with the canon of that magical power.

4. Alexa Bliss, WWE Raw

Alexa Bliss got a massive pop in her return, and I was happy to hear her old music and see a little bit of her old charm back in her character. Sonya Deville is still doing great heel-work, and now she will be a full-time superstar. Bliss has the potential to be a champion and main eventer in her return, and WWE should respond to the pop she got appropriately.

3. Natalya vs. Cora Jade, NXT 2.0

This was a great match and worthy main event, and I almost wish they would have saved it for a special show. Still, Natalya had her best match in recent memory, and Cora Jade had a career-defining performance, getting the rub from a women’s legend. Jade has so much potential, and I think NXT needs to go all-in on her and let her rise to the championship.

2. MJF in Long Island, AEW Dynamite

AEW has a special ability for their stars to have special moments and get insane cheers in their hometown. Mega heel MJF went mega babyface in Long Island, and I loved it, watching him draw insane boos for Wardlow and working the crowd to chant along with him. He couldn’t miss even calling fans poor and getting cheered. It was almost like watching Stone Cold or Rock in the prime of Raw. After working for the crowd, Wardlow got his handcuffs off to sign the contract, and he plowed through security and got his hands on MJF briefly to a huge ovation. MJF is working the best story on AEW for the second time this year, and Wardlow is white-hot.

1. Owen Hart Matches, AEW Dynamite

The Owen Hart tournament is on pace to be the highlight of every week of wrestling for the next month. AEW Dynamite opened with old NXT-ers Adam Cole and Dax Harwood with another classically-influenced wrestling match that was well-received by the crowd. Toni Storm had her best match in AEW so far against Jamie Hayter, made better by the story they built up going into the match. The match of the week, though, was easily Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin. They crammed so much action into their match, and the death-defying high spots didn’t disappoint, mainly Darby Allin’s Swanton onto Jeff through a line of chairs. They delivered what we knew they were capable of, but I was most impressed by the finish as Hardy’s veteran awareness led him to win a spot-fest with a wrestling maneuver roll-up. I can excuse that it made Darby and his finish look weak because the rest of the match was so awesome.

Reverse Hipster's What Didn't Matter

3. (WWE, NXT 2.0) Jacket Time vs. Von Wagner

They didn't do anything wrong in their brawl segment, but I can't care about this feud. Wagner has been ice cold since he feuded with Kyle O'Reilly. His stats of injuring people look nice on paper, but it doesn't make him an interesting character. Neither does a masturbation joke for Jacket Time. Until we get more from these characters, the feud remains cold.

2. (WWE, Raw) Seth Rollins

I don't care to see Cody and Seth fight a third time, and I didn't even want to see it a second time. Seth lost twice. What can be gained from fighting a third time? If Seth loses again, he looks even worse. If Seth wins, Cody still wins the feud. It's pointless just like Seth's feud with Cesaro that should have been one match.

1. (WWE, Raw) Alexa Bliss Return

Alexa is one of my favorite superstars, and she has been since her days with Blake and Murphy in NXT. However, I did not like her return. Squashing Sonya Deville, who was in a title match last week, was uninspiring and set the bar too high for Alexa in the ring. She can't squash everyone. Also, this made Sonya look like a bum when she was supposed to be one of the top heels. Also, it hurt Alexa because the crowd didn't get to see much from Alexa in her return.

Rob’s What Didn’t Matter

1. Veer Plows Through Jobbers, WWE Raw

In his Raw debut, Veer Mahaan injured a living legend in Rey Mysterio and beat a former champion, Dominick Mysterio, in his first match, also putting him out of action. I don’t know how facing local jobbers is a step in the right direction for him. We still don’t know anything about him. We already knew he was dominant and capable so having him do squash matches now is terrible booking by WWE.

Rob’s Final Thoughts

The worst show of the week was Raw. It was solid but didn’t have anything major going for it. NXT was the next best show because of the great main event between Cora Jade and Natalya. Easily, the best show this week was AEW Dynamite. I felt like they were stepping up their game in every way. Every segment mattered, and I’m getting excited just watching the stories form for Double or Nothing. Next week will be even better as the Owen Hart matches continue, and we get to find out who the “Jokers” are for the tournament.

Reverse Hipster's Final Thoughts

All three shows were good. However, WWE Raw was the weakest. It had good parts, but there was no true main event to compete with the other two shows. Bianca Belair and Asuka could have been that, but instead we got a DQ finish that leaves it in the mid-category. WWE NXT 2.0 is second. It had a ton of over-performing segments and was a really enjoyable watch. All NXT 2.0 needs right now is to knock the male main event scene out of the park because the show is so strong. AEW Dynamite is number one. It had story and ring work at an elite level, and what more could you ask for?

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