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Raw Rundown: Raw Goes Back in Time

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Reverse Hipster What Mattered

4. Character Segments

The Elias vignettes continue to be good. This time he set a tombstone for Elias and said music didn't fail him. It just wasn't enough. Also, I enjoyed the 24/7 championship segment. R Truth and Akira were hilarious, and it's always fun to see Reginald's exciting escapes.

3. Mace vs. Mansoor

Mace dominated this match, but Mansoor picked up the win when Ali kicked Mace into a pinning position while the ref wasn't looking. I really enjoyed the match. It had creative spots and told a good story. We see Mansoor needs Ali just as much as Ali needs Mansoor. Also, they have an interesting dynamic of a face and Heel/tweener working together. They are actually pretty similar to RKBro. I would love to see a clash between the two teams for the Tag titles.

2. Rhea and Nikki Jump Charlotte

I liked that Nikki finally snapped and just beat Charlotte up, showing she still has grit. Also, I'm glad Rhea gave Charlotte a receipt from last week.

1. RkBro Reunite

At the end of the night, AJ and Omos start beating up on Randy. However, Riddle comes out to save him, and finally, Randy gives in and says he respects Riddle, and then RKBro is back. It was easily the high point of the night; the crowd loved it. RkBro is the hottest thing on Raw, and they announced they would be challenging for the Tag Titles, which is what everyone has been waiting for. Side note it's interesting that Riddle can just make this match himself, but when Zelina challenged Bianca and Bianca agreed, Zelina was told, you don't make the matches by management.

Rob’s What mattered

4. Moist TV

This wasn’t a perfect segment, but any promo with the Miz and John Morrison is consistently entertaining. The match between Miz and Damian Priest was different, which is good enough for weekly TV. I don’t think this did a good job promoting the championship match at Summerslam, but I’m just happy the Miz is healthy enough to wrestle again.

3. Mansoor vs. Mace

Reverse Hipster’s review flipped me on this feud. Watching the subtleties of this feud, you can see the story they are trying to tell with Mansoor and Ali. When you watch them together, they have a sort of natural chemistry that makes you want to see more. Ali interfered swiftly to help Mansoor win this week, and now, I want to see what they could do in the tag division. The only downside is that Mace and T-Bar haven’t been helped much by this feud.

2. 24/7 Segment

It feels like the 24/7 title is going back to its roots with Reggie as champion. He had a promo segment in the park, and I feel like he is showing more of his character each chance he gets. He was ganged up on by R-Truth and Akira Tozawa, two of the all-time 24/7 greats. The result was goofy but fun, exactly what this title should be about. The premise is simple but entertaining: Reggie uses his cirque du Soleil athletism so well that nobody can catch him, even with the 24/7 stipulation.

1. RKBro is back!

This has been the biggest storyline on Raw, in my opinion, opening the show again this week. After Riddle came out to defend Randy Orton from AJ Styles and Omos, Orton declared that Riddle earned his respect and the team was back on. These guys have put in the work for months to get this team over. Orton and Riddle have two of the best characters on Raw, and they complement each other perfectly. Facing Styles and Omos at Summerslam, they should get a featured spot on the card.

Rob’s What didn’t matter

3. Karrion Kross defeats Jeff Hardy (again)

Karrion Kross got his win back against Jeff Hardy this week, attacking him backstage and destroying him in-ring. But does it matter? Is it too late? What is this feud even about anymore? If there are not going to be any developments, this has to be the end of these two feuding.

2. Super Drew

Drew McIntyre doesn’t need any more help from booking. At this stage in his career, I believe he could win any night against any superstar. He didn’t need to beat Veer and Shanky in a handicap match, though it was nice to get them barred from ringside at Summerslam. Now, Veer and Shanky are nothing but goons, J and J security, in the eyes of fans. Likewise, there is literally ZERO reason to believe Jinder Mahal should beat McIntyre at Summerslam. Initially, it was about getting into Money in the Bank. This feud has completely lost sight of what it's about, and I don’t think Mahal will last ten minutes with McIntyre in the ring.

1. Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax vs. Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley

I thought this feud was hot a few weeks ago when Charlotte Flair ended the night cutting a mean promo on Nikki A.S.H. That’s the type of ending we should have gotten for the go-home show. Now, we’ve seen all these women fight in various ways for weeks, and it feels kind of meh again. I didn’t fully understand why Nia Jax would tag with Flair, and Shayna Baszler watching backstage made that part even more confusing.

Reverse Hipster What didn't Matter

3. Charlotte Flair and Nia vs. Rhea and Nikki

Why would Charlotte and Nia work together? Nia is the one who injured Charlotte earlier this year and feuded within the tag division, and now they are partners. Also, the match was fine, but it wasn't the main event match level. It was just a way to put Charlotte back on top before Summerslam, and that wasn't necessary. Charlotte is one of three in this triple threat feud, but she seems like the focal point when it should be the champion.

2. Alexa vs. Eva

I feel bad for both women involved in this feud because they deserve so much better. Eva's rockstar energy has faded because they have treated her like a sideshow instead of the big-name she should be. Alexa gimmick, despite her commitment, has gotten stale because they refuse to give her any teeth. Doudrop tried to steal her doll, and what did Alexa/Lilly do? They made her hand it back(Rolls eyes). Imagine someone coming to the Undertaker's lair and trying to steal his Urn and getting caught by the Undertaker. They would be destroyed and publicly displayed as messages to anyone who dared to test the Undertaker. They need to treat Alexa's character with the same reverence. She needs to give everyone a reason to fear her. So far, she hasn't, and it's hurting the gimmick a lot. I'm not surprised, though; WWE often failed to protect her predecessor, Bray.

1.Raw Goes Back in Time

Raw was bad. It wasn't good because It lacked creativity. Everything they did was a rematch or redo, sometimes with a slight tweak, sometimes just straight up doing shit again. Raw opens up with Randy again. The segment was pretty much the exact segment from last week. I thought I was watching the wrong Raw at first. Then there was Rhea and Nikki, who had a rematch from last week. Rhea wins this time, and I don't know why they want the champion to take a clean loss ahead of Summerslam. I don't care if Nikki is going to win. There were better ways to book the go-home for that match without making the champ look weak.

Drew vs. Jinder has literally been the same thing every week. Handicap match where Drew decimates Jinder and his goons credibility. At this point, I'd rather them just mercifully drop the feud. Because they clearly don't want to ever give Jinder the upper hand in any perceived way, and it's just tedious when it could have been something special. Golberg and Bobby did the same thing as last week. His son ringside they exchange words, and Golberg gives a limp spear to someone its very stale.

Miz and Damien Priest fought for the 99th time. The worst part of this was that the most interesting part of this segment was the tension between Miz and Morrison, and they just made up right after the segment killing that. Karion Kross beats Jeff quickly again. Nobody cares because this shouldn't be a feud. It should be someone Kross ran through night one. Now he is stuck in a bad lower card story doing the same shit every week.

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